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Skydive Hollister

Average Rating: 4.85
4.85 out of 5 based on 26 user reviews

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Hollister Muni (3O7)
Lat: 36.8891073905154
Lng: -121.401318311691

60 Airport Dr, Hollister, CA
Hollister, California 95023
United States

831-636-9314 (fax)  (21297 Hits)

Last Updated: 2016-11-01
PAC 750XL, C206U

Training: AFF, Tandem

AAD: Required

Hook Turns: Allowed

USPA Membership: Required

AFF: 210 USD
Tandem: 99 USD
Video: 99 USD
Jump Ticket: 15 USD to 14500 ft


Brand new building, brand new plane, brand new DZ!


  • Gear Rentals
  • Gear Sales
  • Rigging Services
  • Covered Packing Area
  • Creeping Area
  • Team Rooms
  • Video Rooms
  • Coaches
  • Load Organizers
  • Accuracy Tuffet
  • Restaurant
  • Shop
  • Bunkhouse
  • Camping
  • Showers

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small DZ with fast plane & high altitude exits

Skydive Hollister Rated 4 by: mbohu on 2017-11-18

Pros: dives from 18k feet, fast plane, super-nice people, limo-rides
Cons: limo rides?

This is the first dropzone I've jumped at, which is not in Colorado and does not have the ground coming at you at 6,000 ft AMSL, so I loved the way everything feels so much easier at 0ft AMSL (softer landings, generally feeling like more time in the air).

They do Tandems from 8k, 11k, 15k and 18k--so if you're lucky you can go up to 18k (alright: It's probably more likely to be just over 16k, most of the time.)
I rent equipment and need a pretty large canopy (230 sqft) and they had 2 of them available (a Spectre and a Sabre2). They looked decent and worked great (felt 2 sizes larger than at my dropzone at 6000ft--did I mention that already?!)
The staff, instructors, and generally everyone was absolutely great. They did neglect to mention one of their beer-rules, so I did have to buy a case for everyone at the end of the day. ;-)

Yes, it's unusual that their landing zone is about 7 miles from the airport and therefore you have to be shuttled back to the airport (they have an old limo and a van for that purpose) If you pack your own equipment, I guess that could mean less jumps, because it worked out that we got back to the packing area around the 15 minute call for the next load, each time.
For me it was perfect as their packer made sure that the next 230sqft canopy was ready for me the moment I got back. So I got on every load of the day.

Landing area is huge. I spent the last jump from about 17k just "sightseeing" (mostly on my belly, just enjoying the scenery, not "working on anything") and it was gorgeous.

They said they just got new ownership and are trying to tighten things up more, to make it easier to get more jumps in, in spite of the offsite landing area.

So while this is only the 3rd DZ I've jumped from and I loved all 3 so far, I will definitely come back to this one when next in CA.

(Review ID:9416)

Amazing dz!

Skydive Hollister Rated 5 by: cahilllka on 2016-04-19

Pros: HUGE landing area, beautiful scenery, friendly and professional staff
Cons: Little shade for repacking, watch for gli

The staff here is so friendly and their instructors are very professional. I took my AFF here and they taught me well! The landing area is gigantic, you can't miss it. The wind direction is very consistent and usually pretty light. Right now the field is covered with little purple flowers. The view is great too--you can see the ocean to the east and snow on top of the Sierra Nevada mountains to the west! The only negative thing I have to say is that when the indoor packing room gets crowded, you have to pack outside where there is no shade. Opportunity to work on your tan, I guess!
(Review ID:9016)

Awesome dropzone with expert instructors, who love their job. Love the vibe at Hollister!

Skydive Hollister Rated 5 by: andynax on 2013-12-20

Pros: Fantastic and professional staff, friendly atmosphere, fun all around!
Cons: Love the place, no cons :)

Having completed the Accelerated Freefall (AFF) course at Skydive Hollister, I highly recommend the drop zone for anybody interested in learning skydiving in a supportive, professional and fun environment. The Hollister crew is highly experienced and instructors have thousands of jumps under their belts, yet somehow they have maintained complete enthusiasm for their jobs and are out to have fun, while educating students in best practices.

I was looking for a drop zone, where I could find a team of highly motivated people, who love their profession and are willing to make me a part of their family. I felt this was essential to provide the best environment for learning skydiving basics and developing skills sets rooted in safety. Skydive Hollister delivered beyond expectations :)

I finished all seven jumps of the AFF course in one weekend, just as I had hoped. My instructor Baxter was extremely professional and made me feel very comfortable throughout the course. Mako, who runs the drop zone, also instructed/jumped with me and I enjoyed learning from experienced skydivers, who were also great teachers. The AFF course is a lot of material to absorb in one weekend and these guys helped me through it all and made it fun! Iíll be forever grateful :)

I loved Skydive Hollister so much, that I made 25 skydives within three weekends; canít wait to go back after Xmas holidays. Come and say hi, when you see me!

(Review ID:8310)

Home Away From Home

Skydive Hollister Rated 5 by: dman415 on 2011-11-05

Pros: Excellent staff, professional
Cons: Small aircraft, sometimes long waits

After a disastrous experience with most of the staff @ Skydance trying to obtain my AFF, I moved on to Hollister and have not regretted it since. I spent a weekend in Perris Valley and was really impressed with their attitude and professionalism, and I have to say that Hollister comes very close to that. Their staff is friendly, informative and very safety-conscious. I especially liked working with Mako and Peter (and Nick and Erica and Emilie). My only complaint is they had a Groupon deal going on and wait times were sometimes all day just to board the aircraft (most all of the customers were tandems, of course, so the rest of us were put on hold). I will continue to consider Hollister my main dropzone, despite a recent ankle injury, and will be returning there to continue jumping after it heals. Facilities are great, and the hangars are HUGE... if you get bored you can drop off on one of their MANY sofas and nap out! Wireless internet, a cafe right next door, what more can you ask for in a dropzone?
(Review ID:6902)

Skydive Hollister will always be my home DZ at heart.

Skydive Hollister Rated 4 by: deltagearinc on 2010-08-25

Pros: AMAZING staff, very cool vibe, and lots of fun.
Cons: Blocks of jumps are pricy, off-site landing area, primarily weekend jumping, and small plane.

Hollister Airport, 45 miles south of San Jose is home to best staff and group of fun jumpers in all of California. Skydive Hollister is notorious for their off-site landing area, "420-up" Cypress setting, and short bus ride back to the DZ for all the "special kids". Gear sales include altimeters, eye wear, apparel, and used canopies & containers. You can jump during the week with an appointment, or jump all day on the weekends. While other DZs in the area close early, Skydive Hollister lets you enjoy beautiful sunset loads.

Skydive Hollister takes customer service to the next level. Their staff is skilled, friendly, talented, safe, and fun. You'll find AMAZING cameramen with the skills of skygods, but without the ego and attitude. Frequently on weekends, after a long day of jumping, you will find BBQ and beer (courtesy of first timers = "case of beer"...only the good stuff / no canned beer). Whether you're a first time tandem, AFF student, or experienced fun jumper, there's a place for you at Skydive Hollister.

Skydive Hollister has a PAK, which will take you to 13.5k. The PAK is slower to altitude but descends quickly and can cycle loads just as fast as other planes over a course of a day. The facilities are cozy and spacious, and good music always sets a cool vibe. Wireless internet is available if you ask nicely for the password. Sleeping accommodations include a bunk house, plenty of couches, or you can camp on the lawn. Prices are average for an experience with an above average staff. If blocks of jumps weren't such a big investment, I would call Skydive Hollister home in a heartbeat... but it will always be my home DZ at heart.

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