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The REFLEX™ is a modern, state of the art parachute harness/container system employing not only state of the art reserve deployment technology, but also the use of advanced aerospace composite materials in it's design and construction. In addition to these features, only the most advanced construction techniques and finest quality materials available in the industry are used in the REFLEX harness/container system.

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Reflex reserve requires different packing techniques. 0 out of 5 stars

Review by: Rob Warner, 1999-12-13

Open reponse to Dmitry from Russia re packing Reflex reserve. Yes the Reflex reserve requires different techniques than a Vector or the next dozen popular reserves. While the Vector requires a WEDGE shaped pack job, the Reflex reserve cntainer is almost the same thickness from top to bottom.

Once the canopy is folded to the same width as the bag, I make a very short fold to hide the slider grommets. Then I make fold so short it is still clear of the loop. Then I stuff the large remaining pile of fabric into the "ears." This results in lots of canopy fabric beside the pilot chute and easpecially filling the top of the ears.

Rob Warner
FAA Master Rigger

Note to site administrator: I don't know if theis is the correct place to post this info, but it is helpful to everyone interested in packing Reflexes. Suggestions?

The Reflex is the first Pop-Top I would give you any money for. 0 out of 5 stars

Review by: Rob Warner, 1999-12-01

The Reflex is the first Pop-Top I would give you any money for. With its shaped molar bag and single-pin reserve pilot chute, the Reflex is the only Pop-Top that is easy to pack. Reflexes do require a slightly different technique to distribute sufficient bulk beside the reserve pilotchute, but other wise they are straight forward. Hint: scrapping your steel T-bodkins and tie your own temporary loops out of Cypres cord eliminates a couple of steps in the packing process. I know that Mickey Cottle disagrees with my last statement, but I am lazy and find the temporary loops so much easier for packing all Pop-Tops.

Rob Warner
FAA Master Parachute Rigger

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