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Altimaster Galaxy popular

Average Rating = 4.62/5 Average Rating : 4.62 out of 5
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Altimaster Galaxy
Altimaster Galaxy
Alti-2 Inc  (23860 Hits)

The Altimaster Galaxy was developed from the Classic Altimaster III but with significant improvements. The most obvious upgrade is the user replaceable lens and significantly larger numbers on the faceplate. The Galaxy has an altitude range of 18,000 feet marked in 250 foot increments meeting the needs of most skydivers. It contains a durable and precision mechanism and comes complete with hand mount. A wrist mount is also available. Available in feet or meter faceplate. A Glow Face model is also available for night jumps. Available in a wide variety of colors.

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Works as advertised 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: katzas, 2015-01-31

Bought mine on (gasp!) ebay for $80.00. Crap shoot--but what the hell. It works fine. It came with a different mounting strap--not the finger kind but around my wrist and thumb. I like it. Funny thing--went aboard a commercial flight and brought it with me (set to zero in the boarding area). About an hour into the flight I checked it to see what the altitude in the cabin was. Was pretty surprised to see 13,000 ft. Made cabin crew aware that this altitude was higher than it should be. First officer came back--looked at it and said, "make it a habit of carrying an altimeter do ya?" He returned to the cockpit and I watched the altitude in the cabin decrease slowly to about 7000 ft which is pretty normal. Later I found out that they do this deliberately--especially on red eye flights. Passengers pass out from low air pressure and the cabin crew doesn't have to work so hard. I carry it with me every time I fly now.

Good customer service is included 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: 0584, 2014-09-10

I like this altimeter. Its got easy to read numbers, its set up with 12k ft on the 12o clock position. It could be confusing that both 12k and 0k is the same place. This has never confused me, but I imagine that if I ever find myself confused, then I could just look out the window of the airplane. So its not a big deal.
The concept of having 12k ft and 0 ft on the same position is also known from watches. This makes it very quick to read since I dont actually have to read the numbers, I could just make a quick glance at the angle of the needle, and I know from my many years of experience with normal watches what the number would be at that angle if I would have read it. Saves me about 0.12 seconds every time I take a peak at the altimeter.

The needle moves past a yellow area when its time to concider your altitude, and a red area when you absolutely should start concidering it. I dont honestly dont know how usage of the altimeter could get any easier.

The dial on mine became bent, and it became impossible to adjust it. I dont know how this happened, but I am suspecting heat damages, so I was preparing all kinds of defensive arguments about the sun and the summer and the time of year a typical skydiving season occur, so it I am just using it normally. Just in case they would comment on this or accuse me of negligence. But this never happened. Au contraire. All emails was answered friendly and professional within a few hours. They sent me update emails when they had received and sent it, they used very short time to repair it, and they even sent it back to me free of charge.

You put it on with a velcro around your wrist and two fingers through a rubber ring. Not everyone has the same finger circumference, and sometimes I use gloves. Yet I dont see any adjustment opportunities on this rubber ring. So its a bit too loose or too tight depending on how fat I am each day.

I also thought it was a bit heavy. But at the same time I realize its made from sturdy material. So I guess its a balance. Still I cant help noticing that my quad core smart phone with barometer, screen and GPS weighs less than this altimeter.

Galaxy Altimeter 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: TLB, 2014-07-10

Only four jumps on mine so far, seems smooth and accurate...The glow face is very good... Sits on my hand fine... I scratched the face and called them wanting to give them my credit card number and mail it to them for a face replacement.. I was told the face screws off that they would send me a replacement no charge... I have two of their digital altimeters and have never had a problem...

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