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Atlanta Skydiving Center

Average Rating: 3.64
3.64 out of 5 based on 70 user reviews

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Cornelius-Moore Airport (4A4)
Lat: 34.0186944
Lng: -85.1464722

493 Airport Rd
Cedartown, Georgia 30125-5049
United States

770.684.4441 (fax)  (14831 Hits)

Last Updated: 2016-11-16
Super Twin Otter, King Air, Porter, C-205

Training: AFF, Tandem

AAD: Not Required

Hook Turns: Allowed

USPA Membership: Required

AFF: 165 USD
Tandem: 195 USD
Video: 90 USD
Jump Ticket: 23 USD to 14500 ft


See our website at for detailed directions.


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A place to do tandems but not for fun jumpers especially if you want to sting a friends tandem

Atlanta Skydiving Center Rated 3 by: Johnnyblaze161 on 2011-09-18

Pros: Official Airport, AC packing area, quick turn arounds, choose your own music for your tandem video
Cons: Tandem factory, poor customer service, not for fun jumpers

So I visited Skydive Georgia or the Atlanta Skydive Center this weekend. It is a tandem factory, they issue no helmets or jumpsuits to there tandem students. Poor briefing before and after the jumps.

Fun jumpers beware save your money and go to another drop zone. Very few fun jumpers, small King Air planes, so if you plan to do solos you'll be fine but good luck doing more than a 3 way. The staff was nice to the license skydivers and most customers but those with valid complaints were cast off as if they were lepers.

If you want to sting a tandem be prepared to have a D license. All in all i have visited much better drop zones both for the tandems and fun jumpers.

(Review ID:6773)

No reason to stop here.

Atlanta Skydiving Center Rated 2 by: bqmassey on 2011-05-15

Pros: Some of the fun jumpers are cool
Cons: Dangerous landing area, unfriendly staff, shady business practices

Atlanta Skydiving Center recently changed to Skydive Georgia, probably to try to shake off the terrible reputation they have. It's the same bad dropzone.

I hate to leave a bad DZ review. Typically if I don't have something good to say about a place I'll just keep my mouth shut, but this place deserves the negative review.

The only good thing about this place is that there are a few cool fun jumpers that hang out there.

If you stop here for a tandem, your experience will vary. A lot of the tandems get processed like customers at a McDonald's drive through. Their goal is to get you through as fast as possible. Some of the instructors and videographers put more effort into it than the others, but it's clear that the culture there is move you through to get to the next money-making opportunity.

The landing area is small, sloped, and surrounded by trees. This is a dangerous combination.

If all of that isn't enough, the business practices involved with this DZ are downright wrong. They're heavily involved with Skyride, which is a very immoral and nearly criminal organization. It's a scam targeted at people new to the sport (tandems).

Make sure that if you're shopping around for a place to do a tandem, you ask what altitude is included. Most places with a turbine aircraft only give quotes for full altitude (usually between 13,500 and 15,000). Skydive Georgia (Atlanta Skydiving Center) will typically quote you for a lower skydive (less freefall time, less fun). They do this so that their price SOUNDS competitive on the phone. If you don't ask, they won't tell you that they're not giving you a full-altitude jump. When you show up, they'll try to get you to pay extra money to go up to the same altitude that the other places go to.

There is absolutely no reason to jump at SG/ASC when Skydive the Farm (one of the highest rated DZs in the country) is only a few miles away. Do yourself a favor. If you're considering jumping checkout either "Skydive The Farm" if you're on the west side of Atlanta, or "Skydive Monroe" if you're on the east.

(Review ID:6401)

Better than the reviews

Atlanta Skydiving Center Rated 5 by: hle6510 on 2011-03-20

Pros: Lots of experience instructors/jumpmasters
Cons: None

Iím sure some of you have read some bad reviews of this location on this and other websites, but let me do my best to set the record straight being new to skydiving myself. This location (493 Airport Rd, Cedartown, GA) is owned by Atlanta Skydiving Company and after doing some jumps towards my Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) certification, I can say itís better than the reviews.

Yes, at one point back in 2000-2003ish, the service was bad, but that was under Speaking of, they are only a booking service company who also owns The jumpmasters/instructors at this location are aware of the bad reviews when it was owned by the old company, and really have done a great job turning it around. Iím actually going back there to do my level 3 and 4 AFF jumps. Yesterday, I was able to do my level 2 AFF jump knowing they have around 70 tandems to do for that day. Hope this helpsÖ

(Review ID:6275)

I'll try my best never to go back towards this area

Atlanta Skydiving Center Rated 1 by: marcantonio152 on 2011-01-31

Pros: Quick turnarounds, Sleeping Area, Big Hangar, Restaurant
Cons: Liars, Scumbags, Unethical treatment, Bad business practices

The review right before mine ("The staff lied to us") is just a typical day for these guys. On top of their nasty business practices, these guys own websites like "" and "" and if you call the number on their websites, they will tell you that the closest (and "only reputable dropzone") in the area is in Cedartown, GA. I called them pretending to be an anonymous guy wanting to make a tandem and asked them if there were any closer dropzones or even any other dropzones in my area (Mobile, AL) that weren't owned by their company and they specifically told me NO, there were not. There are 7 dropzones closer to me than this dropzone. As an upjumper I know of them all.
Furthermore, they try and take your credit card info and charge you for the jump before they even tell you where the dropzone is. After they've charged you, no refunds just rainchecks, they'll tell you that you've got to drive 8 hours from Mobile, AL to this place.

I visited this place to do a couple of jumps with a friend of mine who did AFF there. Their landing area is horrible - completely surrounded by trees and buildings. Turbulence and crap is disgusting and I almost want to measure it to see if they are allowed to use it for students under the USPA regs because it's so small. The 3 times I've been there I saw 7 people land in a tree - one of them was a C license holder (the rest students.)

Ask any skydiver who knows a bit about this dropzone (especially the stories of them getting kicked out of USPA and the lawsuit that they started to force their way back in) and you'll hear a nasty hatred. No one should ever go to this dropzone except maybe to leave a flaming brown paper bag on their doorstep or throw some eggs at the hangar.

I will give them this: their onsite staff is friendly and I haven't heard of anything unsafe there other than drunk jumps. Their business practices and the fact that their first concern is TANDEMS TANDEMS TANDEMS (for MONEY MONEY MONEY) will keep me away for good, though. When my friend came to me after AFF, the first thing we went over was a landing pattern at the dropzone. She had never even heard of a landing pattern or other simple things that are in the AFF course. I don't know what these guys are teaching from, but I wouldn't want to learn there.

Don't go here, and if you came from here, go somewhere else and pray that you're not too permanently screwed up from them.

(Review ID:6208)

The staff lied to us

Atlanta Skydiving Center Rated 1 by: Saleemah on 2010-04-04

Pros: Easy to book
Cons: We never jumped!

I went with my friend to celebrate my birthday. We paid $279 for a tandem jump, videotape and to go to 14,000 feet. I drove two hours to arrive for a 1pm appt. Around 4pm the clerk told us not to leave for more than 15 min because we would be called soon. Around 6pm I checked in with the ASC staff because the sun was setting and I was assured that we would jump and that sunset jumps were the best. At 7pm, our names finally appeared on the list to jump. At 7:30 ASC staff said that we couldn't jump because the sun was setting. I was crushed. This was my birthday gift, I'd driven two hours and waited for six plus hours. We drove two hours home. It was horrible. The staff were indifferent about it and offered a raincheck. I'm not inclined to go through this miserable experience again. I can't believe we didn't jump and they didn't have a better response. In addition, there were folks (individuals, couples and groups) that arrived after us but jumped before us. They offered us a raincheck but I'm not likely to drive four hours round trip to wait for hours and then be told I can't jump. They knew or should have know that sunset (a quick internet search will tell you the exact time that the sun will set) was approaching planned for it! ASC should have done more to get the jumps in on time, train staff to let people know that they may not jump and have a more professional response to these matters. I am out $279, a full day wasted and no jump. I've been wanting to jump for years. I can't beleive that it didn't happen. Mostly, I'm just really dissapointed.
(Review ID:5642)

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