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Airtec GmbH  (9775 Hits)

Cypres meets all needs and wishes of today's skydivers. Once it is installed, you can't hear it, you can't feel it and you can't see it. The operation is quite simple: Just switch it on in the morning prior to the first jump, then forget about it.

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Cypres, what a bargain...... 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: someguyintexas, 2009-11-10

I've just read these reviews on Cypres (yes, it really does just has one "s')and I am amazed at all the whining about the price. How about some Cypres trivia for you. January 1991, Cypres hits the market. Guess how much? Average price 1275.00. Now, a mere 18 years later, the price is 1375.00. What? That can't be, can it? Lets try that with popular containers, eh? Javelin, retail in 1991? 898.00 Retail in 2009? 2639.00 How about Vector? Retail in 1991? 895.00 Retail in 2009? 2389.00 Anyone who thinks Cypres is a ripoff or too expensive needs to wake up and smell the jet fuel......A Cypres is the only true bargain left!

Cypres, dont leave the plane without it 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: 377, 2003-08-21

Finally CYPRES is getting some lower priced competition from AADs having comparable technology. For those on a limited budget who cannot afford a Cypres, then these new products will be potential lifesavers. However, I'll not be switching brands when my CYPRES expires even if I can save a few hundred bucks and have unlimited product life with a competing product. AIRTEC is CONSTANTLY testing, verifying and upgrading the product. They are OBSESSED with quality and ongoing reliability. I just don't think any newcomers can make an AAD that will be as reliable as the CYPRES. They just don't have the experience. Anybody can say their product has unlimited service life, but the reality is that electronic components age (especially capacitors) and at some point the age related degradation of components becomes a real issue. Will a 20 year old Cypres work if it passes the self test? Yes, it probably will. Is it as reliable as a 12 year old unit that had a complete checkout 4 years ago. Probably not. I wish AIRTEC would keep thier units serviceable indefinitely, but I don't think their decison to end the product's life at 12 years is a pure money grab either. I like to think I'd never need a CYPRES, but if I am wrong I don't want to be dead wrong. This product has saved hundreds of lives and has a very good reputation. The new Cypres 2 has some great features (eg waterproof) but still must be manually turned on. Most jumpers have at least once forgot to turn on their Cypres AADs. Hopefully the Cypres 3 will figure out a reliable way to automatically turn on the unit. Everyone has stories about AADs firing at the wrong time, but Cypres sure has BY FAR the lowest misfire rate from what I have seen.

Cypress 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: mysky, 2003-06-12

A great piece of equipment for those unexpected times. The only thing to watch for is this. Any low pullers, freeflyers without audibles or any other reason for not paying attention to how close you are to mother earth watch your altitude when pulling your main. Two unintentional canopies out could be just as bad as having that life saving cypress on. Other then that it is one of the greatest things to have in skydiving today.

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