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Skydiving Fatalities : 2008 : Europe : Entanglement with main canopy

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Novi Sad Aero Klub
Gear Issues
Zerox Student
Manta 290
Performance Designs Reserve 253
FXC 12000
Not Reported
Jumper exited the aircraft at 3300ft in relative stable position. After 3 seconds of freefall, at the pull time and while pulling the ripcord, student rotated along his longitudinal axis. At that time he was at his left side, and his back to the ground. The ripcord, which he pulled with right hand, was tied with Microline lanyard to ripcord housing. Spring loaded pilot chute of the main canopy went near the cable that connected ripcord and harness. Deployment bag hit jumper in the hand and caused him do drop ripcord handle. Next, the lanyard wraps itself around pilot chute bridle near the connecting point with the deployment bag. Some of the main canopy lines were extracted from rubber bands thus creating "horseshoe" type malfunction. At this point the student is at 3000 ft and still falling with his left side and back to the ground. After some time and at the unknown altitude student pulls breakaway handle and tosses it. Judging from the distance where the breakaway handle was found and from the wind conditions that day it is estimated that he was well above 1500ft. After breaking away, the situation remained unchanged. At the 1200 - 1500 ft student pulled reserve handle. Reserve pilot chute went through "horseshoe" and reserve bridle got entangled with already existing knot of main bridle and lines, and ripcord cable. Free-bag fell out of harness and some reserve lines got out of the pocket. Both main and reserve bags continued to spiral and entangle even more. Jumper hit ground at high speed still falling on his left side-back.

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