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Safire 2 popular

Average Rating = 4.80/5 Average Rating : 4.80 out of 5
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Safire 2
Safire 2
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The Safire 2, like the original Safire is a truly elliptical canopy with a light shaping incorporating a constant cell aspect ratio which consistently controls the airfoil shape across the canopy, maintaining increased rigidity and reducing drag. The Safire 2 is an enhanced version of the original Safire incorporating new trim and plan form shaping techniques. Its openings are arguably the sweetest of any canopy in its class. So much so that you'd swear it was a 7 cell opening above your head. We have also integrated an even greater glide ratio, more nimble and very predicable flight characteristics, responsive flight controls both on toggles and risers, a shorter recovery arc to maintain a higher level of safety for mid-range jumpers and a powerful flare. The Safire 2 is designed to fly best at wing loadings of .75 to 1.6. At the lower end, the Safire flies forgivingly and is an ideal transitional canopy. At the higher loadings, it is a fast-moving smooth-handling ride that outperforms other canopies in its class.

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Safire vs Sabre 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: ricardop0318, 2014-01-05

Icarus got this one. After about 300 jumps between the two, I have to say that the Safire is a dream canopy in comparison to the unpredictable Sabre2. I like them both but Safire opens and behaves smoother. My two cents

Very safe 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: Bartskydive, 2013-09-03

After suffered a very hard opening on my trusty Sabre 2 190 (packing error!) which tore the Sabre, my rigger loaned me a demo Saffire 2. I weigh 100 kg so load it at approx 1.3.
After having put more than 500 jumps on the Sabre 2 and now about 15 on the Saffire, there is some good comparison between the two I would think.
For one, the lines of the Saffire are longer, probably tens of centimeters. Openings are a lot more consistent than a Sabre 2, not necessarily softer; my Sabre could open beautifully soft and on heading, but just not consistently so and had a tendency of turning on inflation.
The glide is MUCH flatter than the Sabre which is good because it will get you home and bad because it makes accurate landings more difficult. Imagine a very flat angle with angular scatter covers more area on the ground that the same scatter at a steeper angle. But generally it enhances safety.
Also in heavy traffic you can slow it down more than a Sabre 2 and stay up forever and wait for all the fast guys to clear the skies and land last.
Flare is markedly less than the Sabre 2. Didn't stand up landings a couple of times in zero wind conditions which very rarely happened with my Sabre.
No doubt the Saffire is a very safe canopy and a valuable piece of kit that takes well care of you but personally I'm not so sure if I would buy it and want to demo some other canopies before I decide. Mainly because I'm used to land exactly where I want and don't like to over or under shoot. With the flat angle of the Saffire I'm overshooting all the time and really need some getting used to.

Icarus Safire 2 169 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: krisd, 2012-07-27

I have recently done about 50 jumps on my new (secondhand, bought it when it had about 350 jumps)Safire 2 169. I have an exit weight of 92 kg, so WL around 1.21.

I have no other canopies in the same league to compare too. Other canopies I've jumped where either old big 7 cells (Fury 220) or student canopies (Manta 280).

I've started jumping my Safire when I had a total of 50 jumps.

I find it a very fun canopy to fly. It's predictable, has good and SOFT openings. If you keep your body position stable while deploying, you're going to have a smooth opening.

No cons so far.

Landing it is no problem. Canopy has lots of flare. I use a two-stage flare. Had one rough landing, but that was completely my fault. I don't blame the canopy for this.

You won't regret it if you get one.

For now I will continue jumping my Safire and if I will downsize one day, I'm going to look for a Safire II one size smaller! I like it!

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