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This item has been discontinued and is no longer in production.


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The Diablo opens an exciting new mainstream market segment between the seven-cell Triathlon-class canopies and the nine-cell elliptical class. It is the best of both worlds for skydivers who are looking for exhilarating flight characteristics--but do not want to suffer the bad habits associated with high aspect ratio ellipticals.

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My Diablo 150 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: skyjumper261, 2003-06-07

I have been jumping my diablo 150 for a little over 200 jumps now. I load my canopy at about 1.6:1. Here is what I have found:

Packing is easy, even when the canopy is brand new. It is not as slippery as any other new canopy that I have owned.

Openings are usually nice and slow. I have had a few that were faster than I would have liked, but are attributed to trash packing. It usually takes around 600-800ft to open. The snivel is somewhat like a stiletto, but I would feel comfortable if I didn't fly the opening (I always do). Offheading openings do happen, but can be controlled easily. Line twists need to be solved quickly. I have had a few occasions where 2 twists caused it to really start to spin fast.

Flying is a blast. I think that this is one of the fastest turning, non crossbraced canopies. A stiletto 150 seems about the same. I can easily see the horizon over the back of my diablo when I am jacking some turns. It does tend to have a large amount of oversteer. It is primarily due to the loading. It does have an extremely short recovery arc. I have to do a hook turn much lower than I would with a stiletto. I don't feel comfortable with that. The swoop is fair. I like to hook to get some nice speed, to improve the swoop. The flare is much less powerful than a stiletto, but more than a sabre. I have done CRW on this canopy many times. It seems well behaved, while doing CRW with: cobalt, safire, diablo, spectre.

Overall, if you are looking for a canopy that is more than a square, but are not ready for a very high performance canopy, this is for you. I am currently looking into something with a longer recover arc. Hope this could help.


Awesome canopy for the Beg.- Int. Non Swooper 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: MrHankey, 2003-01-21

Diablo 150 loaded at 1.33 - I must've rented/demo gear enough to buy a rig. I tried Spectres, Sabres, Saphires, and any mid-performance canopy they would lend me on my search for my first canopy. I bought my D150 after appx. 40 jumps on a D170 making the next downsize step as to not get bored with my 1st purchase. Since then I have put at least 150 jumps on it and I still love it. This canopy is as fast and fun as you want to make it, yet puts you down safely on the spot.
Turns - VERY quick. You will notice it doesn't stop turning without a little opposite input - unlike typical 7 cells. You get used to it right away though - It spins so quick! Riser turns are hard to hold past 360, create good altitude loss, but recover to level flying very quickly.
Flares - Super Strong! I have found more flare power than on anything I jumped prior. It will dead stop 0-step land in mild winds. In no wind situations at 1.33 this canopy is fast but all that extra flare room slows it down just fine. I have a flawless landing record with it (knock on wood) despite some last minute course corrections, crosswind landings, off DZ, etc. Love that forgiving range - It's still VERY safe.
Openings - mine are slow...I might get a slightly smaller slider for that, and I quit rolling the nose. Otherwise, great, soft, and on heading unless the pack job sucks. Easy to steer the opening.
Overall - fun, agressive, and zippy, yet still very safe and reliable. Look for a good deal! I got mine brand new in stock red. slv. blk. (I don't like the std. stock colors) for $900. Don't turn low and have fun.

5 out of 5 stars

Review by: ericjsky, 2001-12-14

I have about 150 jumps on my Diablo 135 loaded at 1.33. First off... the Stiletto feels much less responsive in flight compared to the Diablo. On the other hand, the Stiletto 135 will surf about a third farther and the front riser feels about 15% lighter.

As far as the flight characteristics of the Diablo go, the turns are the fasted that I've ever experienced. It will dive straight at the ground and slump you in the saddle with G's. Where you might be used to using about 8 inches to get a minor correction on landing under a Stiletto, you only use 3 inches on a Diablo. 8 inches of control input on the Diablo will give you a speedy turn. 12 inches will get you a slicing diving turn. On my canopy, 18 inches of input lets you look over the top of the canopy and gives you the fastest rate turn. Be aware that the over-turning tendency of the Diablo is somewhat greater than the Stiletto, so practice the turns up high. The canopy doesn't 'breath' like some other canopies on turbulent days, and feels very solid. The openings are on heading 9 out of 10 times. While it is opening though, it definitely helps to think about distributing the weight equally between the two legs as shifting to either side can produce a speedy after opening turn. In my experience, both slow and high-speed openings are on heading and predictable, and never hard. Landings are a breeze. At 1.33psf you can fly straight in on a hot no wind day and bring it to a very slow speed soft landing every time. On cool days, or days with 5mph wind, you can bring it to a dead stop. On long spots, I leave my brakes stowed and float back with the best of them. In short, you'll love this canopy (after a few jumps) if you like fast and exciting flying. If you're into long swoops though, you probably won't be satisfied.

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