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Dropzone: Europe: United Kingdom: British Parachute Schools, Langar

British Parachute Schools, Langar

Average Rating: 4.38
4.38 out of 5 based on 24 user reviews

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Langar Airfield
Lat: 52.893889
Lng: -0.904444

The Airfield, Langar
United Kingdom

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Last Updated: 2016-11-16
Grand Caravan, Pilatus Porter, Let 410 & C206

Training: AFF, S/L, Tandem

AAD: Not Required

Hook Turns: Forbidden

USPA Membership: Not Required




  • Gear Rentals
  • Gear Sales
  • Rigging Services
  • Covered Packing Area
  • Creeping Area
  • Team Rooms
  • Video Rooms
  • Coaches
  • Load Organizers
  • Restaurant
  • Shop
  • Bar
  • Bunkhouse
  • Camping
  • Showers

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British Parachute Schools, Langar Rated 5 by: BexJarvis on 2015-09-08

Pros: Everything!
Cons: None!

I have started my static line course....initial training was SUPERB! Dylan our instructor was he's gorgeous as he looks the spitting image of my 80's heart throb 'George Michael'! ha ha (he is going to kill me for putting this!ha ha)
Am doing my 3rd S/L jump on Thur.if weather permits!
At 45 I would never have imagined I'd be able to take up a sport like this...but the staff at Langar have encouraged me 110%.
Determined to get to freefall...can't wait.

(Review ID:8895)

My only disappointing trips to Langar have been due to the weather

British Parachute Schools, Langar Rated 5 by: mflint on 2012-06-08

Pros: Helpful instructors, friendly staff and regulars, huge PLA, lovely aircraft
Cons: Great British weather

Disclaimer: I've never jumped anywhere else

Note: contrary to an earlier review, AADs are now mandatory for all jumpers unless you get explicit exemption from the CCI. (You will need a good reason)

Aircraft: two Cessna Grand Caravans (C208B). Appear to be well maintained, in great condition.

Pilots: friendly and efficient.

Instructors/coaches: numerous, experienced and helpful. If they can help, they will. I've never had anyone say no without a very good reason. I loved learning from these folks, AFF and FS1. Some of them do regular (daily!) trips to wind tunnels too.

CCI: approachable, patient and thorough.

Cafe: this is where you buy your bacons. Yay bacons!

DZO: friendlier than his reputation would suggest, very experienced skydiver and DZO. Probably doesn't get the respect he deserves. I have received one of Dave's famous bollockings, but frankly I did deserve it. Dave went *well* out his way to help when I sprained my ankle last year. Much much more helpful than I'd have expected.

Shop: surprisingly well stocked given its size. Offers rigging services and AFF too. Quick turnaround for rigging work (such as new linesets, reserve repacks). Has a steady turnover of used gear.

Showers/loos: usually spotless.

Packing area: carpeted, usually large enough. But I wish everyone else would remove their muddy shoes before walking around on the carpet :-/

(Review ID:7292)

Nice DZ somewhat isolated though.

British Parachute Schools, Langar Rated 3 by: Tatetatetate on 2011-10-04

Pros: Good aircraft, massive landing area good coaches
Cons: V isolated middle of nowhere not even close to motorway

I qualified here a few months ago and only got round to writing this review.

Its a nice place, the landing field is absolutely massive,don't worry they have trucks to pick you up if you land far far away.

The aircraft are all nice and spacious and almost everybody gets a seat and Dave isn't uber anal about lifting without a full load.

The vibe is nice, within a few minutes of arriving experienced people came and spoke to me. Which doesn't happen in some places where groups stick to their own.

Post jump socialising is fairly decent with an onsite bar open after jumping and it gets fairly lively at weekends. Weekdays is a little quiet but this place does open almost everyday.

One bad point is that it is quite isolated compared to other DZs. Cockerham is 2 miles from the M6.

Hibaldstow is 5 miles off the motorway. But Langar to get to the M1 you need to go through Nottingham and about 25 miles of dual carriageway countrylanes and satellite town roads out of Nottingham to get to the village the DZ is located in. Not a massive deal but if you're short on time it counts.... I used to think Cark as far away from the motorway but this felt a very long way and was tiring at times.

(Review ID:6817)

Experience Langar without even jumping

British Parachute Schools, Langar Rated 4 by: sfubardonnelly on 2009-05-18

Pros: Having accommodation at the ready 24 7
Cons: Can't think of any at present

As having newly passed AFF out in Seville thanks for Skydivespain last month I applied for my A cat and received it through the post. Instantly wanting to jump I headed for the closest DZ to me, Langar. The weather was planned to be up and down all day, it was all down all weekend. That did not stop me. Having filled in all the required paperwork I was ready to jump in a moments notice. I soon got talking to the natives and got a nice welcome from all. Having not jumped, but with the chance of jumping the next day I asked if I could grab a bed in the bunk house so I was able to partake in a few sly cokes or two ;-). I was able to grab a nice hot shower in the morning before trying again to jump. However the weather (wind) still killing the fun, I was then able to do a pro packing course to pass the time away before having to leave for work. I look forward to my next visit. Fantastic DZ even for not jumping.
(Review ID:5117)

Great dropzone shame about Dave

British Parachute Schools, Langar Rated 3 by: flatflyer on 2008-09-17

Pros: Lots of lifts, good landing area, great instructors
Cons: Owner (Dave) is the most unprofessional, rudiest, self centred person you will ever meet

Great location, good student kit, great instructors taking time to teach each stage. Safety is high on the agenda. Big PLA.

Obviously there are some highly experienced skydivers at the DZ but this felt in the vibe of the place.

Safety is very important and from a previous post yes you expect to get a rollocking if you screw up...what you don't expect is a person screaming every swear word under the sun in your face. Any attempt to discuss the matter and ensure you get it right the next time or Dave will have you thrown off the DZ so be warned.

If somebody did the same thing out on the town you would flatten them...even if they were 70 odd.

I have seen Dave 'attack' quite a few people and does not make people feel welcome at the DZ hence the overall rating. Minus Dave it would be a 5.

(Review ID:4780)

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