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Dropzone: Europe: United Kingdom: London Parachute School

London Parachute School

Average Rating: 4.00
4.00 out of 5 based on 7 user reviews

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Lat: 51.5518858674486
Lng: -1.10034942626953

Chiltern Park Aerodrome
Ipsden, OX10 6AS
United Kingdom

0845 130 7194  (6017 Hits)

Last Updated: 2011-10-05
C208B Grand Caravan

Training: AFF, Tandem

AAD: Required

Hook Turns: Allowed

USPA Membership: Not Required

AFF: 375 GBP
Tandem: 230 GBP
Video: 100 GBP
Jump Ticket: 23 GBP to 13000 ft



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7 Reviews Written

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super friendly DZ, very nice and helpful people

London Parachute School Rated 4 by: dinoulis on 2013-09-30

Pros: Super friendly people, Very Spacious none crammed Aircraft, cheaper to get to by train from london
Cons: the town has not Taxi on the sunday, rig is old ( but works ) the packing mat area is a tad too small, and maximum fly h

This is the friendliest DZ in the UK I have been to so far ( not been to many ) but people are very friendly and helpful.. and they actually SMILE! Just a word out there, just because this is a serious sport, it doesn't mean you have to be B***dy Grim Faced like your some geography teacher that hadn't had their coffee. ( seems to be the attitude of many skydivers out there )

The Location is very nice and quiet. easy to get to ( except for Sundays, you would need to prebook a cab the night before or else its a looooooong walk from the train station, but there are alternate routes via ready then bus anyway ).

Aircraft in comparison to other ones I have been to is VERY Spacious, I am a big Guy and I was super comfortable there.

Only draw backs are that the packing area is quite small , but I think that's ok, and the equipment is a tad too old.. I am sure that at some point they will get a few more up to date stuff to keep up with other DZs around.

A BIG Thank you and will deffo come again

(Review ID:8221)

Jump centre in a van,Or several vans!

London Parachute School Rated 4 by: kcm on 2010-06-02

Pros: Great atmosphere.Like it should be!
Cons: Bit far away for me.91 miles.Local pub very expensive!

Good friendly centre,Staff eager to get you in the air,Always make you feel welcome-unlike many other DZs. A shame it can only operate twenty eight days a year. The general atmosphere at this DZ puts other clubs to shame. Blue Skies, KC.
(Review ID:5740)

BELDIN speak up

London Parachute School Rated 5 by: mharri2 on 2009-03-05

Pros: ?
Cons: ?

This is a response to the review from BELDIN.
There are no contact details for you so we cannot ask you why you think this!, in addition as we run a C208B and have the kit inspected by an advanced rigger every 6 months with a blank cheque for any works your review is somewhat suspect to say the least.

I offer you the opportunity to come down and see for yourself if your review is valid or merely comment by someone who has never been to LPS.

(Review ID:4994)


London Parachute School Rated 1 by: beldin on 2008-10-11

Pros: Good Location
Cons: People that run it, Aircraft, old equipment

I have been skydiving for over 10 years in many countries accross the world and this is the most unprofessional and under equipped team I have encountered.

The guy that runs this would also have to be one of the rudest condecending idiots ever. Their equipment is questionable at the very least and the small plane they are using should of been retired many years ago. There were several break downs on the day I was there and according to other staff members there it is very common for the plane to break down and the day cancelled.

If you want to be ripped off and have a cowboy approach to learning to skydive go ahead book these guys and hope for the best.

(Review ID:4823)

Good all round Dropzone

London Parachute School Rated 5 by: Tezz on 2006-03-03

Pros: Friendly DZ, great people
Cons: Weather dependant + small aircraft

London Parachute School has a small landing area but has plenty of extra fields for any off landing, the aircraft are small but with larger planes coming in 06 it should be a great year! DZ within 45mins from London! Staff and regular jumpers are friendly and approachable making LPS a very relaxed and all round great place for weekend skydiving!
(Review ID:2901)

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