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Precision Aerodynamics  (7986 Hits)

The Fusion is Precision's entry range 9-cell elliptical main. This canopy has been developed for the skydiver who wants a little more kick and excitement than might be found in a 7-cell, but is still relatively docile when compared to our upper end 9-cell design, the Nitron. Wing loading is truly the key to the flight performance envelope of the Fusion. Depending on wing loading, the flight characteristics of the Fusion will grow from being docile and tame at the low end to exciting and zippy on the upper end, but the Fusion will always remember who is boss, and respond accordingly. The Fusion could serve a first time buyer very well for their first thousand jumps, and with the High Modulus Aramid fiber suspension lines there will be little worry about having to change out the lineset between seasons. This high-lift low-drag airfoil will always get you back from those questionable spots (or at least get you closer to the DZ than those other guys). For the more experienced skydivers flying at higher wing loadings, the Fusion can still kick up enough attitude to even satisfy those old-timers who used to fly the blade courses with their pocket rockets.

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PA Fusion 210 1 out of 5 stars

Review by: skyfox2007, 2017-10-27

I recently purchased a used PA Fusion 210 main and have made approximately 65 jumps with this canopy. Its primary flight characteristics couldn't be better. It's stable - even in high winds - is capable of sporty turns even when loaded at 1:1, and has a powerful landing flare that can't be matched by any other canopy I've jumped previously. The openings - however - are scary and dangerous in my opinion. The initial phase of deployment is smooth - exhibiting a long, comfortable snivel of approximately 800 feet. The second phase of the deployment - when the chute begins to inflate along its long axis - is characterized by uneven inflation of the cells and violent 90-270 degree turns to my left that almost always produce line twists. In 65 jumps, I have yet to witness a single, on-heading opening. My primary concern is running into another jumper up or down the jump run. Soft pressure on the right riser during deployment will sometimes inhibit the turn or reduce the violent yaw I almost always experience, but this doesn't always work. I've also been very careful to halt my tracks, flatten my body position to slow down, and maintain a constant heading with a fixed object on the ground for at least 4-5 seconds prior to deployment. Several of my pack jobs have been supervised by packers and riggers and are proper and safe to the best of their knowledge.

I've attempted to contact Precision Aerodynamics with respect to this issue several times: 4 times via email and 9 times via phone - at different times of the workday - over the past two weeks. I successfully connected with a receptionist only once and she gave me another email address to forward my previous messages to - but to no avail.

Between the scary openings and the lousy customer service, I do NOT recommend this canopy or PA products to anyone - particularly newer jumpers. Their website is also poorly maintained and outdated. Many of its links no longer work and very little information - other than a vague, hyped-up description - is available on its products.

I should've listened to my AFF instructors when they told me to "buy a PD." Only a few hours after emailing them the other day, I received a phone call to organize a for a two-week demo on one of their silhouettes.



fusion 150 2 out of 5 stars

Review by: Skyjeff03, 2015-06-16

I had purchased my Fusion 150 and have 3 jumps on it. Canopy flight is good but just after the canopy opens, it immediately turns in the right. I have to grab the rear risers to contained the turn.


Fusion 150 at 1.2-1.7 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: theplummeter, 2014-06-03

I have now put a couple hundred jumps on my Fusion 150. I started jumping this canopy at 155 pounds, gained a ton of weight after a surgery (up to 210) and am now down to 175 and losing, so I've jumped the canopy at various wingloadings.

Previous canopies have been a Manta 288, Pulse 190, Batwing 171, Safire2 169, Sabre2 170, Fusion 175, Stiletto 150, Safire2 149 and a handful of other demos or borrowed canopies. I went from the Stiletto to the Fusion after HiPer failed to deliver a Nitro seven months after the order was placed.

I called Precision directly and talked to Barb prior to ordering the canopy through my dealer. She offered a couple unused demo canopies at a large discount and then put me on the phone with George who answered a bunch of questions and recommended brass grommets with Technora lines to make the openings nicer.

I ended up placing the order that day and received the canopy less than five weeks later, exactly as ordered. The lines to collapse the slider stick out further than any other canopy I have ever seen, but with no cascades to deal with I guess a potential hangup is unlikely, and collapsing the slider is easier than with other canopies. I was also concerned about the line size but a broken line is only one line with this configuration so it's less likely to lead to a cutaway. Even after a couple hundred jumps the lines aren't showing any signs of wear, and I am loving the black.

For the first couple dozen jumps the canopy hunted for a heading, as mentioned in the previous reviews. I started psycho packing into a semi stowless bag and have seen a drastic improvement in on heading performance. I use the canopy for wingsuit jumps with a Phantom3 and it doesn't seem to change the opening characteristics at all. I've had line twists twice on wingsuit jumps but the canopy flies straight and doesn't dive so they haven't been an issue. The openings are the most consistent of any canopy I have ever jumped in terms of altitude used and how long it takes to open. I have never had a long snivel or a hard opening. It reminds me of a Pulse in that respect.

The Fusion flies very similar to a Sabre2 or Safire2. Riser pressure is comparable on all three canopies, although maybe slightly lower on the Fusion, but the selling point of this canopy in my opinion is the flare. I did some canopy coaching and can't believe how much surf you can get out of this thing. Even downwind on a hot day at higher altitudes you can usually bring the canopy to a stop, or at least slow enough for a few steps before you stop. To me the flare feels stronger on the Fusion than on the Sabre2 or Safire2 I jumped.

Overall I am enjoying the canopy a great deal, and feel like this thing is frequently overlooked in the tapered intermediate class when people are canopy shopping.

Precision's website sucks, and they haven't put the effort into marketing that PD and Icarus have, but if you talk to owners or call the company directly they have been receptive and easy to deal with, and produce a great product at a low price.

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