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Performance Designs' Katana is a high-performance canopy designed for experienced canopy pilots. The Katana has been described as “a perfect fit between the Stiletto and Velocity,” and a canopy that is “very suited to modern flying styles.” Like the PD Stiletto, the Katana is a highly tapered or “elliptical” nine-cell canopy made from zero-porosity fabric. Both the Stiletto and the Katana were designed using a conventional cell structure, without cross-braces or airlocks™ . The Katana may look similar to a Stiletto at first glance, but beneath the surface they are two completely different machines.

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Game changer. 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Arcticanalog, 2014-04-08

I bought a 135 loading it at 1.64. I clearly didn't know anything about good flare before getting underneath this wing. Transitioning from rears to toggles is an absolute pleasure. Just when I think I used everything up on the rears, the breaks make any swoop a nice soft step off the curb. I could never really get too much harness input on my sabre2 either. I can basically spiral this thing with my breaks stowed. The openings are in no way as bad as everyone says. I was terrified at first. I've put 100 jumps on it and it's only twisted up on me once which was definitely packing error. For the most part, despite the sometimes searchy-snivelly openings, they are on heading. I dig it and plan on jumping it for sometime to come.


Katana 97 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Rigless, 2011-09-26

So I got myself a Katana 97 loaded at around ~1.5, coming off a Safire2 129. It's truly a high performance wing.

Openings require good body position if you don't want to get into linetwists and with such a small wing you really don't want to! So be careful and be ready cause this is a demanding one.

Once open it flies like a dream, it is true that it's very ground hungry, with fronts it dives like a beast, super easy, practically no pressure risers, contrary to what others say very good range on rears, got me from a long spot no problems, though not much altitude left for any HP turn after that.. But hey you can't always have everything. Also has a very powerful flare that starts early.

Overall an amazing canopy, I've got nothing bad to say against it, it's just that it's a high performance canopy and demands careful attention to every bit of the flight, but it's designed that way.

Katana 170 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: erdnarob, 2010-10-31

Opening are very soft and consistent. Average (on 10 jumps) vertical distance for opening is 600 ft calculated with data obtained from my Vigil download. A lot of fun to fly even at low speed. I load it at 1.65. No problem for landing even with no wind at all. The best flare I have seen. Packers love it for packing. The Katana is soft and pliable when flying, not a stiff piece of metal above you like some other canopies, long toggle range giving you more precision, easy on toggles. People I have met flying a Katana feel about the same. Nobody so far regret it. Very docile canopy when flown conservatively but with a full potential if you want a challenge for swooping for instance. I have now about 320 jumps on it.

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