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With great openings and a powerful flare, the Storm is truly a 7-cell that thinks it's a 9-cell. While in some ways similar to the Spectre, the Storm has a shorter snivel, a steeper and faster glide, wider speed range, and more dynamic flare. Looking for a reliable canopy that will keep you challenged? Have you been searching for the perfect wingsuit canopy? Considering some occasional CF, but not ready to buy a second canopy? The Storm is a great option for you.

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Storm 170 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: BornToThrill, 2014-12-24

I've read reviews about all the on heading openings this canopy has and it's very true. Canopy does open soft and on heading every time (so far). It flys well and is a little sporty. It's almost like a suped up Spectre but not quite a Sabre2. In my own opinion, it has a weird attack angle and takes few jumps to perfect the timing on the flare. With the flare, there is soo much power in the last 6 inches. You really have to dig deep on your flare on days with no wind. Maybe it's just me.

Overall, good canopy for anyone who wants something a step up from a Spectre. I only hear good things about this canopy from the wingsuiters as well.

Why Storm 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: achansen, 2013-09-29

This is the canopy that merges all of the good things from a Spectre and Sabre2 together. It is either a more dynamic Spectre or a better opening Sabre2 depending on where you are coming from. The majority of my jumps are under a Stiletto. Moving into this canopy was a bit of a change. This canopy requires a lot more toggle input to do the same thing partly due to how thick the Storm is. (top skin to bottom) That said there is plenty of bottom end in this canopy to handle no wind and high wing loads. I'm at 1.33 jumping into a 5,000 ft. MSL landing area with no problems. I don't swoop but the canopy responds very well to riser input. No buffeting. PD done good.


Nice canopy but... 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: Anachronist, 2013-08-11

Demo'd a Storm 210 and put about 10 jumps on it over a weekend. First of all, read the flight characteristics found on PD's website for the Storm. I found that to be entirely accurate with the exception of deployment. I enjoyed it's flight characteristics and the flare is very powerful, especially the last 3 inches, if you aren't fully extending your arms you're not using nearly as much power as the canopy has to offer. The deployments though... 180 degree heading changes of the canopy constantly, back and forth, while my body remained on heading during the snivel. Sometimes it would snivel on heading and right before inflation spin a 180 or even 360 degree turn, often resulting in line twist. After 4 or 5 jumps I would grab the risers as soon as the canopy was over head and pull them apart as much as I could which seemed to temper the oscillation during the snivel. I've got about 250 jumps, about 50 wingsuit jumps, and I've had one diving, spinning, line twist situation that almost ended in a cutaway, it was on a Storm. The "super stable perfect wingsuit canopy" description I find to be misleading. The snivel is long and soft but the canopy is very squirrely until it's inflated, at which point it flys very well. I have found a Pilot, Pulse, and Navigator (The only 3 other canopies I've jumped more than a few times) to be much more stable and predictable during deployment than the Storm. After talking to another, much more experienced jumper, I found my experience was not unique. The only other con is the brakes, when stowed you have an absurd amount of excess line to stow, when I first saw it I thought "you've got to be kidding me." If not for the deployment issues I'd give it a 4 or 5 out of 5 but between that and the annoyance of stowing a mile of brake line its a 3. Maybe this is great CReW canopy but that isn't my forte. If you're looking for a all around sport or wingsuit canopy there are better options out there; the Pulse and Pilot being two of them.

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