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Skydiving Fatalities : 2010 : South America : Hard Landing while making a low turn

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Fly Para-quedismo
Low Turn
Camera or Video
Velocity 90
Maycon Miaki
LONDRINA, Paraná, BRA. - An experienced Brazilian skydiver died after making a tricky high-speed turn too close to the ground, crashing into the grass. Maiko Miaki, 29, from Cascavel, was making a AFF jump until he made the high-speed turn at an extremely low altitude as he approached the landing area at Fly Paraquedismo near the municipal airport 14 Bis (londrina). Miaki was an experienced jumper and AFF instructor. The victim suffered multiple injuries in the crash and died instantly. If performed correctly, the manoeuvre (Swoop) brings skydivers in at a high rate of speed but allows for a horizontal glide about one metre off the ground, usually resulting in a soft landing. Skydivers who witnessed the accident, attributed the Maycon's death to a misperception of his distance from the ground. Maycon was a frequent visitor to the Fly Paraquedismo skydiving spot, making the trip from Cascavel almost every month.

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