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Precision Aerodynamics  (6066 Hits)

The Monarch Series of nine cell main canopies was developed by Precision Aerodynamics to answer the call of experienced skydivers who want to extract maximum performance from a Zero-P canopy. By combining Zero-Porosity fabric from Performance Textiles with the design technology at Precision Aerodynamics, we have revolutionized the meaning of Zero-P performance.

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Monarch 155 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: BryanCampau, 2014-04-27

I got this canopy a few weeks ago and have put about 15 jumps on it. I was expecting to get hard openings but it didn't happen. The openings are brisk but far from painful. The flight characteristics are great. Fantastic landings. Really fun to fly. And you can get them at great prices!


Only jumped it because it was the only one available 2 out of 5 stars

Review by: Absolut, 2014-01-08

I jumped this canopy because I worked at a dz as a packer and this one was the only one available I could jump for free. Since I worked as a packer long enough I basically know every trick to slow down openings, but nothing really helped here.

Almost every opening felt like it would break my neck, I only saw a snivel on this canopy once for half a second. since it wasn't my rig I couldn't install another slider which would have probably helped. once the canopy is open, it's a dream to fly though. I had it in since 135, only had around 150-200 jumps at that time and enjoyed having a faster canopy which wouldn't be too aggressive because of it's square surface. wouldn't recommend jumping it though if there is no way around. watch your necks!!

Monarch 175 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: bgammill, 2012-04-04

Bought a rig with a monarch for my first rig, had really hard and off heading openings, until I had a pocket slider made. it slowed the openings and then when I started packing it correctly and stopped doing the tricks I was taught to slow the openings down the openings are Brisk but not unmanageable and on heading.

I really enjoy my monarch and you can pick them up cheap. mine was an older well used canopy but I still got great surfs loading it at 1.3. Good canopy for the money.

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