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The FireBolt is a fully Ellipitical 9 cell hy-bred canopy with a 2.65 to 1 aspect ratio. It features 500 pound Spectra suspension line and a"Sharks Teeth" leading edge treatment.

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Fire bolt 164 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: tmartin8, 2016-08-27

I have jumped many different canopies on the market and this is hands down THE absolute BEST canopy in the field. I am buying a Firebolt 164 and cannot wait to get it. I will not endorse or recommend any other canopy after jumping this amazing parachute.


Firebolt 164 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: parkair, 2014-08-26

I decided to try the Firebolt canopy out after flying many others over a 3-4 year period. Without going into detail, and in no order of downsizing, others were Pilot 188/168ZP/ZPX, Sabre 2 210/190/170, Storm 190/170, Apache 190, Safire 2 209/189/149. None of these fore mentioned canopies really had outstanding characteristics for the 3 areas I was looking for. Openings, flight, and landings. I found the Firebolt to have nice openings without the harsh whiplash of some canopies. Mostly on heading openings except for my occasional messy packing. The slider does take longer to come down than most canopies, which just makes for softer openings. Overall very nice openings and on heading. Flight is great! Snappy and fast responses from toggles and risers. Very 'zippy' canopy, but is quite ground hungry. However, it easy to learn to fly if you are not accustomed to this type of flight. And finally, landings are fun! I wanted a canopy that had the first two characteristics AND loads of flare. Many manufacturers say this and that but don't deliver. The Firebolt has loads of flare for those no wind days. I love the way this canopy blasts in and still lands you softly when others are running or sliding in. An added note, since the Firebolt is a hybrid, it packs up easily and small. It was easy to pack it even when new. Overall this is a great canopy for intermediate and on skydivers. I love this canopy, and only wish it didn't take me so long to get one!


Great canopy for a variety of experience levels 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Anachronist, 2014-05-20

I got the chance to demo a Firebolt DOM 2013 at a WL of 1.3:1. About 10 jumps total, sub terminal, terminal, and wingsuit. Snivel was long and soft every time. On non-wingsuit jumps it maintained heading very well but the long snivel gave it too much time to spin a few line twists on wingsuit deployments. Certainly not a bad wingsuit canopy but not ideal, I've been told it can be packed to make it open a little faster. It likes toggle input most but front and rear risers are effective, shallow fronts are a little bumpy but once you get deep enough it smooths out. Toggle turns were very quick and comfortable with very little input required. The best part is the flare which is very very powerful. If a big flare is important to you this canopy certainly has it. The packing and stowing brakes takes a little getting use to if you're coming from PD canopies but after about 3 packs it all makes sense. This may be one of the most under-rated canopies I've flown, I would strongly recommend giving it a try if you're in the market for a great all around canopy.

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