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This item has been discontinued and is no longer in production.

The OPTIK Camera Helmet

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The OPTIK Camera Helmet
The OPTIK Camera Helmet
Bonehead Composites  (5079 Hits)

Take me to the top... or even to the side... or both! The OPTIK from Bonehead Composites features some of the great technology developed by BoneHead. Looking for an open-faced helmet to bolt all of your cameras to? The OPTIK is the simple answer. We made the OPTIK to be a great all around camera helmet with the ability to mount cameras either on the side or on the top or BOTH! The OPTIK also features a small lip on the back side of the side camera mounting platform to help deflect "Riser-Strike" and to help prevent the accidental loss of your camera, and the ability to put 1 or 2 audible altimeters on the inside of the helmet and not have to worry about them sailing off in freefall. Whether you mount your camera on the top or the side or both, the OPTIK is a great camera helmet setup regardless of what flying position you are in! The OPTIK comes standard with BH's ingenious Thermal-Fit liner, and ratcheted chin-cup. The only things the OPTIK doesn't come with is your creativity, D-Box and cameras! All of this aside... the most noticeable improvement on the original Optik is the double secure Jaw-Bone closure.... which is very similar to the way that a Flat-top Pro closes in the back... but the Optik Illusion utilizes the technology in the front for more camera stability in an open-face style camera helmet. Closing the Jaw-Bone is quick and easy and is fortified with dual ladder strap locks for added security against bumps, 3-ring pops and riser strikes. We have also included as a standard feature BH's jump-tested cut-away handle and assembly... just in case! Whether you mount your camera on the top or the side or both, the Optik Illusion is a great camera helmet setup regardless of what flying position you are in! The Optik Illusion comes standard with BH's ingenious Thermal-Fit liner and cut-away assembly. The only things the Optik Illusion doesn't come with is your creativity, D-Box and cameras!

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Optik 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: fireflyer1988, 2012-01-20

I bought my first camera helmet last year from a friend, his Optik. It's a great helmet. The ratchet chin cup keeps the helmet stable against the rush of the freefall air. One thing to keep in mind with this helmet, though, the chincup can be kinda hard to take off under normal conditions if you have a smaller chin, and before you jump it, install a chincup cutaway system on the unit in case of an emergency. Other than that minor flaw, it has been a great first camera helmet. I may even keep it...


Bonehead Optik Illusion 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: pre7117, 2008-06-09

Just got my helmet and I loved the way it looked and that's why I bought it. My first problem was the way it fit. It has a high neck line and my ears are not covered very well. I heated the ear pads and the fit is Ok and should break in better but still kind of tight and uncomfortable. My biggest problem and when I bought was the main reason I bought it was the lock jaw hinge. To get it to fit right and not rock around you have to crank on it but it puts your jaw in a weird angle. One good bump to the chin cup and it could break you jaw. I figured I would add padding to see if I could position it better and I kind of got it. I may have a Goofy shaped head and that might be my issue. Maybe putting it on before buying would be a good idea. Your head might like it and might fit better. I mounted a Cookie box for a PC 1000 and it looks great on it. After putting it together and checking for camera position I noticed from my recording that the top of the camera lays about 1 1/2 inches to the right. To get it to be centered i had to add washers on the top and now I have to tape the crap out of it to get rid of the snag point. Overall its a great looking helmet that I would suggest trying on before buying and using it for top mount instead of for side.

great camera helmet for all types of flying 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: tuck, 2005-06-03

short and sweet kids..... this helmet rocks. if you want a glove like fit, take boneheads advice and bake the liners. its the best fitting helmet ive worn to date (including skateboard, snowboard, moto, ect...). buy it, live it, love it.

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