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Skydive San Diego

Average Rating: 4.16
4.16 out of 5 based on 50 user reviews

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Nichols Field (0CL3)
Lat: 32.6331119
Lng: -116.8930781

13531 Otay Lakes Road
San Diego, California 91935
United States

619-216-8416  (24468 Hits)

Last Updated: 2016-11-24
Super Twin Otters, Blackhawk Caravan

Training: AFF, Tandem

AAD: Required

Hook Turns: Allowed

USPA Membership: Required

AFF: 359 USD
Tandem: 209 USD
Video: 139 USD
Jump Ticket: 25 USD to 13000 ft


Skydive San Diego is located next to beautiful Otay Lake resevoir. On the climb to altitude, you will see the Pacific Ocean, downtown San Diego and Mexico. The winds here are some of the most consitant in the world, usually 4-8 out of the west. Perhaps this is one of the reasons the United States Navy, United States Air Force and the United States Marine Corps conduct their training here. Block discount tickets are also available. Blue Skies!


  • Gear Rentals
  • Gear Sales
  • Rigging Services
  • Covered Packing Area
  • Creeping Area
  • Team Rooms
  • Video Rooms
  • Coaches
  • Load Organizers
  • Restaurant
  • Shop
  • Bunkhouse
  • RV Hookups
  • Camping
  • Showers

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Favorite DZ so far

Skydive San Diego Rated 5 by: BornToThrill on 2015-03-23

Pros: Beautiful, great landing area, nice aircraft.
Cons: Bathrooms (Porta Potty)

Pack area is nice and clean and in the perfect location relative to the landing area which is super grassy. Staff was helpful, caring, and professional. The initial check-in was top of the line among DZ's. Locals have been soo awesome to talk to and jump with. Plenty of experience around and a willing to share. The vibe is amazing.

There was plenty of tandems there but they were still pumping out fun jumpers. Couldn't believe how many attractive women were there.

Only issue, which wasn't as big of an issue as I thought was the lack of actual bathrooms. They had plenty of porta potties but they were very well maintained and very clean. Could have more to provide in food and drinks but its cool.

This DZ is seriously awesome and a total hidden gem out there.

(Review ID:8744)

Great little big DZ

Skydive San Diego Rated 5 by: NickyCal on 2014-01-21

Pros: Well organized, friendly manifest and front desk staff, easy gear rental process (with large selection), large coaching
Cons: Very definite division between the working jumpers and the fun jumpers (though maybe this is normal at a larger DZ)

I visited Skydive San Diego two times while home for the holidays this year. I am a student jumper from a tiny DZ in the Midwest, so this was my first time at a large DZ. I had 13 jumps when I arrived and wanted to cross off some more of my license requirements. I contacted them in advance because I was no longer current (our jump season having ended at beginning of November) and was able to talk to DZO Blake about where I was in my progression and how to go about getting some jumps in at SDSD while I was home.

Upon my arrival, everything was very professional and smooth. They are set up for tandems and fun jumpers both, so have a nice big area for filling out that first time paperwork, and then off to the front desk where they checked my log book, took my USPA card, and got me set up with a coach for my recurrency jump. The staff was very friendly and happy to answer any/all of my newbie questions. Always with a smile and lots of enthusiasm. I loved Sarah working the manifest window and calling out all sorts of fun load number rhymes. There was a happy atmosphere all around, right from check in, which makes a huge difference to the nervous first time jumper or new-to-the-DZ student.

I worked with two different coaches on that first day and both were very competent, friendly, and professional. They were happy to work with me on those license requirements that still needed learning and we signed off everything that I'd hoped to. The only down side to coming on a busy day is that you do have to wait a bit for a coach, since it tends to also be the coaches who handle tandems and video. If you were to come on a non-holiday weekday, you'd probably have your pick.

Gear rental was a simple process and very well organized. The gear was all in good condition and even as a student flying something brand new, I found it comfortable. For smaller gals, the rigs that they have are all quite large, so that was the only less than perfect part of the gear rental equation, but I was still able (just!) to reach my pilot chute handle, so it was all good.

Load organizing is quick and efficient, and they seem to always have plenty of space for fun jumpers along with the tandems. The planes are comfortable and get you up to 13,000 in less than 15 minutes. When doing solo jumps, I found the other fun jumpers to be friendly and ready with a word of advice, encouragement, or a smile for the student. They still had their cliques, for sure, but that's to be expected when you're an unfamiliar face on the scene. Any question that I asked was answered with a smile and my fellow fun jumpers helped to organize my position in the load to keep me safe and out of traffic both in free fall and under canopy.

I didn't have my own rig there, but the packing areas were numerous, shaded, and all on soft mats. Weather tends to be pretty consistent (sunshine!) with a nice light wind from the west, so there aren't many days that you'd be weathered out. And views from altitude are simply SPECTACULAR. The Pacific, downtown San Diego, the lake, the mountains. You have to avoid getting caught up in the view and keep an eye on that alti!

(Review ID:8345)

AFF for the not so talented flyer...

Skydive San Diego Rated 5 by: CaptnCrunch on 2013-10-30

Pros: Weather, friendly FrontDesk and Manifest, Instructors
Cons: Nope

Started my AFF in August and besides having the luck of getting injured during my first jump, I can only speak positive about this DZ.
The Staff (specifically Sarah and the Girls at the Check In) are extremely friendly, even when the weekends are busy.

The Instructors I had (Tom, Alex and JT to just name a view) are EAGER to make you succeed and help wherever and however they can, once you built a rapport with them , they will be helping even if they don't do your jump, I am now at the Point to get my A-License, I would call myself not a most talented flyer and had many moments where I was about to stop - they always "picked me up" and got me back into the game - looking forward to be back in August.

The DZ Manager Blake runs a good and very safe operation, he seems to be personally very involved and will call people out that do stupid things - it is great to see someone to be that involved in his DZ.

Packers are also nice - overall I would recommend this DZ to anyone who is getting into the Sport, the Weather , the Winds and the whole Dropzone seems to be the perfect match for someone who likes a safe and easy setup !

(Review ID:8269)

Skydive San Diego ROCKS

Skydive San Diego Rated 5 by: Stuntman1 on 2012-12-11

Pros: Friendly, awesome scenery, great load organizing
Cons: Couple skygods that werent very good flyers

Read some military guys review on skydive San Diego and felt I needed to write a review. I have been jumping for 6 years, teach AFF and I am an avid BASE jumper.
I spent the last few days in California and had one of my best experiences showing up to a new drop zone. I recieved an open welcome, great briefing on the drop zone and handed a cold beer right after last load.

(Review ID:7752)

Good place if you are a local, bad for out of towners

Skydive San Diego Rated 2 by: Richard55 on 2012-12-10

Pros: Amazing scenery, weather and location
Cons: front desk service, attitude of instructors

Let me just give you a quick overview of myself. 5 year skydiver primarily military free fall. Over 200 jumps. I have jumped at many different drop zones all over the country. Never have I encountered such a lack of professionalism. I hate to call someone out but if there is no accountability, then there can be no correction of shortfalls. The young lady Candace at the drop zone was by far, the worst Manifest/customer service rep for a drop zone I have encountered. Here is my story.

Like I said, I have over 200 jumps, a majority are military freefall, so I never needed to upgrade my A-license to a C... until now.

My best friend and I were down in San Diego for a work trip. I was not planning on jumping while I was there initially. When my best friend decided to get his A-lic while down there I decided to go with him to get some jumping in and get my C-lic as I am now no longer just a military jumper. So I went with him as he was already most of the way through his program at SSD.

I completely agree with USPA recommendations for flying cameras, currency etc. Thats not where my issue comes up. My issue comes up with being told verbatim: "Just because you have an A-license, doesn't mean you know how to skydive." This was in the first 5 minutes of me being through the door. Now, my plan was to get current and knock my c-license knocked out while I was there. For this girl to talk to me like that was appalling. Like I said, when I show up to a drop zone I expect to go through a certain amount of vetting to make sure I am who I say I am. I did not have my logbook on me and was not in currency anyways, so I had zero issues with doing a currency dive. I knocked that out and received my logbooks via FEDEX the next day.

The next time we showed up to jump not TWO days later, this girl treated us like she had never seen us before, and was just as rude to us as days earlier. I knocked out my C-lic test and check dives and expedited my card from USPA. We continued to jump for the next week and a half. The other girls at the front desk Heather, Lindsay were more than helpful and actually very impressive. More so, since we then knew who to deal with and who NOT to. Im not saying she is worthless, Im just saying she shouldn't be working with people as customer service or manifest. If my best friend hadn't been striving to get his A-lic signed off, I would have turned around and walked right out as soon as she started in with the attitude. I can only hope management is made aware of what obviously all of the staff admittedly knows about her conduct and personal character.

Now, aside from her. The dropzone is absolutely gorgeous, probably THE most scenic and breathtaking sunset spots to skydive in the US. The weather was rocking and we were only weathered out two days out of two weeks for weather. Coming from the Pacific Northwest, I would take them odds any day.

(Review ID:7749)

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