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Skydiving Fatalities : 2007 : North America : No pull on wingsuit jump

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United States
Skydive Moab
No Pull
Wing Suit
Christopher "Race" Price
Jumper was flying wing suit and had exited the plane at 13,000 with 2 friends also in wing suits. The 3 planned on opening their canopies at 4,000 feet.

The 2 jumpers opened and landed without incident. They could not locate the 3rd jumper in the landing area and started a search.

The deceased was found 30 minutes later approximately 1 mile north of the landing area, face down as if still in a tracking type position. His pilot chute was still in the place and all handles were in place. The reserve was out of the container but not out of the bag and there was no line stretch. It is believed the reserve came out on impact. The victim was was dead when found.
USPA BSR's recommend at least 200 jumps prior to jumping a wingsuit.

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