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Learn your tricks in AFF then master them all over again with a canopy of your very own. Experience hassle-free wingsuit openings, or an easy comfortable ride for the jumper who values safety over all else. New or old, the Omega 7-cell is the broad-spectrum wing for you.

With smooth delicious openings and predictable flight responses the Omega provides the perfect blend to do it all, from everyday flying to demos and even a bit of fun CRW. The ease of use and low baggage factor create a wing ready for whatever comes your way.

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Great simple canopy that just does it's job 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Tsynique, 2014-08-12

I have tried Pilot (210 - 170 sizes), Spectre 150, Hornet 190 and Firebird Cayenne 150 before I got my Omega 149. Started jumping it at 140 jumps with WL of 1.23. All I can say that it's just perfect: flies fun, not dangerously aggressive but never slugish in turns, glides well, surfs real far and when you get used to flaring it landings become very gentle.

No matter how neatly I pack it, it deploys very soft and gently and on-heading. Even seems to ignore uneven body position during deployment sometimes. Sniveling takes a while. A really long while if you pack for a long snivel. I once had 7 seconds of snivel (confirmed with video). And it ends up in a very slow and gentle opening. I always thought that Pilots have the best openings in the market but now I know that Omega has even better.

Comparing with what I've flown I would say that it's faster than a Pilot or a Hornet, very similar speed and responsiveness to Spectre. However, it's not as ground-hungry as a Spectre.

All in all, this canopy is a skydivers friend - very loyal and understanding.

Icarus Omega 209 Wing Load 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: paco1975, 2008-03-11

I have demo jumped a used icarus omega 209 (200+ jumps).The first time I jumped this canopy I almost cut it away.I have been jumping pd-210's to 288's. I am just shy of my c license. first time I tested this canopy I snivelled it a lot like I would the pd.Threw pilot at at 4000 to be safe. Man that is the softest opening i have ever experienced!! A little too soft. I finally had a full canopy at about 1900 feet. Flies great and very responsive at 1.2 ratio. It almost wants to swoop on its own. Great canopy but do not snivel!!! There is no need. With a normal pro pack opens in about 900-1400 feet. Good penetration in high wind days (15+). This is a good canopy for learning to swoop. Greater stopping power at higher speeds.

Fun first canopy 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: vegandiver, 2007-01-30

This is my first canopy, so I have little to compare it to except my student canopies, but the openings are nice, long and sweet, I got this canopy just after learning to pack and went through the trouble of rolling and stuffing the nose, and pulling the slider way out, so my first jump on it gave me over 1500' of snivel. Now I psycho pack it, don't roll and leave the nose exposed and it still gives me a sweet 800' snivel and soft openings every time! flares are nice and long, I'm loading it at 1.3

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