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Dropzone: Europe: Spain: The Freefall University

The Freefall University

Average Rating: 4.72
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Ocana South Madrid (Ocan)

Ocana South Madrid
Soutern Madrid,

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Last Updated: 2007-09-18
Porter- 13K in 9 mins

Training: AFF, Tandem

AAD: Required

Hook Turns: Forbidden

USPA Membership: Not Required

AFF: 800 EUR
Tandem: 105 EUR


Chilled out dropzone in Southern Madrid next to large tourist city. We have an AFF, Formation skydiving, Freefly , Base and Birdman school onsite


  • Gear Rentals
  • Gear Sales
  • Rigging Services
  • Covered Packing Area
  • Creeping Area
  • Team Rooms
  • Video Rooms
  • Coaches
  • Restaurant
  • Shop
  • Bar
  • Bunkhouse
  • Showers
  • Pool

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Fun, inclusive and beyond professional, best place to learn to skydive

The Freefall University Rated 5 by: alilscott on 2016-06-29

Pros: Too many to list in a small box
Cons: The afternoon winds can restrict the AFF students from jumping

I'd done 13 static line RAPS jumps years before and found it very hard and terrifying so was very nervous coming to this.

Phil instructs the ground school with an amazing amount of enthusiasm and energy and covers all the required prep very well.

The instructors in the AAF jumps (Adi, Bryn, Mike and more) couldn't have done more to help me relax; their experience, calm demeanours and professionalism were essential to helping anyone with more than a few nerves remain composed, put their best foot forward and really enjoy the experience!

By the end of 7 days of jumping we'd not only got our AAF license but also our formation licenses - with instructors going to such lengths as cancelling their Friday night plans to drive us to the wind tunnel in Madrid and stay with us till 11.30pm and then jumping repeatedly without breaks knowing we were on a deadline to ensure we got them all in - thank you Adi and Lewis!

Between jumps the cafe/bar provides tasty food of good value and the manifest plays some ground songs to relax to. Huge credit should also be given to the packers and pilots who ensure the smooth running operation that allows you to get so many jumps in.

We couldn't have been better trained, felt more looked after or had more fun, honestly, and I've already booked a week in September to go back and jump more, so if you want to go somewhere to learn to skydive, do more advanced courses or just jump for fun, this is definitely the place to do it

(Review ID:9084)

Great place Great people

The Freefall University Rated 5 by: timg on 2016-06-20

Pros: Very professional
Cons: Having to go back to work

Clocked up a lot of jumps but never got my licence , went over to spain just to get my A licence , 5 days later went home with said A licence and about 5 jumps left to do to get my B licence .The weather tried it's best to stop the fun so we just got up earlier . havent told the boss yet but i am going back out in august to get that B licence ( sorry Boss ! ) cant recomend these guys enough !
(Review ID:9076)

Intense, exciting way to learn how to skydive in a fun, supportive environment

The Freefall University Rated 5 by: HeatherMac on 2016-06-17

Pros: Professional, friendly, informative, encouraging, weather, views
Cons: can get windy by mid afternoon which stops AFF students jumping

I rang David at the FFU and booked the AFF course, Ocana, Spain to learn how to skydive. I'd tried the static line course and it just wasn't for me. I knew one of the instructors, Bryn, from my own DZ in England and decided this was where I wanted to learn. David also arranged for 3 tandems for my daughter and her friends who were based in Madrid with Uni.
Being a woman of 50+ I was both nervous and not sure I was up to the challenge. With encouragement, non judgmental attitudes and a professional team, I enjoyed every minute.
We (3 of us) arranged transport, prior to travelling, from the airport and were met by George, who took us to and from the DZ daily. Nothing was too much trouble for him. We spent the whole first day in ground school. Phil was enthusiastic, energetic, friendly and full of information which kept our interest and got us ready for jumping. We were introduced to our instructors, me with Bryn and my two friends with Mike. I found the levels safe, exciting and mentally challenging, but so rewarding. The support and instruction I received from Bryn was superb and the help and encouragement from Phil, Andres, Addy and other AFF students and experienced jumpers was so positive and fun and helped make the whole experience fulfilling. I passed level 1-7 in 3 days and did my hop and pop and 6 consolidation jumps within the 7 days we were there.
Antonia and the team were very efficient on Manifest. And not forgetting how hard the pilots and packers work!
I loved the the Porter, KGD, what a great looking plane!
There was a variety of food and drinks at the DZ, reasonably priced.
We stayed in the Hostal Real in Aranjuez. A basic, clean, comfortable hotel with air conditioning.
I can't recommend learning here enough and can't wait to go back and jump again in such a positive, friendly environment.

(Review ID:9066)

Time of my life!

The Freefall University Rated 5 by: Davido_M on 2016-06-13

Pros: Cool vibe, friendliness, professionalism
Cons: Nil

So being ex-Military I've done quite a few static line jumps and now, being out of the Army for a couple of years, have been meaning to do an AFF course for quite a while now. Step in the search for an overseas course, hence the weather.

What brought me to FFU was the reviews that I read in which the instructors where one-on-one and you weren't going to be hanging around to wait for an instructor. Plus the weather in land was less windy and a little more reliable than on the coast.

FFU did not let me down!

From the ground school on day one, was met by a really enthusiastic instructor which really sets the tone for the whole trip, and at the end of the day I volunteered for this, expecting fun, and this helped a great deal.

The fact I had been recommended to take up on the wind tunnel in Madrid before I went also went a long way in knowing what to expect in your first jumps.

After ground school had finished I was sitting in the bar area having a coffee when the Chief Instructor 'Mike' came up to me and asked if anyone was my instructor. Shook hands and said 'Right, lets do some jumping.'

From there it was a roller coaster. 3 jumps on my first day, at the end of which I remember getting a delayed adrenaline rush at 2100 at night and trying to calm myself down lol!

Mike and the instructors were always giving advice and tips not only after you had just landed on the DZ but straight after the jump replaying the videos. The course was very progressive.

I put a little too much pressure on myself for the last qualifying jump so had to retake but again the instruction was top notch into what to do right.

Then the real fun came, consolidation jumps! On the last day I managed 6 jumps! You have to manifest yourself onto the plane in order to go up again. This was easy enough and the manifest staff helped a lot and even bumped you up the list should the plane be free one space.

On site is all you need. Bar at the end of the day a couple of beers, which sells food also, huge DZ to land on, training cockpit frames to practise on, plenty of parachutes, great turnaround on parachute packing - treat these guys with respect, they work their arses off!! Which at the end of the day makes your trip better.

At the end of the day, if you have any form of outgoing personality you'll do well here. I turned up on my own out of the blue and came away with some great friends who I still keep in touch with and intend to do so!

Blue Skies,


(Review ID:9062)

Happy Days

The Freefall University Rated 5 by: Gus81 on 2015-02-26

Pros: Staff
Cons: !

The decider

I was wanting to do an AFF course, so I got on the lap top and typed in AFF course in Europe. I showed interest in three places that offered AFF courses and Free Fall University was amongst my selected. I didnít read any reviews on any of the Dropzones that I had contacted. FFU were the only DZ to call me back almost immediately. (The others just emailed) For somebody that knows nothing about skydiving or the place that they were considering traveling to, that call was the reassurance that one needed, it made the deal. David answered all my questions and organised everything from pick up to drop off. That was that, everything was booked, nice and easy.

The Journey

My ride to the airport was late, the handle on my suit case broke, none of which was caused by FFU. So far luck didnít seem to be on my side, I started to think that maybe this wasnít such a good idea! However I managed to make the flight. (Whoop) I had opted for train station transfers, the information that David had supplied was partly incorrect. The prices of the train fares were inaccurate, and however the directions and instructions were fine. Once I boarded the train, I text the number, sat back and enjoyed the view. I arrived at Aranjuez station and made my way to the pickup point, 15 to 20 minutes passed and there was still no sign of the driver. I called the number that I was instructed to text and some Spanish man that did not know a word of English answered my call! Oh no, itís all going wrong again! Luckily there was a second number that had been supplied, titled ďin case of emergencyĒ. I called the number and the familiar voice answered ďDavidĒ. 20 minutes later the driver was there. The transfer service is efficient, George is the first face you see and in my opinion this makes him the most valuable and certainly key member of the team. George is great, he is always willing to help, and he goes that step further to accommodate.


There are several options presented to you. My preference was to stay at a hotel.
Hotel Real, the breakfast wasnít anything special and there was confusion about whether or not breakfast was included in the room price. Some days I paid others I did not, I didnít make a fuss. Itís safe and clean, the staff are friendly, helpful and obviously use to sky divers. It is in an ideal location, with plenty of restaurants and bars.

The DropZone

Now letís be mindful of the fact that I am unable to make a comparison to other DZís, so letís go with the basics. The DZ had instructors, parachutes, planes, a place to eat, somewhere to sit, toilets etc. It supplied everything that I had signed up for (whoop). On arrival I did not realise the extent of talent and passion that this DZ has. The enthusiasm, support, commitment, understanding, patients, dedication and pride that every member showed is commendable. There are no egos, just one big family watching your back. Every single member of staff was welcoming, and willing to give advice. I felt like I was at home, surrounded by friends, which helps settle ones nerves. My main instructor Paula (world champion, by the way) not once did I feel judged, her feedback and advice was always sound and honest. She is a totally awesome dudette. The landing area is huge, although I nearly missed it a few times and watch out for the beer line.

Over View

Whether you except this statement or not, is your choice! ďOpinions are formed and judgements are made in accordance with our own experiences and preferencesĒ. My decision of location was made on a simple phone call. That phone call generated an opinion, it set FFU apart from the others, giving the place a personal touch. The DZ serves its purpose and it does what it says on the tin. The staff are professional and friendly, with open minds and open arms. During my visits, I met lots of fun jumpers and other students, most of which had been back time and time again (for the life of me, I canít think why! Lol) Never in my life, have I ever meet so many down to earth awesome people in one place. A big thanks to everyone at Ocana but a special thanks to, George, Paula, Stevo, Phil, Adi, Antonia, biscuit and all ďKomsu KomsuĒ.
The only negative about the whole trip was the weather. My advice for AFFís is donít go in what we Brits consider the winter months, otherwise you may have to return several times in order to complete your AFF (which isnít such a bad thing after all). Oh and the information given to people that opt for train transfers needs updating.
I may not be able to compare this DZ with another right now, but all DZ will now be compared to Ocana. It is absolutely fabulous, but donít take my word for it, go see for yourselves.

Love and light from a 33 year old female who travelled alone to Free Fall University Ocana Spain.

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