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Skydiving Fatalities : 2013 : Pacific : Low cutaway from Malfunction

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SA Skydiving
No Pull
Gear Issues
Hop and Pop
Sabre2 170
Smart 210
Jeff Lunt
Background: The deceased was an experienced jumper with an APF Certificate ‘C’. He had made 30 jumps in the past five months & had made four previous hop ‘n’ pop jumps on the day of the incident. The APF has no previous history of malfunctions by the deceased. The Jump: The jump was a hop ‘n’ pop from a planned height of 3,000 feet & the 5th of the day for the deceased. The deceased was first to exit & deployed his main parachute immediately after exiting the aircraft. It appeared to have opened normally. He was later observed to be spinning & trying to deal with line twists. He cutaway at a low altitude & impacted the ground as the reserve canopy began to inflate. He had been observed after cutaway to be on his back, pulling the reserve handle whilst in this position. The reserve pilot-chute and freebag’s trajectory upon activation was angling towards the ground. Preliminary Equipment Inspection: The deceased was found with his shirt still tucked in both front and back of his body. Inspection of the equipment revealed that the slider was down at the connector links & had been collapsed. The main canopy revealed a number of line twists above the slider. The brakes had also been released. The cutaway and reserve handles had been pulled & the AAD had activated cutting the reserve closing loop. The following information was obtained from the Alti track worn by the deceased: Exit Height: 3320 Feet Fully open Canopy: 2430 Feet Speeds increase & decrease until 1010 Feet with the lowest recorded speed after this point being 46 mph at 760 Feet, where cutaway occurs. AAD activation speed is reached at 490 Feet. Impact occurred approximately 60 seconds after exit. The Reserve packing card indicated the equipment was compliant with manufacturer Service Bulletins and APF repack requirements. All other equipment was found to be serviceable and in good condition.

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