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The Fusion is Precision's entry range 9-cell elliptical main. This canopy has been developed for the skydiver who wants a little more kick and excitement than might be found in a 7-cell, but is still relatively docile when compared to our upper end 9-cell design, the Nitron. Wing loading is truly the key to the flight performance envelope of the Fusion. Depending on wing loading, the flight characteristics of the Fusion will grow from being docile and tame at the low end to exciting and zippy on the upper end, but the Fusion will always remember who is boss, and respond accordingly. The Fusion could serve a first time buyer very well for their first thousand jumps, and with the High Modulus Aramid fiber suspension lines there will be little worry about having to change out the lineset between seasons. This high-lift low-drag airfoil will always get you back from those questionable spots (or at least get you closer to the DZ than those other guys). For the more experienced skydivers flying at higher wing loadings, the Fusion can still kick up enough attitude to even satisfy those old-timers who used to fly the blade courses with their pocket rockets.

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Fusion 175 2 out of 5 stars

Review by: wazdiver, 2011-10-04

I had acquired a Fusion 175 in a used system which I purchased this spring. Used as in the entire system, canopy included had a total of 27 jumps on it. I had been jumping a Pilot 168 so this was in the same class. The snivel was long and the canopy opened softly but immediately upon opening it would turn, a hard and immediate turn, to the right. This turn would be anywhere from 180 to 360 degrees. I first thought it was me or packing or container issues. I worked with an experienced jumper ( over 3,000 skydives ) who also happened to be a master rigger and we tried everything. He even jumped it and it did the same thing. I refused to continue jumping it and sold it. I had called the manufacturer and they wouldn't return my calls and refused to help in any way. It's a shame because once it straightened out it had great flight characteristics and a fantastic flare. However based on the off heading openings I would not recommend this canopy to anyone nor would I recommend Precision Aerodynamic Products. I have also jumped Sabre 2 170's and 150's and currently jump a Safire 2 149 which I absolutely love!

Not 1 safe opening. 1 out of 5 stars

Review by: wyattoil, 2011-09-12

I've put 20+ jumps on a brand new demo Fusion 120 at 1.12 wing loading. Previously, I was jumping a Sabre1 135 which always slammed open but at least stayed straight.

On the Fusion, every opening has been absolutely terrifying. It always starts with a nice snivel, then as it finishes inflation, it dives and whips 180-270 degrees, sometimes throwing me into chop-worthy line twists (whether I grab the risers or not, whether I pro-pack or shake it).
I've discussed packing techniques and body position with many different riggers. We troubleshooted the entire thing from top to bottom, untwisted the brake lines, adjusted stows, made sure the lines were not catching the edges of my reserve container, nothing helped. Finally, a rigger told me to deploy and drop my arms to my sides, in order to rule out uneven shoulder position as a cause. When I tried that, the canopy dove and went into at least 6 line twists.

Wacky openings aside, the handling is fun and fast. Landings are swoopy and the flare is very powerful. Too bad I'll be sending this demo back and trying something else...


definetly the canopy for a firrst buy 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: gassanjaffal, 2011-08-13

I recently acquired a fusion 175 and weigh around 200 pounds. the canopy will always open softly and no line twists no matter how shitty your pack job is. I moved down from a saber 2-190 to the fusion and the fusion is equally as fun as a saber, but unlike the fusion I always had occasional line twists and hard openings with my saber, of course due to my pack jobs, but the same pack jobs has a much better outcome with the fusion; trust me!!!

Canopy flight is very similar to saber 2, so if you tried one, you know what I mean. overall great canopy with good flare.

Definitely recommend this canopy, but I also recommend that higher wing loading can help better the experience when your starting to get board.

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