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Gath Hat

Average Rating = 2.81/5 Average Rating : 2.81 out of 5
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Gath Hat
Gath Hat
Gath Head Gear  (7861 Hits)

GATH HAT is a lightweight, very snug fitting headgear, which is now the chosen headgear for many action sports. Gath headgear is made from the latest technology in shatter-proof plastics and lined with EVA foam. It is designed to provide some protection against impact.

Added: 2001-01-28 | Last Modified: 2017-03-01 | Views: 7861 | Item ID: 137

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It does its job 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: misterorange, 2015-01-03

It doesn't look cool, but what the heck... it's a helmet.

Good for you if you want something cheap and abusable: you can drill holes in it for camera mounts without any loss of efficiency.
You can spend the rest of the money in tickets.

All you need until you go Camera man. 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: luccarodolfo, 2010-10-29

The new breed, with the foam forehead, fits quite snug and is very slick, offering very low wind resistance... I thought it was going to be a problem, since it shows more area to the wind than the older model. But nope... if you measure your head and buy the proper size... snug fit!

Offers good protection and doesn't try to fly off your head once you leave the door! Specially while on a fast track or sit fly.

The only cons is the chin strap. On the new models (at least on mine), it tends to slack. However, fix it to your desired fit, add couple of stitches on the strap and WALA!

It will fly no problem with a Go Pro on top.


8 years and still going 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Titanium_Gecko, 2009-11-01

I bought my Gath on the day I got my A License and have never looked back. Admittedly, it was the best fit for my head at the dropzone shop but would recommend anyone to try a Gath on.
This year alone it has proved reliable and secure/snug at 200mph head down, 140mph+ stand through to 50mph-ish wingsuiting. It also protected me from worse head injuries in 2004 after a low turn, which took me out of the sport for 2 years. I love its look in photos and videos.

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