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This item has been discontinued and is no longer in production.


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PRO-DYTTER™: The successor to the longtime standard in skydiving... the Original DYTTER! First released in the spring of 1998, PRO-DYTTER™ became an instant favorite to skydivers around the world and continues to be the top selling audible altimeter. PRO-DYTTER™, with it's sleek design, innovative helmet clip, easy-to-read LED display and extremely accurate altitude readings, the PRO-DYTTER™ quickly became and remains to be standard equipment for Freeflyers, Relative Work, Skysurfing, Freestylists, Jumpmasters, Tandem Masters and Students... ALL IN ONE UNIT!

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Have to mess with it 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: katzas, 2015-01-23

OK--I can't really complain about how it works. Nor can I complain about the cost (for me). I bought an used helmet on ebay, great helmet but it squashed my head like a vise. BUT, hidden inside the helmet was this little plastic box.

Yup, a pro dytter - essentially for free. So I sold the helmet and kept the dytter. Now, how to set it up? Dowloaded the manual. Okie dokie. Played with it, followed the instructions, it just blinked at me, sat there and mocked me. After dicking with it for an hour I figured it out. You gotta be fast with your fingers. When it blinks the second time you better push that button during the half second the light comes on or it just sits there and laughs at you. Having read all the reviews about L+B products and their legendary service I am looking at the Optima II. Don't be surprised if you see my dytter for sale in the classified section--but only after I find an Optima II.

Pro-dytter 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: aaroncosbey, 2010-08-01

Good, easy to read, functional dytter.
Customer service is legendary: if the screen breaks, they will send you another free of charge... cant ask better than that.
Excellent 2nd hand buy.

Customer Service 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: srogers, 2008-10-22

L&B have the best customer service out of any skydiving company I have come across. They'll hook you up. Need replacement parts? I emailed them and within the hour they had shipped the parts I needed, free of charge. Simply incredible. Support this company because they will support you. Also the products are very easy to use and very effective.

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