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Dropzone: Europe: Spain: The Freefall University

The Freefall University

Average Rating: 4.68
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Ocana South Madrid (Ocan)

Ocana South Madrid
Soutern Madrid,

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Last Updated: 2007-09-18
Porter- 13K in 9 mins

Training: AFF, Tandem

AAD: Required

Hook Turns: Forbidden

USPA Membership: Not Required

AFF: 800 EUR
Tandem: 105 EUR


Chilled out dropzone in Southern Madrid next to large tourist city. We have an AFF, Formation skydiving, Freefly , Base and Birdman school onsite


  • Gear Rentals
  • Gear Sales
  • Rigging Services
  • Covered Packing Area
  • Creeping Area
  • Team Rooms
  • Video Rooms
  • Coaches
  • Restaurant
  • Shop
  • Bar
  • Bunkhouse
  • Showers
  • Pool

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Awesome place - amazing people - lots of fun!

The Freefall University Rated 5 by: K83 on 2013-10-01

Pros: instructors!, focus on safety, student friendly landing area, location
Cons: None....absolutely none

I admit I have been a bit nervous when I arrived at the Freefall University on the first day of my AFF course. After all, I didn't know anything about them except that they had a nice homepage and the booking procedure went smoothly. And then you have to trust people you've never met before to bring you down safely after jumping out of an airplane from 13.000 ft.....scary thought!

However, the nervousness was gone after 5 minutes, as the atmosphere at FFU is very relaxed and welcoming.
The instructor performing the ground school explained all the basics - especially everything that is safety relevant - with a great deal of patience. It was no problem to ask the same questions over and over again...they don't stop before you feel comfortable with your newly acquired knowledge. Even for me as non-native English speaker, it was no problem at all to follow the explanations.

Once you're ready to do your first jump, you have two instructors with you which make sure that you're okay in freefall. Landings are assisted via radio, but even without it would be very difficult not to land on the landing is really huge! While I have been nervous before some jumps, I've always knew that I'll be safe, which is a big plus in my book.

All AFF jumps are recorded on video and discussed with the instructor afterwards. This is a great tool to understand what needs to be improved. With constructive feedback and encouragement from the instructors, it's relatively easy to progress through the AFF program.

After finishinig the AFF levels, the fun goes on doing consolidation jumps. Also here, it has never been a problem to find an instructor giving advice and explanations.

On top, the place just has a nice vibe...all staff ranging from instructors over packers to manifestors is very open minded, competent and enthusiastic about skydiving. The place is nice, the weather very stable, and being in Spain is a definite plus since it gives you the option to relax in the sun between jumps.

I could continue telling about the good organization, the interesting and funny people one can meet there, the evenings out.....

My recommendation is: GO THERE, learn, jump, won't regret!
I will certainly go back there, it's the perfect place.

(Review ID:8226)

Awesome place for a holiday!

The Freefall University Rated 5 by: red-sky on 2013-08-12

Pros: Staff, weather, landing area
Cons: lack of changing/shower facillities

I've been to the Freefall University twice now, once in March and once in July and had a great time both times.
Jumping is the only thing you need to think about when you’re there, as everything else is taken care off by the FFU. Accommodation is arranged in apartments in the nearby town Aranjuez. Most, if not all of the students and funjumpers stay there so there's always people to have a drink with after jumping. Transportation to and from the dz was arranged every day as well.
The dropzone itself has a massive landing area, one or two Porters flying depending on how busy it is, a big hangar for packing and a cafe that servers a variety of snacks and sandwiches.
There’s a steady stream of AFF students there and of course there’s the local freeflyers, wingsuiters and bellyflyers to jump with. The staff are great with everyone, regardless of the experience level.
I went for freefly coaching on both my trips, which was great for pointing out/getting rid of some bad habits and got a lot of things to keep working on.
All in all I had a great time on both trips and would recommend this dropzone to anyone, be it student or experienced skydiver!

(Review ID:8104)

The AFF has just been the beginning...

The Freefall University Rated 4 by: 21JumpSuit on 2013-05-06

Pros: Skilled & helpful instructors(!), big landing area with few obstacles, vibe at dropzone
Cons: Lack of showers, bad weather options could be organized centrally

Generally doing an AFF has been one of the best choices I've ever made. It didn't feel that way in the beginning of the AFF-course as my body didn't consider jumping out of an airplane as a natural thing. This has changed rapidly during the first levels of the AFF due to several factors:

My instructor was not only very good in explaining skydiving itself but in finding solutions and excercises for my improvement. He somehow managed to create a professional but very relaxed atmophere that made it more like jumping with a friend than being in "a class".

There was a great spirit on the dropzone which helped a lot to chill out between the jumps. Everybody was friendly and open minded - I met a lot of interesting people I'm still in contact with. The dropzone had everything from a bar where you could buy soft drinks, coffee and sandwiches to a full restaurant with a great three course meal for just 10 €.

Beside jumping and having fun there was nothing to really think of as everything else from transport (daily and airport) to accomodation was perfectly organized by the FFU for a fair price.

For all this reasons I'm only strongly recommending the FFU but going back there in a couple of days to do my consolidation jumps.

(Review ID:7898)

Great Place to learn and master the art of skydiving

The Freefall University Rated 5 by: JamesGroves on 2013-03-10

Pros: Serious Skiydivers, Family environment, 2 planes weekends, Free WiFi
Cons: Lack of Changing and Shower facilities

I did my AFF here in the summer everything went smoothly. Great coaching before and after each jump. Plenty of experience people to ask at the drop zone who are always willing to help.

During the summer access to a decent size swimming pool.

There is a few complaints about the food but I feel there are enough options to satisfy peoples needs. There is another restaurant close and a garage with a shop 10-15 minutes walking. There price is the average price for these kind of places chips 3 euros but you get a shit load of them, bacon sandwiches 4 euros, again of good size. Also there is no problem if you want to bring your own food plenty of places to sit and watch the students and professionals land.

I have met many great people and friends there and it will be guaranteed you will too.

I have a discount code to use if you come by my recognition (dcowman). use this with what ever you book. tandem or courses.

Many people talk about doing this vary fey actually grab the bull by the horns and ride the beast to the finish line.

Will you live the dream?....

(Review ID:7822)

Awesome DZ run by great people

The Freefall University Rated 5 by: jockbauer on 2013-01-28

Pros: Staff, friendliness
Cons: Lack of bad weather options

I did my AFF here last year and don't have a bad word to say about the place. The instructors are second to none (I did an AFF elsewhere a few years ago and the standard of instruction was immeasurably better at FFU), as dilligent as you could ever wish for and they really do their best to get you through the course as quickly as you are capable of - but never sacrificing safety for a quick pass.

I've been back since and my next trip is booked, I've jumped a few other DZ's but I'll always keep coming back here.

The only negative is the lack of options for bad weather days, and the fairly quiet nightlife, though if like me, you've come to jump as much as possible, this isn't a huge deal. However the accomodation has recently been relocated to a larger town so maybe this will have a positive impact on the nights?

Can't recommend highly enough.

(Review ID:7794)

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