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The Pit Special

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The Pit Special
The Pit Special
The Pit Special
Tony Suit  (6163 Hits)

The PIT SPECIAL comes in either a nylon, cot'en felt, or polycotton front. Spandex covers the back and hips. This gives a tighter, no flap fit but still allows a full range of movement. Over the years we have removed the spandex from the grip area on the male pit. This gives a better feel during a block move when cranking is involved and also makes the suit last longer. The entire legs are made of cot'en felt or polycotton. We offer spandex, cot'en felt, or polycotton forearms. Although this is the suit the worlds top team are using, it can still be used for fun jumping if the jumper is average, or lighter than average weight. We suggest spandex forearms for the light weight fun jumpers and for teams ( We also make cot'en felt or polycotton slip-ons to wear on the forearms for larger loads). For the medium weight jumper who prefers a skin tight fit over the loose SWOOP SUIT, regular cot'en felt or polycotton forearms are recommended.

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Worse than HP customer service 1 out of 5 stars

Review by: belfurd, 2013-08-05

The initial problem: they completely blew both forearms circumference measurements (the non-stretchable nylon part connecting to the forearm material) on my Pit Special suit. And it was not a small mistake: 1.75in for the left arm, 2.25in for the right arm. No way my arms could fit in there.

Then the fun started. When I called them, they said “No problem we will fix it for free!”, as if I was getting some sort of a deal. I politely said that I wanted my rush order fee back ($40) since the mistake was blatant and clearly their own, and would delay my ability to jump the suit for longer than a non-rush order anyway. They would hear nothing of it.

At some point in some phone call I told them I would be shipping the suit back with the shipping bill in the package. They made up some story saying that a shipping refund would be most unlikely. They of course never refunded it. No matter how many emails and phone calls I would make they would always avoid the main topics and make excuses. One of their go-to excuse was “it doesn’t matter if it’s your fault or our fault... we repair for free anyway! No need to blame anyone!” or “we have a no-blame policy”. Retarded.

Then... as if anything ever happened, they sent me an email asking to pay for a 3rd shipping leg after the suit was eventually fixed. So in resumé here... I spend $510 on a suit, they screw up the measurements, I have to waste hours in frustration on the phone with their incompetent customer service rep and managers listening to nonsensical excuses, they refuse to refund the rush-order fee and make me pay for 2 more shipping legs (or they wouldn’t ship the suit again). The fixed suit was ready for final shipment after 8 weeks (rush was 2-4 weeks!).

I cannot think of a worse company I’ve had to deal with in the event of a problem. Complete disregard of customer satisfaction. A shame to the skydiving community. Never again

Gobsmacked! 1 out of 5 stars

Review by: Tuatara, 2012-08-29

I ordered my Pitt Special suit on the 17th of July, stating I needed it by the 1st of September - ie. within 6 weeks (the Tony Suits website quoting a production times of 4 weeks).

Receiving little in the way of confirmation of my order, over the ensuing 6 weeks I emailed Tony Suits no less than 6 times, on 5 of those occasions either re-requesting an approximate delivery time and/or restating my need to have the suit within 6 weeks. Every time I received either no response or something vague and unrelated.

Now, due to depart on my skydiving holiday in 3 days time I call Tony Suits today, after 6 weeks waiting, to be told my suit is "waiting to be cut". That is, I am unlikely to receive it any time soon, nor was I ever going to at any point in the process. In the time I could have arranged a suit from another supplier TS have been sitting on my order in full knowledge it would not be manufactured, let alone shipped in time for me. They seemed entirely dissinterested when I explained this to them.

I have cancelled my order, to say I'm pi$$ed off is an understatement. I had hoped the other reviews complaining of poor customer service were isolated cases, I guess I am another example of this or their service really is as bad as made out.

Buyer beware - they don't appear to give a toss about the customer.

Highly unreliable. Not recommended. 1 out of 5 stars

Review by: mix, 2011-02-28

I relied on getting a replacement for my old suit in time for the nationals within six weeks of placing the order. The old Bev suit served me well over the years but me loosing weight meant it was getting too baggy and I lost one booty every now and then on exit. Not having the luxury of time to muck around I wanted to order from a reliable source that offered rush jobs, went through these reviews and ordered a Pit-Special.

Initial customer service over the phone was pretty good - I got advised of what to get and how to order, I ordered, got invoiced and received a follow up e-mail the next day to which I replied. Four weeks after the last e-mail contact I rang them up to make sure everything was on track, giving that I needed the suit next week.

Imagine my shock when they told me that they lost my last reply to their e-mail due to a problem with their e-mail system and instead of following up with me they just put my order on hold.
Here I am, Nationals on our door steps without a jumpsuit for which I received an invoice five weeks ago - Thanks Tony Suit.

Get a Bev or Rainbow - all people around me did and they never got disappointed.

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