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The name says it all... A canopy designed by pilots for pilots. When we made our “wish list” for an ultimately versatile canopy, we came up with terms that were echoed by canopy pilots around the world. Of course the list included characteristics like: consistent openings, excellent glide, predictable, responsive turns and great landings, but these are the “buzz words” that every equipment manufacturer uses. This is the analytical answer to the question. But experiencing canopy flight is more than just analysis. We had to try harder. When we pushed farther, and were really willing to listen, we started hearing the more important needs, the soul of the pilot. We heard terms like “effortless”, “fun”, “confidence”, “reliability”, and “safety”. We had finally reached the heart of a pilot. We designed our Pilot to meet these needs. Our engineering and development team worked for well over a year developing and testing this new canopy. We can now say, we have the ultimate in versatile canopies that you have been looking for. If you are looking for a canopy that you can truly enjoy, without the need to “work at it”, then the Pilot is the canopy you have been waiting for. “Try one on for size”, trust your feelings and you will not be disappointed. The Aerodyne Pilot: for people who love to fly.

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Pilot 210 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: WV177RG, 2018-01-24

As an older jumper, I was looking for a conservative, soft opening canopy with a flat glide to maximize landing options at our home dz surrounded by woods and housing developments. Demoed a Pilot 210 at 1.1:1 WL for 15 jumps with temps in the low 90's, mostly no wind.

The Pilot flew exactly as advertised: significantly lighter on the controls (30-40%) and more responsive to control inputs, flatter glide and more powerful flare than my Sabre 1 210 with dual steering lines. Flying in deep brakes on the edge of a stall for a minute or so on several jumps, the canopy remained docile until I forced the stall break. Recovery was quick and easily controllable. Landing approach speeds seemed higher, possibly due to higher than normal density altitude for our location. The landing flare sweet spot is definitely lower in the stroke than my Sabre 1, as described by other reviewers. Flowering the slider, then exposing the slider nose an extra 1-2", yielded soft but positive openings.

After additional input from several Pilot owners with 3,000 to 12,500 jumps (the latter owns two Pilots), I ordered a new 210 from Aerodyne in standard ZeroP with 725 Spectra lines. It arrived two weeks earlier than promised. Quality control was excellent. Dyes are extremely bright, and should enhance in-air visibility and collision avoidance. Despite being brand new, the canopy folded into my Javelin D-bag first try. To date, Aerodyne's ZeroP fabric has definitely allowed controllable new canopy pack jobs.

My new Pilot flies and lands sweet. Thank you for an excellent parachute, Aerodyne. (And, thanks to all who posted here and in the forums.)


Forgiving 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Zach_77069, 2016-12-06

Very safe, forgiving, and reliable canopy. Not for high performance flying of course. Anyone looking at getting into skydiving should look at this for their first canopy.

Aerodyne Pilot 230 first impressions 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: katzas, 2014-07-23

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression.
Well, that holds true for canopies too. As a veteran of seven cells and rental Navigators this canopy had some surprises. Responsiveness--loaded at about 1.2--makes a Navigator feel like a truck. I watched it open--and while I didn't watch my alitmeter I think it took about 4 seconds from throwing the PC to full canopy. No end cell issues, no spank, no off heading issues...just a beautiful canopy overhead.

Pull a toggle and watch it turn--instantly. Go to half brakes and feel it slow down and almost "float" along. Pull the toggles to arm's length and it stops--right now. Keep the toggles buried and it will stall.....but it thinks about it for a little while.

I overshot the peas big time in light and variable winds, had the toggles buried and it simply would not stop flying. Fortunately there was a nice little green spot in front of a fence......

So--am I happy with the Pilot? Yes....will it take some time to get to know it? Of course. I think we will be friends for a long time.

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