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The EXTreme-VX is a 27-cell Elliptical X-braced Tri-cell that brings HP canopy performance to the next step. As with all the Icarus range it is available in any size. The VX is not going to replace the FX, but for those turf surf purists who's prime objective is to glean the last available performance from their canopy, rather than the focus being cost or pack volume - This can be your ultimate weapon of choice.

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VX79 at 2.3ish 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: vx79MI, 2007-07-30

I've put about 300 jumps on my vx79. It opens well. Flies well. Is very responsive and in my opinion not all that "twitchy". It just does what you tell it to do. I stuff the heck out of the nose with no problems at all. I needed to go with a slightly oversized slider to slow the openings a bit. That did the trick. Awesome wing and not for the slow minded.


VX lightly loaded 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: webracer, 2003-10-23

I wasn't going to write a review, since there are a few here that are right on. I only decided to do so because most of the reviews are those loaded 2.3 or above. I am loading mine at 1.9.
The VX is a rock solid wing. It flies slow or fast, I can hang in brakes with the best of them, I can slow down or really cruise on rear risers (remember bumping end cells for a while with a friend on a Stiletto at 1.1:1, only using rear risers).

I feel the swoops are solid, like being suspended from a trolley rather than a parachute. I put 63 jumps on it in the first 4 weeks.

It feels HUGE, I can't stress that enough. It flys big and feels docile, although it is far from it. Getting lower to earth, you start to feel the speed and dive.

For approach, my riser pressure is off the chart (front). Tandems have lighter front riser pressure. I have to initiate my approach with harness shift, then supplement with front riser. It dives fast, and doesn't recover in time without input. I kinda wish it was about 2.1 wingloading, but I am learning new ways to fly with this lighter wingloading, and the swoops are looonnnnggg!

If you think you're ready for xbrace, maybe a velocity or xaos are good choices, as they fly a bit closer to hp elliptical characteristics than the VX. If you are ready to relearn canopy input and detailed control, get the VX.

Bottom line is I like it, but I have a Xaos also (loaded at 2.1), I choose wbich rig based upon conditions, and my goals for the jump.

Oh, the slider: I had to have the drawstrings replaced after 63 jumps, the slider would pop open behind my head when I started my dive. Icarus made it good though, they paid for the repair without question.

5 out of 5 stars

Review by: skygod7777, 2002-04-30

i had a 72 vx. i will say they can swoop like a bat out of hell, but if your not careful it will get away from you. if you are twichy with the toggles then it will "bounce" around during your swoop. just be smooth. but i didn't care for the openings. they aren't too hard, but not too soft. i sent mine back because i do a lot of tandem videos and need something that opens better. i have a friend that has one that i jump all the time because i just love the way it fly's. but when i set up a third rig i might buy one a just not jump it with my camera.

blue sky's and long swoops

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