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Skydive Headcorn

Average Rating: 2.93
2.93 out of 5 based on 46 user reviews

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Lashenden Headcorn (EKGH)
Lat: 51.156944
Lng: 0.650556

Headcorn Airfield
Headcorn, TN27 9HX
United Kingdom

01622 891 670
01622 890 641 (fax)  (6721 Hits)

Last Updated: 2014-07-10
Cessna Caravan, BN Islander

Training: AFF, S/L, Tandem

AAD: Not Required

Hook Turns: Allowed

USPA Membership: Not Required

AFF: 380 GBP
S/L: 220 GBP
Tandem: 250 GBP
Video: 140 GBP
Jump Ticket: 25 GBP to 12000 ft


Kent's only full time dropzone situated in Headcorn, Kent. Experienced skydivers, students and tandems always welcome. Weekday tandems boast a 30 discount (220 total price)


  • Gear Rentals
  • Gear Sales
  • Rigging Services
  • Covered Packing Area
  • Creeping Area
  • Team Rooms
  • Video Rooms
  • Coaches
  • Load Organizers
  • Accuracy Tuffet
  • Restaurant
  • Shop
  • Bar
  • Bunkhouse
  • Camping
  • Showers

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Nice Dropzone Very Professional

Skydive Headcorn Rated 4 by: MattyJam on 2014-11-10

Pros: Nice location, very scenic views, professional training
Cons: Lack of weather updates

I came here a few months ago for a charity Tandem. It was great! The training was professional and well explained. There was a very bossy woman which others appeared to have mentioned she seemed quite rude. Only one aircraft which had a 30 minute turn around. I got my call to get ready, put on my jumpsuit, harness etc then got told the weather was bad and waited about 5 hours for us to go up. Though there was only 2 weather updates in this time and some of the time the weather cleared up but still apparently not good enough. There was a bit of a sense of "they're only tandems" type attitude. Nice cafe though! My instructor was Clem, funny guy with some unique jokes. Let me control the parachute for a while which was fun, I didn't know it was allowed! I'm thinking of doing AFF here, the students who were doing it who I spoke to said it was brilliant and I watched a few students getting trained. Overall pretty good experience though have nothing to compare it to!
(Review ID:8680)

Friendly relaxed DZ

Skydive Headcorn Rated 4 by: wodybode on 2014-06-10

Pros: Friendly, relaxed, good facilities.
Cons: Not the fastest turnaround of aircraft.

I jumped here for two days whilst in the area as a low experience (135 jumps) jumper and found it a relaxed and friendly DZ. Paperwork checked and logged onto the manifest system followed by a DZ brief and kit check was done smoothly. A little bit of waiting around for slots but was made to feel welcome and was given help and advice when asked for. Bunkhouse facilities were good I thought and there are also plans to refurbish them. There is a large and easy PLA with an accuracy target and a swoop strip. Post jumping there is a pub on site too.
(Review ID:8511)

A professional drop zone appropriate for all skydivers

Skydive Headcorn Rated 5 by: Aarondouglass on 2014-05-26

Pros: Professional, safety driven staff with a fun and friendly attitude
Cons: Would like to see some different food on offer in the cafe!

I just completed level 8 of the AFF course at headcorn. Woohoo! :) my brother also trained at headcorn and has now completed 270 jumps. He loved it at headcorn and it started him off on the career of a lifetime! I'd recommend it to anyone looking to train to skydive. There's a really good crowd of staff and fun jumpers. If you're going to headcorn to do a tandem skydive I have one thing to say. the guys are doing their best to get you up in the air, trust them to do their job and wait your turn. They want you to jump just as much as you do!! And... it is always, always worth the wait.
(Review ID:8494)

Has parachutes, planes & gravity. win win win

Skydive Headcorn Rated 5 by: lukejordan on 2014-05-26

Pros: The instructors, airfield & general vibe, Proximity to Lions & Tigers.
Cons: no magical control over weather! costs money! Proximity to lions & Tigers!

I've started the static line course at Headcorn, some jumps in now and loving it.
I was pretty nervous turning up for training, a group of people I didn't know and the imminent threat of being thrown out of a plane.
The training day was long, and a bit dull, and I left muttering "look,locate,cut-away,reserve,arch" but it was well organised and we had Clem as our instructor who made sure the cutaway drills had sunk in and we knew what to do when we were in the air.
Jump day had great weather, there was lots of waiting around still due to Heathrow, clouds, birds of some description etc.
Everyone was friendly and answered questions however you did get the impression that everyone there was very "cool" and all students/tandems were definitely not "cool", for anyone who has found the place to have bad customer service this is probably your problem. Be cooler. Apparently you are "Cool" once you've spent a minute having a six point 4 way with a midget.
Seriously though, as a way of getting into this sport Headcorn seems perfect, safety is clearly their main priority, kit always seems well packed and good condition and the reserve chutes work reassuringly well if needed!
I'm doing the static line course, I have to admit I will probably change to AFF course. Unless you are a secret skydiving ninja it will probably be the quickest cheapest route to A license.

(Review ID:8490)

Disappointing, high prices, dull vibe, no customer services, grumpy leadership, bad organisation.

Skydive Headcorn Rated 3 by: Skullface1 on 2014-03-31

Pros: Good Instructors - Del, Simon, Yanis, Peter Sizer
Cons: Ridiculous prices, stupidly long waits, BAD customer services, Jane hopkins (Managing Director), the organisation day.


We have just had our first mayor experience with the headcorn skydiving club. We chose the static line parachute course. We are both very disappointed with how this place is run. We are very easy going people and we don't need 5 star service, just a fair and decent service.

So where shall we begin.....

Firstly, arranging the training, booking, etc. took our money without any problems. When we tried to call to ask some questions, we got a moody lady, who was quite rude, abrupt, obnoxious and a bit patronising. It turns out this was Jane Hopkins the MD. (We've never jumped out of a plane before Jane, and spending over 500 for us to both do it, obviously we had a few simple questions. Rudeness was not needed!!)

We did our training, which we felt was very good. The next day went to do the jump. First names on the board. Arrived at 08:30 when they said to arrive. Waited til 09:30 before anyone even showed up!! Then waited all day, only to be told weather conditions where to bad to jump that day. Fair enough, british weather hey.

So we went back 2 weeks later, 1h30mins drive each way, 4 kids on board with us, my mum so that the kids could be watched while we went up and picnic food for all of us because the cafe there is completely overpriced, small meals, food isn't even decent. Just a rip off. Made it even worse that the 2 ladies behind the counter where just moody and had no customer services!!! So we finally arrived at 10:00am. Got told we were late so would have to wait for our revision training and that could be anytime in the day!!! Fair enough. Ended up waiting til around 4pm before we jumped. Funny that we couldn't do our revision training, which took all of 10 minutes, even though loads of staff where sat around chatting and doing loads of jumps thereselves!!! Staff never came over to let us know what was going on. We had to find them to ask what was going on. When we did, we felt like they were just annoyed by our questions and recieved obnoxious, patronising answers!!!

The vibe seems to be carried on from the top leaders of the centre down. Jane hopkins is not a very happy person. Didn't seem happy to help. No customer services at all!! Other staff seem to adapt the same abrupt attitude when she was around as well!! We felt that this creates and continues to create a dull vibe at the centre. We kept feeling like we where just an annoyance to the main staff.

The tannoy system that they use to let customers know what is going on, is very quiet and doesn't cover the whole of the skydiving areas. How are you meant to know what is going on if you can't hear it.

Finally the most positive things about this place are just a few of the instructors and some of the other skydivers who where there or on our course!! The four instructor that really played a positive part in our experience at headcorn where Del (good sense of humour, good bloke), Simon (new instructor, very good guy), Yanis (had a lot of good chats with him) and Peter (saw us out the plane and made us feel safe beforehand).

It's a shame that this place is run like this. It has some good potential, nice location, interesting history, but the way it is run, the prices, the attitude of the higher staff, the organisation and the moody vibe REALLY lets this place down. No need to keep people waiting this long or treating like this. A bit of politeness and patience would go a very long way at this place!!!

Finally, have to say that Del's jokes gave us a few good laughs.

(Review ID:8398)

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