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Tried, Tested, Proven, Reliable, Comfortable, Awesome! These are just a few adjectives to describe the country’s hottest selling skydiving container, Sun Path’s Javelin. In addition to its clean lines and good looks, the container is something more important: functional and dependable.

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J2 (DOM 1992) 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Kyle345, 2014-03-20

It's a great container. Well built and holds up well over time. It's twenty years old and still looks amazing. Super comfortable and never had a problem with it.

My used Javelin 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: D2626, 2012-03-01

I purchased my rig used off Ebay 5 years ago. The harness was to small for me so I contacted Sun Path to ask what if anything could be done. Sent the rig to them with my measurements as if I was buying a new rig. Three weeks later I got the rig back with a new harness, all new hardware, new closing loop,updated mods.,and small repairs to this and that. The bill--$350 including a reserve repack and shipping. I have put another 500 jumps on this rig and its still going strong. Oh, I did have to replace the BOC pouch this year. What will my next rig be??? a nothing but a JAVELIN!!!

Main Pilot Chute and D-Bag. Only recommend with disclaimer 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: JWOTE, 2008-04-01

When I received my rig, it looked exactly as I had ordered it. Colors were correct and vibrant. Outside of the extended waiting period that seemed to change weelkly, I was happy to have finally received it. When to my supprise, my rigger calls and tell me that I have an extraordinarily large pilot chute accompanied by laughter. The rigger called the manufacturer and advised that the company takes the necessary steps to ensure that the pilot chute shipped with the rig coincides with the size of the main canopy, ensuring that the correct pilot chute was shipped for the canopy specs. After arriving at the drop zone, excited about my new rig. After an altitude hop-n-pop due to the canopy itself being brand new, it was time to go terminal. I was advised by my rigger to set myself up for a possible hard or harder than normal opening. Taking my riggers advice, I did just that. The next thing that I know is that I saw stars after the deployment and every vertabrae in my back popping... Obviuosly not the right sized pilot chute. Needless to say, that was the last jump that I did that day. The manufacturer then shipped another pilot chute in time for our boogie the following weekend. Jumped it twice the first day of the boogie and while repacking, the grommet on the top of the D-bag was found to be tearing away from the new bag...And this is not the same D-bag that was attached to the over sized pilot chute, we still had that one, and shipped it back after receiving the replacement. Now the rig is down for another weekend and I was forced to jump rental gear for the rest of the four day weekend (fortunately at no cost thanks to a great and understanding D.Z.O.). The following weekend I received another pilot chute and D-bag. So far so good. I have been completely satisfied with the rig thus far. I think that when a company exceeds their abilities to perform at an acceptable level of operation and provide a quality product which is expected as advertised. The manufacturer should obviosly take the necessary steps to ensure that customer satisfaction is number one, not the almighty dollar. I know because as you know, quality equipment in our sport is not cheap. I cannot say that my next container purchase will be a Javelin. And I would like to thank the manufacturer for the t-shirts and stickers. They made everything better.

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