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Skydive Chatteris

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Chatteris Airfield (X3CT)
Lat: 52.4857595610785
Lng: 0.0905513763427734

Chatteris Airfield, March
Cambridge, PE15 0FB
United Kingdom

0871 664 0113
0871 664 0114 (fax)  (12739 Hits)

Last Updated: 2016-10-31
Twin Otter

Training: AFF, S/L, Tandem

AAD: Not Required

Hook Turns: Allowed

USPA Membership: Not Required

Jump Ticket: 16 GBP to 15000 ft


Fast growing fun dz, offering 13 slots for those undergoing FS or FF coaching.

We drop from FL150 which is normally around 15000ft but when the air pressure is high it can be as much as 16000ft

Hovercrafts for the weather holds.

Come and jump the UKs biggest and best full time jumpship from the highest altitude and the lowest price in the UK!

For more info on our DZ add "Skydive Chatteris" on Facebook.


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  • Rigging Services
  • Covered Packing Area
  • Creeping Area
  • Team Rooms
  • Video Rooms
  • Coaches
  • Load Organizers
  • Restaurant
  • Shop
  • Bar
  • Bunkhouse
  • Camping
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Great venue

Skydive Chatteris Rated 5 by: FJB on 2013-11-27

Pros: Staff were friendly and took great care of me
Cons: You need to get there VERY early to avoid a long wait

I did a tandem jump for a charity on my 50th birthday. Never done anything like this before. We arrived an hour before the place was open and there were already other people there. This meant that I was on the first plane that day. I jumped with someone called Mike who was very nice and kind and took great care of me. They are very safety conscious and do all they can to make you feel at ease. My jump was late November so it was pretty cold - wear lots of layers. Great place and MUCH cheaper than others that I considered which meant that more money went to the charity. Highly recommended. By 10am we were on our way back to London. They are fast, efficient and professional.
(Review ID:8304)

NLSC was a dream come true, first of many skydives!!!

Skydive Chatteris Rated 5 by: CC83 on 2013-10-13

Pros: Everything! Beautiful location and the greatest staff you could wish for.
Cons: No comment!

I had the most amazing day 8.10.13 at the North London Skydiving School set in the beautiful fenland in Cambridge...I have no complaints whatsoever, the staff were wonderful and the site was perfection to a tee for me!

No pleasing some people it seems, but I was more than pleased. Ecstatic is probably the best word to describe the whole experience and I want to jump again and again and again... Raised money with a colleague and 2 clients for the charity we work for and we were all treated fantastically. I loved the canteen, the grounds, the changing room, even the loos!! :)

Thank you to the greatest Team I was so blessed to meet, for giving me a day ill never forget... my trainer Gary and instructor Glenn were angels in disguise. To all of you, I'm so jealous of your profession and ill be returning next year. Unforgettable and perfection personified. I would highly recommend you give it a go. Best wishes to all the peeps at NLSC. CC x

(Review ID:8240)

Find another place! very few chances you can jump here

Skydive Chatteris Rated 1 by: Wings33 on 2013-08-23

Pros: instructors did seem knowledgeable
Cons: that area is not good for jumping

konstantinovs review was word by word my experience, I wish I had found these reviews before losing 300.... I have been there 3 times unable to jump, by now I have given up any hopes.

- "North London Parachuting Centre" is misleading, the centre is quite far from Cambridge.

- They always tell you to show up, once you are there they say its unlikely to there would be any jump but things change quickly so maybe you should wait... By leaving these small windy they keep you fooled for hours (spending money in their coffee shop). I believe they perfectly know that there are some days weather wont change but they are never bluntly honest that is just not going to happen...

- The website gives the impression that you could have a nice day while waiting because they have other activities, this is not true, there is nothing to do but wait in the car for nothing to happen.

- The accessibility of this centre is poor, to say the least. If you don't drive then you're in a pretty bad position. We had to take the first train from London as well as a taxi from the station which amounted to 50, and we arrived at 10am, solidly at the bottom of the jump queue. Of course we could've come the previous day and stayed in the centre's accommodation but that would've amassed even more costs.

- Most of the people there on the day seemed to be people returning after cancelled jumps so it seems their jump percentage is very low indeed.

I believe the business takes advantage of all those people that get tired of showing once and again. If its so unlikely that there would be a jumping conditions they should not sell so many places and they should let you know in advance what is their "success" rate. By the way, the centre is surrounded by wind turbines - so the area is obviously prone to winds

(Review ID:8136)

Im going again....

Skydive Chatteris Rated 5 by: LouiseB24 on 2013-08-14

Pros: Huge landing area, views
Cons: Waiting - for some

First time skydive 14/8/2013
I was unsure of going due to the negitivity of the previous reviews, but I had already booked.
States first come first serve. We left Portsmouth at 3.30am, managed to get to the airfield by 7am - due to roadworks. There was already a few people waiting before us.
Friendly staff, never used canteen as we brought our own food/drink. After training we just sat in the car till we was called... We were jumpers 10 & 11 so waited just over an hour.
Jump was amazing, my instructor knew i was very on edge - dont like heights nor planes.. But made me at ease. It was amazing to do this. But felt sorry for the people with ticket numbers 30+ - but then it dose state first come first serve.. They can only send so many people up at once. I will be going again...

(Review ID:8113)

OK and getting better

Skydive Chatteris Rated 4 by: demoknite on 2013-01-31

Pros: Huge Landing Area, Only Twin Otter in the UK
Cons: Slow

It's been almost a year since Ive been here, but my view from a fun jumper perspective. I believe it used to be quite the tandem factory, but with the twin otter and cheap jump tickets they are trying to attract some fun jumpers. However they are not quite there yet so they do the loads in cycles of 2 wherein they shut the plane down after the second load while the instructors pack the tandem parachutes back. So between them not having packers and not very many fun jumpers this makes for slow turn around even though they have the otter. If you come at first light leave at sunset you might get 4 jumps perhaps 5.

North London is a bit of a stretch as it's in the Fens. Almost every DZ in the UK could use the name. Fun jumpers know to bring their own food and drink so no complaints about the canteen from me. Never had it.

Landing area is massive. You can land anywhere in the fens and they will come get you.

The staff can be a bit grizzly and full of themselves depending on the day. They all take part in packing, collecting money, cleaning up, etc so they are usually very busy. The other club jumpers are some of the friendliest Ive ever met and will change suits just to jump with you.
This could be the UK's Perris Valley or Elsinore once they get a few logistical kinks worked out. If they still even have them.

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