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Cypres 2

Average Rating = 4.22/5 Average Rating : 4.22 out of 5
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Cypres 2
Cypres 2Cypres 2
Cypres 2
Airtec GmbH  (10336 Hits)

The Cypres 2 is the latest AAD from Airtec Gmb CYPRES 2 offers numerous additional features and attributes including:> The unit is water-resistant for 15 minutes at a depth of 15 feet (5 meters) in fresh and salt water.> The power supply of CYPRES 2 is maintenance-free for the user.> The next maintenance due date is accessible from the display anytime you want to see it.> The unit reminds you when the maintenance date comes near.> The Cypres 2 is smaller and lighter as well as having a robust, rigger friendly case, with rounded corners and edges.> Cypres 2 has an extended maintenance window: +/- 6 months from month of manufacture, no down-time during the busy part of the year regardless of month of manufacture.

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Why I Bought Another Cypres 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: tbrown, 2011-12-11

Last spring I started putting together an order for my custom "dream rig". I'd been jumping a very nice rig for the last seven years and it still has an original 2001 model Cypres. The original owner even had a Cypres fire after a very low pull, so I knew the thing worked. It's still in the old rig and has another year or so to go before retiring.

So for my new rig I could have picked a Cypres 2 or a Vigil 2 - the only two AADs worth considering. I know I could have saved a couple hundred bucks with the Vigil - and avoided the hassle of mandatory services, because the Vigil "doesn't need them", or so they say. Vigil also has a 20 year lifespan, which I really don't have a problem with.

But I work in quality control for a living and I'm leery of a sophisticated life saving product that "doesn't need" regular maintenance. I don't mind having my Cypres 2 tested, the batteries replaced, the software updated, and any necessary repairs identified and taken care of every 4 years. I LIKE that extra layer of attention to detail.

I know AADs aren't perfect. I know the Cypres 2 isn't perfect and that anything can fail. I know an AAD only cuts the closing loop and cannot prevent a simple pilot chute hesitation. But I also know a couple people who've been saved by their AADs and that AADs have indeed changed the game for our sport. Unfortunately I keep hearing one incident report after another about the Vigil, the AAD that "doesn't need" maintenance until something "happens". I'll stick with the Cypres 2. I set it in the morning and then forget it's there. I am responsible for pulling my reserve handle. But as frightening as the idea of a reserve deployment at 750 ft. is, it still beats punching a crater by a mile. So my decision was to spend the extra money on a Cypres 2, and that is the AAD that is placed in my new rig.

don't trust your aad, but better have one 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: Nilneu, 2011-04-08

You'll think as long as your machine is on and your reserve is well packed, skydiving is safe, well even cypres may not safe you. Search for cypres_aad_fact_sheet and have a look. Think about and, most important, make questions.

useful life 1 out of 5 stars

Review by: mike999, 2011-03-18

AFTER I had purchased my cypress they decided to make it life limited at 12 yrs. It's been 12 yrs. I now own a new vigil.

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