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Skydive El Paso

Average Rating: 4.25
4.25 out of 5 based on 16 user reviews

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Dona Ana County Airport at Santa Teresa (5T6)
Lat: 31.8777969191413
Lng: -106.70592889895

8070 Airport Rd.
Santa Teresa, New Mexico 68008
United States

+1 575-589-4506
505-589-4509 (fax)
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Last Updated: 2017-05-04
2 Cessna 182's

Training: , S/L, Tandem

AAD: Required

Hook Turns: Forbidden

USPA Membership: Required

S/L: 150 USD
Tandem: 200 USD
Video: 40 USD
Jump Ticket: 20 USD to 10500 ft


USPA Integrated Student Training Program (static line) and tandems available by appointment Open weekends only 8:00 am until -----, wind and weather permitting. Contact Bob @ (505) 589 4506


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  • Gear Sales
  • Rigging Services
  • Covered Packing Area
  • Creeping Area
  • Video Rooms
  • Coaches
  • Load Organizers
  • Showers

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Professional Cessna 182 Operation

Skydive El Paso Rated 5 by: cassella on 2016-10-08

Pros: Caters to jumpers
Cons: Some services are limited

Skydive El Paso is as professional as any large-scale operation -- but much more personable. The fleet of three Cessna 182s is optimized for skydiving and the pilots are first-rate. The local jumpers are very welcoming; the camaraderie is great!
(Review ID:9183)

Friendly staff, professional and competent people, made it fun!

Skydive El Paso Rated 5 by: lsaenz31 on 2016-09-18

Pros: Made you feel perfectly safe!, I trusted I was in the hands of competent individuals.
Cons: Wish they would of had more planes going so we would not have to wait so long.

Thanks to everyone involved in our experience. We felt informed, trained properly and perfectly safe through out the entire process! Thanks to Mike, you were a wonderful tandem coach and partner! Excellent first time experience, now we want to go back to do static line!
(Review ID:9165)

Awesome desert view dropzone. A must if you in the area!

Skydive El Paso Rated 5 by: eitanman on 2016-05-06

Pros: Amazing views and very professional crew.
Cons: Operate only 2 Cessnas 182.

Bob (DZO) and his awesome crew are very experienced and professional team. They will always treat you with respect and answer all your questions with patience and the vibe there is very special too. It was a real pleasure to learn to fly from these guys! Cant wait to be back to jump at this beautiful desert DZ again!!
(Review ID:9028)

The level of professionalism would be exceeded by the muppets

Skydive El Paso Rated 1 by: feparton on 2014-06-25

Pros: None to speak of
Cons: Bob

I'll give a brief back story. I just came back from a wedding in California, and the newly weds took all the wedding party white water rafting the next day. needless to say it was a blast. We are getting married in August, and its gonna be all the same people in our wedding, so I though I could do something even cooler. We talked about it, and decided we wanted to try skydiving. That's were this review begins... and ends.

I googled the number for Skydive El Paso. I found the number to the local place as the main website that pops up no longer has a location here. I called the number and the conversation went something like this.

Bob: Hello
Me: Hi is this Bob with skydive El Paso?
Bob: Yes
Me: Great. I wanted to get some information about doing a jump.
Bob: OK... (awkward silence)
Me: You see I'm getting married in August, and wanted to take the wedding party out to do something awesome.
Bob:OK...(awkward silence)
Me:I thought though jumping from a plane would be fun!
Bob:OK... (awkward silence)
Me: That is what you do right?
Bob: What kind of jump did you wanna do?
Me: Well tandem I guess...
Bob: how much do you weigh?
Me: I'm the heaviest one... around 220
Bob: Your too big for that kind of jump. Our weight limit is 180... (really awkward silence)
Me: (more really awkward silence)... Well Thanks Bob.

Now I'm not upset that I'm too heavy to jump. (the place I booked in Crane,TX has a 240lb. limit, and thats not how they started the conversation) I'm upset at this guys (Bob) lack of basic communication skills. He is either really slow or really mean... Either way I don't want relinquish control over any aspect of my life to that dude. Good luck Bob, cause something tells me with your attitude your gonna need it.

(Review ID:8550)

Friendly atmosphere, Great instruction, Great Experience!!!

Skydive El Paso Rated 5 by: ja121022 on 2014-01-19

Pros: Everything
Cons: None

I was skeptic after reading the two reviews. Boy was I surprised. Great people all around. I mate Bob few days before my jump and gave my lots of information. when I went back I didn't feel like the new guy. Myself and couple of students were introduced to Dave who was a great instructor and very friendly. He covered many subject, answered questions and drilled safety procedures in our brain. Actually everyone out there was friendly and help full. All the unknowns were pretty much covered, so I went up with excitement. I believe jump masters took turns on every jump. I did two statics with Mark and Andrew. Very friendly too. Both quizzed us on procedures before we even took off. In between and after jumps Bob showed me how to pack parachute just because I asked. John was one of the guys who was extremely help full and friendly. He too coached me step by step, explained different methods of parachute packing and types of parachutes..... All in all I would say I couldn't have a better experience. I am looking forward to go back often and take my friend with me.
(Review ID:8335)

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