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Analog Display with Digital Accuracy At first glance, the ALTITRACKô looks like many of the more common analog altimeters used throughout the world... but look a little closer. ALTITRACKô is the only sport altimeter with an analog face but utilizes the most high tech and durable digital components for accuracy that surpasses every other mechanical sport altimeter currently available. L&B has also gone beyond the average by incorporating all of the popular features of our PRO-TRACKô audible and added several new and useful features to the ALTITRACKô. Imagine a visual altimeter that records your jump information from exit to landing, has the ability to download jump information to a computer, has an ergonomic fit, is both shock and water resistant, has upgradeable software... and most of all... is extremely easy to use... among its long list of features. You just found the answer youíve been looking for... ALTITRACKô.

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Altitrack 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: BartPennings, 2013-08-23

I've made my first jump with my Altitrack in 2007. I bought it because I'm really in to gadgets, but it's more then just a gadget.

I like to simplicity on the "analog" side. During freefall you don't need to know your exact altitude and the big numbers and the colours (4000ft and below) make it easy to read.
On the other side (inside) it has a very easy to use and extended logbook. I personally don't use the playback functions. Just freefall time, heights and speeds.
Like some other people wrote before, I also had some problems with the software which L&B fixed very fast and appropriate.

So here are a couple of things I don't like about the Altitrack although it is an awesome altimeter and highly recommended!

- I used it in 2007 and 2008 for about 31 jumps. I didn't jump some years and started again in 2012. This year (2013) I had to replace my battery.
- I don't like the Jump-Track software. It has a very old fashioned look and it is not really user friendly.
- Some jumps with a short freefall (hop & pop) where not detected by the device.
- I would like to see a different way to attach the finger loop. The current velcro doesn't work 100%.

That said, I love my Altitrack and my other L&B products! This product is highly recommended.

Blue Skies!


Alti Track & L&B - Would recommend them to anyone! 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: wazdiver, 2011-12-28

I have owned my Alti-Track for two years now and have not had any issues with it what-so-ever. I've used it in all kinds of weather, rain ( at altitude ) and snow. All different temperatures from 22 degrees on the ground to 98 degrees on the ground, bright sunlight, night jumps and about everything in between. It has preformed flawlessly. It has never missed a jump, even a hop and pop from 2900 got tracked. I did have a problem loading my jump track software for it on a new computer with windows 7 and got in contact with L&B. Steffen e-mailed me back within minutes with the answers I needed and arranged to send me an update disc. They are a great company with great products.


ALTI-TRACK 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: deathwish603, 2010-08-01

I was looking at one in a catalogs, but it was hard to believe that one little thing got so many options, but when my friend let me jump with his Altitrack, and showed me time,speed,alti,etc. I knew
it was true, so I got one for myself too.
There's a couple of things I couldn't understand in a last couple of years with my Altitrack, but I still LOVE IT, and will recommend it to others!

1.When a plane went down for a 1000 feet,
my logbook count it as a jump, which was a bizzare that looked like: exit 12500, opening alti 3500, freefalling 1000feet, freefalling speed 17mph. ???
2.When I did 5 HOP&POPS in one day the analogue display worked fine, but none of those been logged in. ???
3.All the hardware, sold separately, kinda pricey and I didn't hear a good thing about them yet...
4.Its a little bulky, so it makes it impossible to pack without taking off your altimeter, so you have to take it off and put it back on 10 times a day...

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