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The Altitron Digital Altimeter offers new functions and has been designed for ease of use. The display has been developed to be easy readable in any kind of lighting condition with the help of a high contrast display and a backlight. The unit is compact and can be used inside the transparent arm pocket of you jumpsuit, in your hand or on your wrist. This unit uses a common type of battery which is easy to find basically anywhere. The Altitron can be configured to show speed or altitude while you are in freefall. When you are using the unit as a speedometer, it will automatically switch to altimeter mode below your selectable breakoff altitude. The unit is also made of thick, shock and scratch resistant glass which offers no optical distortion.

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easily broken 2 out of 5 stars

Review by: richwilk, 2014-10-11

I work professionally and wanted a digital with better bigger display. I have used 3 Viso's. They last about 2000 jumps however display size is an issue with the 6000' and 5000' altitudes. Viso reliability is excellent. Both of the Altitrons I have used (one was replaced shortly after breaking, broke as a consequence of being dropped onto carpet covered cement floors. They are a nice unit with plenty of potential however the display is very fragile and breaks easily.

Digital Altitron 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: Rivello, 2013-03-22

I bought this Item a few years ago, after 6 months it stopped showing the time when i was on the ground and on the way to altitude, it wasn't working, i would have to hit the middle button when we took off for it to work but altitude was never correct. I sent it back to Para-sport to fix which they did but again im in the usa and they are in Italy, took 2 months to send and receive the item back b/c of customs and mail to Italy, Customer service was good and they provided me with a wrist strap at my request, which was nice. 6 months later i was at altitude and the altimeter stopped working and turned off, 2nd time it happened. the battery should last 2 years due to low energy saver but i dont beleive it was the battery. I contacted Para-sport and they asked me to send it back, i haven't sent it back b/c i want to jump with it again to see if a new battery will correct the issue,if not i'm asking for my money back. i wouldn't recommend this item due to my issues but it could have been just with my unit.

Altitron Digital Altimeter 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: mojo-zhills, 2012-10-24

Got mine earlier this year and I absolutely LOVE IT! The negative reviews here must have been written for older models as mine takes a standard AAA battery, is extremely durable, and the lighted display works just fine :-) My favorite feature is no decimals! The full altitude reads out so it says 13562 instead of 13.5. I use mine in conjunction with the parasport NeoXS audible, which I also love

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