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Strong reliable 7 cell reserve parachute. Small packing volume.

Added: 2003-10-14 | Last Modified: 2017-03-02 | Views: 6451 | Item ID: 434

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Had to use 180 decelerator a few weekwnds ago!! 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Airsap, 2017-06-06

Was filming a pretty normal tandem jump and after watching the opening I flipped back over and dumped. I had a toggle fire on my crossfire that produced twists and a flat spin on my back. I was loosing altitude quickly while staring at the sky so I decided to chop. The reserve opened quickly and quite softly. It had great flare and was easy to time. Stood up the landing.
I will no worries if I have to use it again. Its a great reserve!

Quick openings, docile handling 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: mathrick, 2017-03-01

Had my first cutaway on a Decelerator 150 after a wingsuit PC in tow turned baglock, and it's got exactly what you want from a reserve.

The openings are positive: about as quick as they can be without being uncomfortable; you will have no doubt there's a canopy over your head slowing you down.

The handling is very docile: even though a 150 gives me a WL of 1.3, I was reminded of my student canopies. It flies slowly and turns deliberately. There's plenty of flare, although if you fly a sport 9-cell as your main, you will need a couple tries to perfect the timing.


My first downsize canopy, awesome! 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Melt16, 2008-09-16

I was doing my initial AFF jumps on a 285. My instructor has since put me on a ZP.EXE 235 and I am loving it. It opens quickly and so smoothly and it feels great to fly.

My landings seem much easier than the previous canopy I was using and I'm sure I'll be using this for a long time until its time to buy my own.

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