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This item has been discontinued and is no longer in production.

Vigil 1 Control Unit

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Vigil 1 Control Unit
Vigil 1 Control Unit


The VIGIL® is a maintenance-free multi-mode activation device that outperforms old-style AAD’s.

The VIGIL® comes

- In an attractive and useful carrying case

- With a free Cutter replacement after life saving!

The VIGIL® gives you High-reliability in an Ultra-compact Unit.

Ergonomic stainless steel housing

High-reliability alpha-numeric display

Amplifying lens

Sealed mechanical switch

2 wire technology

1 flexible connecting wire

Kevlar reinforced cabling – high traction resistance

Wire-controller connection resists up to 50 kg traction

Bidirectional I.R. Download LED

Added: 2003-07-05 | Last Modified: 2017-03-06 | Views: 9314 | Item ID: 424

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Great AAD for the money 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: taurusfall2004, 2010-02-23

I recently bought a Vigil 2 this past summer and so far it has been GREAT. I personally prefer it of the Cypres because of the user interface. Cypres seems a little crude for my liking. I researched this AAD in and out, and found that each AAD had its own individual problems. This comes with technology people. Cypres claims to have 100% reliability but apon closer review they are wrong. Many feature turned me off about the Cypres and Vigil 2 was just a better option. First, price. The Vigil goes for 1200 installed, when the Cypres goes for 1400 if not more. Also, Vigil backs their products and will replace your cutter for FREE in the event of a save. These cost 200 or more from Cypres. Second, the battery. Its cheaper and easier to replace than the Cypres. Lastly, its long lasting. The Vigil 2 has a life of 20 years while the Cypres has a little more than half of that. So far the Vigil 2 has be AWESOME and the extra money for jumps certainly came in handy this summer. Have fun, be safe, and Blue Skyz!!!

Vigil Fire 1 out of 5 stars

Review by: maggott, 2007-07-24

Recently on a camera load my vigil fired. Although I Pulled at 2000' my spectre snivelled...Right after opening I felt my reserve go... so I chopped a good main. With 2 out, I would have landed in the trees. I was in the saddle of my reserve above 1,400ft.

I sent it in to find out what was wrong with the Vigil to make it fire so high.
I was not satisfied with the response I got, so I removed the Argus from my rig.


The Vigil AAD is a good choice for me 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: michaelted57, 2005-11-01

While I certainly agree with Airtec that an AAD should be 100% reliable, I would remind readers that the Cypres went through some problems in it's earlier stages. Some have faulted the Vigil for the problem they had with static electricity causing a premature activation on the ground (while the reserve was being packed on nylon carpet in cold, dry conditons), it should be noted that the Cypres also had some accidental activations due to radio interference. The Vigils that were affected by this problem were fixed by the factory, and subsequent versions have had no problems to date. I personally like all the things I listed in the "Pros" section at the beginning of this review, but my favorite feature of the vigil is the way it determines if it should activate or not. Unlike the Cypres Expert, which decides at 1000ft to activate at 750ft if the parameters have been met (a person who deploys at a low altitude and snivels through 1000 ft at a speed greater than 78 mph will get a reserve opening at 750ft even if their main canopy is fully deployed at 900ft), the Vigil measures the speed of descent and calculates the estimated time to activation altitude every 8th of a second. The result (as I understand it) is that the situation that would result if a two-canopy-out situation in the example with the Cypres above, would not have the same potentially desaterous consequences with a Vigil. This wold have eliminated at least three two-canopy-out situations that I have witnessed over the years. This feature alone makes the Vigil a better choice in my opinion.

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