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The FreeZR helmet has become the coolest piece of headgear over the past season. Paratec is now going from cool to frosted with a tinted visor as well as silver and gold mirrored visors.

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FreeZR Helmet 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: rjblake, 2014-07-21

Purchased this as my first full face helmet after getting my A-licence. Tried a number of others before settling on this one as the best/most comfortable fit for my head. My L&B Quattro fits perfectly in the provided cutout and I do not notice it at all, other than hearing the beeps very clearly. Made a dumb mistake of hopping out the plane with the visor open one jump and it was easily closed in freefall. Vision is great and only ever experienced misting up at the very bottom of the lens. Not cheap, but I'm a happy customer so far. Brilliant that it comes supplied with a case that holds my alti, gloves, earplugs, wallet, phone, keys, etc.

Allround Boss 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: jan-huje, 2011-09-03

I have been an open helmet jumper
ever since I startet jumping in-86.
But after getting tired of rigging goggles and strapping on helmet , I decided just to try a full-face helmet. And this baby does not take long to fit on....It is so easy...
The view is excellent and the fog issues are none... In my opinion this helmet has to be number ONE.

FreeZR 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Archers1, 2011-07-14

After having been on a back order since early June 2011 for a Cookie G2 in XL, I couldn't wait any longer. I drove to Paragear in Skokie, IL and tried on about 6 different full face helmets. Nothing came close to the quality and fit of the FreeZR. The audible alti cut-outs are integrated nicely and you cannot even feel the unit (ProTrack) when in place.

The visor locks and unlocks down over two brass posts and is as clear as any high quality motorcycle helmet/visor I've worn.

I've got 15 jumps on mine and have no complaints. Eventually, I'll have a Cookie G2 to compare it to. Question will be, which one will get the most use.

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