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Average Rating = 4.75/5 Average Rating : 4.75 out of 5
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  • Known for its consistently soft on heading openings;
  • Not prone to spins like most elliptical;
  • Very solid airfoil stable and predictable;
  • Flatter glide than most other elliptical parachutes in its range, giving it further reach;
  • Known for its long dives on front risers, snappy turns and quick responses, with long flat swoops;
  • Powerful flare without the need of radical turns to generate lift;
  • Small pack volume and easy to pack;
  • Available in sizes: 95, 105, 120, 135, 150, 170;
  • Strung with vectran lines;
  • Custom colours available;

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Hurricane 135 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: nrw, 2018-03-04

Great canopy ! i made about 150 jumps on hurricane 135 W.L. 1.4. Always soft on heading openings. light front risers, good diving.


Major improvement from my PD-190 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: funkyrocket1000, 2016-02-24

Have had my Hurricane 170 for 4-5 years now and 200+ jumps. I've always loved the way it flew. I've come back from many long spots, can easily be down around the same time as people with much smaller canopies, and consistently stand up landings very close to where I'm aiming if not directly on target. The only consistent problem I've experienced is a 180 deg turn immediately after the canopy is completely open. A few times it's been a complete 360. Surprisingly, I never have line twists though. Maybe once.

The main reason I came to write a review was because the other day, a DZ photographer noticed a bulge in my canopy while coming in for a landing. After deeper inspection, it was discovered the rib between cell 8 & 9 (as seen on parachute systems' website Hurricane designer) was torn from the bottom skin. Apparently the rib was reinforced in thirds and the middle section of the rib only was ripped. The front and back were in tact. After review of the photographer's archive photos all the way back to 2010, he saw the same bulge. But not in prior years. (Another skydiver owned it then). Since the damage was very hard to notice unless you turned the canopy inside out or stuck your head in the front in that exact spot, it was missed by myself and multiple riggers who had inspected it over the years. I'm not sure how a tear like this could have happened due to anything I did, but it wasn't enough of a noticeable difference to raise any flags. Particularly because I had never known it to fly any other way and the previous owner is now deceased.

I really enjoy this canopy, even with the ripped rib, and am currently getting it repaired. This discovery wouldn't stop me from buying another one new, but I'll be extra vigilant in inspecting my gear from now on. (maybe in a way, it was a good thing, since nothing bad actually happened)


Very nice flight performances 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Dos, 2015-06-10

After trying Sabre1, Sabre2, PD 9-cell I chose to go for the elliptical very lightly loaded and tried a Stiletto 170 and bought my Hurri 170 loaded at 1.2

I had to focus on my opening position on the first jumps and experienced line twists because of my shitty notions of symetry. Now the openings are nice but still, sometimes the canopy makes a 90 turn after full deployement. The openings are really soft (a bit too much if you ask me, I prefer a bit faster openings)

Good, the canopy is now opened ! And it flies really great. The front risers are very light compared to a Stiletto. The front riser turns are "divy" but safe and not that aggressive (I assume those are getting radical when loaded properly) The canopy is stable even in turbulences and is fast.

The flare was the thing that amazed me the most ! Even for a conservative approach, you will slide a bit on the ground with your feet and I like that feeling so much ! When full pull on toggles, you will even fly a couple feet up from the ground !

My Hurri was as new when I bought it (it had 19 jumps)

I bought it on advice from instructors of my DZ and I absolutely don't regret it ! Never heard anybody saying bad things about this canopy.

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