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Dropzone: Europe: Spain: Skydive Madrid (Ocaña)

Skydive Madrid (Ocaña)

Average Rating: 4.52
4.52 out of 5 based on 23 user reviews

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Ocaña (LEOC)
Lat: 39.9352762105026
Lng: -3.49760055541992

Ocaña airport A-lV km 64
Ocaña, 45300

+34925121229 (fax)  (16892 Hits)

Last Updated: 2017-02-27
2 Pilatus Porter (PC-6 B2 H4)

Training: AFF, Tandem

AAD: Required

Hook Turns: Allowed

USPA Membership: Required

AFF: 1380 EUR
Tandem: 175 EUR
Video: 20 EUR
Jump Ticket: 25 EUR to 13000 ft


The most active dropzone in the area, we have 2 pilatus porter and great facilities, we're also the closest to Madrid, just 60km down the highway.


  • Gear Rentals
  • Gear Sales
  • Rigging Services
  • Covered Packing Area
  • Creeping Area
  • Team Rooms
  • Video Rooms
  • Coaches
  • Load Organizers
  • Restaurant
  • Shop
  • Bar
  • Bunkhouse
  • Showers
  • Pool

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Easy to do 7+ jumps a day

Skydive Madrid (Ocaña) Rated 5 by: danpreston20 on 2014-07-14

Pros: Great vibe, massive pla, experienced staff, quick packers
Cons: no pond

Done my aff in nov 2013, been back four times since, cant get enough of this place, team of packers ready and waiting for you, great place to chill out in between jumps, staff are incredibly friendly and experienced and everyone shares the knowledge.
(Review ID:8580)

Fantastic little DZ with first-class instruction

Skydive Madrid (Ocaña) Rated 5 by: jockbauer on 2013-01-18

Pros: Extremely friendly staff
Cons: Limited options for weather holds

I did my AFF here last year and the instruction I received was fantastic. I'd previously done an AFF course 7 years previously in the USA (didn't get consoles completed in time) and the difference in the standard of instruction was like night and day.

I've been back since and am booked to go again as a fun jumper, and though their primary focus during the week is AFF and tandem, you can be fairly sure there will be some other experienced jumpers (mostly British) whenever you're there - in fact I've been there one weekend with 30 British jumpers, all there separately.

Yes, it does suffer from the lack of options at night and on bad weather days, but the latter are infrequent, and the move of accommodation back to Aranjuez may solve the former. But really this is the only negative point to what is a great little place.

I've jumped at other Spanish DZ's, as well as a couple in the UK, and I'll keep coming back to this one. Yes it has it's minor flaws, but the pro's massively outweigh the cons.

(Review ID:7780)

Well-organised dropzone with friendly, professional instructors (in English or Spanish), with quick

Skydive Madrid (Ocaña) Rated 5 by: Seventailfox on 2012-11-19

Pros: Continued interest in you post-AFF; high number of loads each day; very safety-focused; cheap student accommodation avai
Cons: Local town is not the most exciting place on Earth

I just got back from my second visit to Ocaña, completing my AFF and getting most of my consols done this week, and I'm really impressed.


This DZ is really friendly and well-organised. The training is slick and safety-oriented, and all instructors demonstrate shared responsibility for the students (AFF and beyond). There are two sets of students/instructors, the English-speakers (mostly British) and the Spanish - but most instructors are bilingual to various degrees.

I am impressed by how the instructors and other staff all continue to show interest in you once you complete your AFF - all the instructors are happy to talk through consols, demonstrate further techniques, etc. The people who run the manifest are helpful at including a mix of people on the planes so even once you're a fun jumper you're not crowded out by tandem jumpers or AFF students (having two planes helps - one tends to be mostly used for tandems).

There is a strong focus on safety; for example, while we were there last time, someone on a consol did something pretty stupid in the air - no harm done, luckily, but all the students got brought together immediately to be briefed again to learn from this, in a non-judgmental way. They're also very strict on things like consol jumpers being fully briefed and checked before boarding the plane, for example.

The DZ benefits from the great weather of central Spain, and they use this plus their two aircraft (Pilatus Porters) to maximum advantage, with good organisation meaning they get many loads up each day. It's mid-November now, and I managed to get five consols in today, for example. There can be 25+ loads a day going up in the summer, other students tell me - they sent up something like 15 today, despite being on hold for high winds for an hour. Very efficient use of daylight! The airfield is shared between the skydivers, a gliding school and stunt pilots, with clear airspace boundaries for each.

There are plenty of rigs available for hire - we have been there for a total of 13 days and only had to share a rig once and that was today, a Sunday, when it was really busy (although it is November). The packers are very slick and it's perfectly possible to get your rig packed quickly to go up on consecutive loads if you ask them nicely.

The DZ is really good for students in terms of being a very large area of completely flat, soft fields with clear demarcation by roads and easy orientation from the sky. There are also great views all the way to Madrid visible under canopy, though I guess most DZs have nice views!

In terms of facilities, the on-site cafe does drinks and a limited range of snacks (we took packed lunches) and the airfield buildings have a separate cafe too. There is fairly fast wifi all round the DZ buildings. There is decent student accommodation available pretty cheaply in the nearest town, with transfers to and from Madrid airport available plus daily pickups from the student accommodation.


The local town, Ocaña, isn't exactly a centre of nightlife and the restaurant options aren't amazing but we worked out quite easily how to get by bus to Aranjuez, the next nearest big town, and there's a lot more there.

On site recreation is quite limited (ping-pong table plus the cafe, and I gather there's a pool in the summer) but I guess you're there to jump. I would take a laptop or something for down-time, though (the wifi is pretty good) and I might take a frisbee next time... The toilet block is quite basic and I'm not aware of there being showers there.


I really enjoyed my time at this DZ and fully intend to go back again in future. The team are friendly and inclusive. There are many loads every day thanks to the favourable local climate and the DZ being well-organised. The safety culture is evident here, and equipment is readily available for hire with an efficient re-packing service. Highly recommended!

(Review ID:7713)

Great place to learn to skydive!

Skydive Madrid (Ocaña) Rated 4 by: 2bad on 2012-06-04

Pros: Great team of instructors, loads of space to land, 2 porters
Cons: Can get busy on the weekends

Well I've never written a review before and this is only from a student perspective. I've been to this place twice to do my AFF course. The 1st time was almost 2 years ago. I attempted to do my AFF over Friday-Sunday. Spoke to the school and they told me it was definitely possible. I did my ground school day one and could not do level 1 the same day due to rain. The school only had 1 plane then and we felt that the priorities were given to tandems over the weekends. I managed to get 4 jumps in during saturday-sunday. One instructor took me for ground school and was the second instructor up to aff level 3. Instructor had a very friendly approach however would make you go over drills and scenarios over and over again if he didn't think it had sunk in. Even thought it was me having to repeat them I was glad to be put through it so it was solid in my mind. My main jump instructor was brilliant. Real skydiving enthusiast you could go into very technically details about all aspects of skydiving put taught you with very straight simple instructions of what you needed to do. This approach was great for me as I didn't want to over analyse everything I was doing while stressed in the sky.
So I left very happy with the instructors but annoyed that I'd wait around for hours doing nothing getting ready to jump.
My recent trip there only a few days ago made me fall in love with the place. All the good points remained and the bad points have greatly improved.
Went through ground school with the same instructor and felt very confident with everything before I progressed. He didn't sell me short thinking I'd already done it but made sure I still new everything.
The dropzone can be broken down to three organisations. The Spanish AFF school, The British AFF school and the Spanish owners of the dropzone. I can't speak for the Spanish school as I didn't really speak to them however really liked all the instructors at our school. Everyone has their own teaching style. I think this is a great plus in that some students who just weren't getting it benefitted from another approach. It would be easy for them to make that person do the same level over and over again for the money. However these guys really wanted to get you there. Whether you want heaps of information about every step and thought you should make and think, a drill sergeant, or someone who'll just correct you on the things you need to change or work on there is an instructor here for you.
The dropzone now has 2 pilatus porter planes. Seems the owners listened to everyone and also figured out how to make more money. Tandems and a few fun jumpers on 1 plane, AFF students and fun jumpers on the other. Both planes generally run on the weekends at the busy period. However I still got three jumps in by 1pm on Saturday taking it easy while it was busy. During the week I could literally get onto the next flight up as soon as I landed after I finished the AFF.
The packers here are great, if I really wanted to get up on the next load they could pack my chute within about 7 minutes. Most of the instructors pack their own canopy so 3-4 packers was plenty to get everyone done quickly. Granted if they instructors requested an AFF students be packed first theirs would be. I don't think this is too much of an issue because as soon as they are done there would be less instructors on the plane leaving more space for us.
The landing area is huge and even a guy to come pick you in a van up to save you walking so far in the sun.
The facilites are basic but have improved afterall this is located in an aeroplane hanger which backs on to huge fields. Limited menu for food and not much else to do at the dropzone. But hey we're there to skydive!
The pick up and drop offs were always on time and meant I got on site for 1st jump each day. Drive Phil was a great guy who is at an early stage in his skydiving so great to have someone who went through what I am not long ago.
The student apartment was in near by Ocana about 3 km away from the dropzone. Had 6 bedrooms, kitchen, lounge/dining room and three bathrooms. Very affordable and great to be around other students to talk about your day and go get some food/beers with. Ocana it’s self doesn’t have much there besides a square with a few tapas bar/restaurants. But we were happy with our new local or cooking at home.
So I loved the place and think the instructors were great. Facilities could be better with more things to do while you wait and better selection of food. After speaking to other fun jumpers from the UK and about how they are treated at UK dropzones. I don't think I'm going to be heading to a different DZ anytime soon.

(Review ID:7278)

worth making the trip for.

Skydive Madrid (Ocaña) Rated 5 by: biscuit_dave on 2011-05-23

Pros: the staff, 2 porters, the staff, atmos, the staff
Cons: uht milk in me tea!

I've just returned from a 2nd trip to ocana from the uk. after meaning to do an AFF cse for years & not getting round to it/not having the funds, a mate said 'lets go to Spain & do it, found this place on line'. Needed a holiday & wanted to go skydiving having done 2 tandems at uk parachuting, my local dz, a couple of years ago, so killed 2 birds with 1 stone.

An email & couple of phone calls to paula, flights booked deposit paid sorted! Mate whose idea it was bailed on me (his loss) so mid april I headed off to madrid on my tod. followed the directions as emailed by paula & arrived at aranjuez on sat afternoon, by the time I got to the dz it was too late to do anything, but as I'd been up since 3am I was fine with getting some scoff & a brew & meeting people. everyone, & I do mean everyone, the staff, other students, fun jumpers, pro jumpers was really welcoming & friendly. I almost feel more at home there than i do at home! The Sunday was my birthday, & I did my ground school 1 to 1 with jane. very thourgh & comprihensive, my previous military experience helped, but jane was brilliant, cracked it by 3 or 4 (time flys there!) & got levels 1 & 2 done with mike, hispa & jane on level 2. monday dawned & brough 5 days of the worst weather in recent times, irritating, but what can you do? drink lots of strong coffee & learn to pack is what.

Note on the packers, wow, under 5 min, helpful if you are practicing (did quite a lot of that). got level 3 done on tha sat just before my transport to the train stn arrived. 3 jumps in a week is not ideal, 1 of those weather induced things.
on returning home, umed & ahhed a bit about when to return...... booked flights for a fri to sun w/e so as to be back within a month.

Last fri i arrived at the dz around 1400, only to find 4 guys who also hadn't completed the same week as me & excellent weather (as forecast), by the time we headed back to aranjuez I'd done levels 4,5 & 6. as 1 of the porters was u/s & there was 70ish tandems booked in as well as 8 AFF students it was agreed that there'd be a 9 o'clock load on sat morning, apparently unheard of on any morning (this is Spain), so by 0915 there were level 6's & 7's going out the door! given that only the 1 plane was flying I still managed to get 4 consoles in as well, last load of the day, wind had dropped completely, sun was low, it was, beautiful! Sunday morning I got console 5 & my hop & pop done before returning home. best w/e in a long time, cemented friendships & made some new 1's too.

The only thing is possibly some minor admin issues, but nothing major & if the right people are spoken too, avoidable. Can't fault the training, staff, banter. Quite possibly my favorite place on the planet (carsberg don't do dz's.) plan to finish my consoles at beccles but will be spending at least another 2 w/e's at ocana this summer.

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