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This item has been discontinued and is no longer in production.

Altimaster Neptune

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Altimaster Neptune
Altimaster Neptune
Alti-2 Inc  (14805 Hits)

The Altimaster Neptune was designed in response to requests from pond swoopers wanting a waterproof altimeter, from AFF instructors wanting a digital readout, from jumpers who wanted an easier way to program their digital instruments. Neptune is no longer manufactured, but still serviced by Alti-2 subject to availability of parts. Neptune2 (now available only as Ruggedized Neptune2) is the generational replacement.

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Junk 2 out of 5 stars

Review by: jerolim, 2011-03-28

I have latest software, and I use recommended battery brand. Battery is displayed as low as soon as inserted into Neptune. Ditter mode is fine. Altimeter under canopy looks accurate, but back light sometimes switches off. FF Altimeter mode - when I jump from Cessna's and I look at altimeter it sometimes says: "Very slow climb" during freefall it switches to altimeter after 10 seconds or more after exiting plane. Plastic battery cover broke after 3 battery replacements.

Company puts safety second 2 out of 5 stars

Review by: Angela0722, 2011-03-21

I purchased this altimeter right out of AFF. It's been accurate most of the time, with just a few hiccups here or there. My main problem with this altimeter is that two of us with the N2 did a night jump with it last week and while the back light turned on as soon as we exited the air craft, once we were under canopy, it kept turning off. When I initially contacted the company they stated they were aware of the situation but "We have not been able to duplicate the problem in house, therefore not much information is available as to a fix. What our engineers have guessed could be the problem is changes in barometric pressure and canopy speed. For some reason, the unit thinks that the jumper is on the ground and turns the back light off…then when a turn or higher speed maneuver is done, the unit turns back on again." When I pressed them stating that it is a USPA requirement to have illumination on an altimeter and that this is a significant safety issue, they replied that I could send the altimeter in and they would take a look at it. I indicated that I wasn't interested in sending either altimeter in (as one of them had just been "inspected" by them and literally had 3 jumps on it since the inspection). All I was asking is that they let people know that this could occur. They responded and stated that the N2 was being phased out and began pushing me to purchase their N3, which doesn't have this problem. I told them that just because the N2 is being phased out doesn't negate the fact that there are still likely thousands of sky divers out there using and will continue to use the N2 for years to come. . .and all of these sky divers have a right to know about this potential safety hazard. It basically boils down to the fact that this company is aware of the fact that this is a problem and they have blatantly not issued a safety warning. This situation could cause a canopy collision at night by a distracted sky diver trying to get the back light turned back on or someone who can't see it and loses track of altitude. Please be aware of this company's poor attitude towards our safety when considering purchasing one of their products.

It just do what is it made for 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: stefomaroc, 2009-10-31

Nothing else to say.

With the software you can configure prety anything (until the frequency of the sound).

Battery cond work +/- 150 jumps, depending of IR connexio you made between jumps I imagine.

IR connection works well, and transfering data to paralog is really easy.

Anyway, if it could have sound little louder, it whould have be better....
The third alarm is not as violent than on larsen&

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