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Sunrise Rigging International would like to introduce you to the latest innovation in skydiving harness/container systems, the Wings Aerial System. Sunrise Rigging is owned and operated by Henri Pohjolainen, an FAA certified rigger who has manufactured skydiving equipment and accessories for the last 15 years. His resume includes such accomplishments as original designer of the Javelin harness/container in 1988, as well as 10 years of competition experience at the world level in 4 & 8 way formation skydiving. The Wings harness/container features a new articulated ring harness design, state of the art B.O.C., unique rigger friendly free bag, one of a kind riser flap configuration, and anti-line twist Zero Porosity main D-bag.

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Wings W-22 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: davjohns, 2014-11-03

I bought mine used. It needed new risers. The factory was communicative, helpful, and quick. They also helped me with canopy size selection.

The rig is the most comfortable I have used. It was one of the few times I didn't think about comfort during my time under canopy. I've had plenty of times when I couldn't wait to land to relieve the pain the rig was inflicting on me. I have no idea what the design differences are. I haven't placed this rig beside another to analyze it. I'm sure the designers have.

It packs just like any other rig. All flaps are stiff and manageable like they should be. I really don't understand why someone would pay so much more for a different container when this one is so good and reasonably priced.



Give Wings a Chance 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: dreamtoy, 2012-11-18

I don't have experience with a ton of different rigs but after speaking with a lot of people at several dz's, all had nothing but high praise for wings rigs. When I received my wings system and tried it on it fit like a glove. It's extremely comfortable in free fall and it packs well. After a while I had problems with my right riser cover opening in free fall which concerned me a great deal. I sent it back to wings for repair. Wings upgraded my rig and as of this date, I am the second person with magnetic riser covers. Not only does it work and look awesome but they did this free of charge; now that is customer service. I know who I'm buying my next rig from. Give them a shot, you won't be disappointed!

The underdog! 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: delbloo, 2012-08-07

My girlfriend got her custom Wings rig 2 years ago. It is a fantastic rig.

It packs good and tight which is a good thing for free flying. I see top name brands with flaps popping open while sit flying, never seen that happen on her rig.

It is the cool underdog with excellent client approach .

Highly recommended.

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