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The ASTRA Automatic Activation Device is a computer controlled electronic altimeter that determines the rate of descent and the altitude above ground level (AGL) and fires a locking-loop cutter if an unsafe condition is detected. FXC designed the Astra for external mounting. This high visibility allows for easy "Gear check" on the Astra's operational status and is therefore a significant improvement to safety.

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ADD, and it works 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: E-Rach, 2014-08-15

Been using it on my rig for about a year. nice blinking light easy to check really helps on the occasion i cant remember if i put it on or not. regular rigger inspection (with reserve pack) is all it needs.

It can be a little bulky on the outside, but no real sang points, everyone can see it so you will get lots of attention when traveling to other dropZones with usually 'hey did you get that from bill(or some random name)" no...or on the occasion yes (so a nice ice beaker).
Battery if left on will last around 10 days, then your going to need a repack and look for a new battery.

Not water proof (stay out of the pond)
if you froget to turn it on before the plane leaves you dont have an AAD on the descent.
Question: you want a Safe AAD, and more money to jump?

If yes go Astra.


Great AAD for basic skydiving 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: cib18ev, 2014-07-18

Lots of folks with lots of opinions.
Here is the bottom line. Turn it on at the dz/departure airfield, fly to altitude and jump, land, turn off.
It is not designed to be anything other than a sport jump AAD. It DOES NOT EXPIRE!
No sending to be "recalibrated" every 4 years then shitcanned at 12. It self calibrates on the departure airfield/DZ everytime you jump.
Seems a no-brainer to me but then again I jump from perfectly good airplanes...

great product 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: suipidguber, 2008-03-14

The fact that you can turn it off under canopy is a big plus. This saves your battery when you don`t need the aad on. Another plus is that it fires higher then a cypres giving you more time to fix any reserve problems and land safely.
Only thing I don`t like is the color. :)

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