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The Vortex Sports some unique design features, making it the most comfortable rig to jump. It is so comfortable you can hardly feel it in free fall. The back pad yoke is contoured to the shape of your body for extra comfort. The cut out in the back pad makes the harness fit snuggly. The splayed leg straps add extra comfort when under canopy and the harness is custom made to fit your size and measurements.

The 3 stow mouth lock design on the main deployment bag and the balance of the line stows situated inboard from the edge of the bag helps prevent bag spin kill line pilot chute is a standard feature. The dive loops and the spiral flex housings in the rear of the risers also standard. Some of the other features include, the rises are Velcro free; superior pin protection flaps; option of Hacky / Freefly pff or pull; snag free closure loop holders; integrated bridle cover; strong External Spring Pilot chute for instant reserve extraction.

  • Certified under TSO C23 (d);
  • Unique, constantly evolving design features for safety, comfort and visual appeal;
  • Back pad yoke is contoured to the shape of the body;
  • Cut out in the back pad and splayed leg straps add comfort;
  • The 3 stow mouth lock design on the main deployment bag and the balance of the line stows situated inboard from the edge of the bag helps prevent bag spin;
  • The kill line pilot chute is a standard feature;
  • The dive loops and the flex housings in the rear of the risers also standard;
  • Superior pin protection flaps;
  • Option of Hacky / Freefly puff or pull-out;
  • Snag free closure loop holders;
  • Integrated bridle cover;
  • Strong External Spring Pilot chute for instant reserve extraction and especialy for Wingsuiting;
  • True molar bag;
  • Stainless steel #0 long shank grommets;
  • Cypress, Vigil or Mars (M2) ready;
  • Skyhook ready and availible as an Option
  • RSL ready;
  • 4 flap reserve closure;
  • Integrated housing holders above cut away and reserve handle;
  • Wrap around harness construction;
  • Stainless Steel hardware;
  • Option of fully articulated harness, hip ring harness or standard harness;
  • Secure riser covers and magnetic riser covers;
  • Hard release housings;
  • Option of soft, hard or loop style reserve handle

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Just said.. a lot of money and then I have to wait 1y 1 out of 5 stars

Review by: Kiwoz, 2016-08-16

After I bought the rig (used but semi-new DOM 2015) it was grounded. I did never jumped on it; never!

Therefore, it is not possible for me to assess the material.

The grounded rig was sent to Parachute Systems as fast as possible!

I think it is not correct that old rigs will bee replaced before my newer one! warranties????
The delivery time was repeatedly delayed.
Because false promises about the delivery date I bought no other one.

Had I never bought this rig!

Decent Rig. 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: pop0tart, 2016-02-21

Got my rig in early February. It had some issues initially. There were sewing machine oil stains on the hackey handle in addition to embroidery on the rig in the wrong spot and color. There was a limited effort by the customer service department to make things right in a timely manner, and I decided it was not worth waiting another 3 months for the embroidery to be fixed. I am still waiting on a replacement hackey handle.

Small issues with customer service aside, the rig is solid. It fits my canopies like a glove and has some great design features and includes a lot of features in the base price, including stainless steel hardware, articulation, slider locks, and louie loops. The Skyhook is the oldest and most tested MARD, so having it available on the Vortex is a great perk as well. Overall, the Vortex was the right rig for me, and I look forward to a great season with it.

What a great first rig... 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: luvin2bfree, 2014-04-21

I bought this rig in the spring of 2013 so I have been jumping it for almost a year (about 70-80 jumps). The rig is inexpensive with great quality and comfort. I ordered all the extras including padding, articulating harness, stainless components. It was shipped on time and arrived in BC within 2 weeks of shipping. Myself and others have jumped it and really like it. as it is my first rig I needed it to fit a 170 because I was not quite ready to go to a 150 when I made my purchase. i have now gone to a 150 and it still fits great. They say I can also downsize to a 135 and seeing the fit I have no doubts. This rig will last me a very long time and was much less in cost than any other new custom rig I could find. Lets be honest this freed up $$$100's for jumps. My dealer is Bryan Cavage and he has been quick to respond to questions and patient with me when it was getting close to ship date and had none. I just ordered and received a Hurricane 150 custom parachute and colored risers to match my rig. I will review once I have a few more jumps but the first two were fantastic. Customer service has been fabulous and quick

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