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Dropzone: Africa: South Africa: Skydive Cape Town

Skydive Cape Town

Average Rating: 4.31
4.31 out of 5 based on 13 user reviews

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Delta 200 Airstrip (FADX)
Lat: -33.646817
Lng: 18.47048

P.O.Box 68
Edgemead, 7441
South Africa

+27 82 800 6290
+ 27 21 553 1430 (fax)  (11034 Hits)

Last Updated: 2016-11-23
1*C-210, 1*C-206, 1* C-182

Training: AFF, S/L, Tandem

AAD: Not Required

Hook Turns: Allowed

USPA Membership: Required

AFF: 8750 ZAR
S/L: 750 ZAR
Tandem: 1200 ZAR
Video: 390 ZAR
Jump Ticket: 170 ZAR to 11000 ft


The best views of Cape Town, especially Robben Island and Table Mountain. Only 1/2hr drive out of town, close to all the action: pubs, clubs, seafood restuarants, wine routes, surf spots etc,etc. Come play in South Africa's premier tourist destination.


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Great place to meet other jumpers

Skydive Cape Town Rated 5 by: MalyssBrutal on 2016-09-08

Pros: Awesome Vibe
Cons: Have to weigh 100kg

Awesome experience, local and foreigners jumping together.
(Review ID:9156)

Best Vibe experienced on DZ

Skydive Cape Town Rated 5 by: Vanzie11 on 2014-03-24

Pros: Vibe, proffesional, very supportive
Cons: None experienced

What and awesome DZ that has a cool relaxing vibe. Defo will be back for more jumps with these gyus!
(Review ID:8389)

A tandem mill for tourists visiting Cape Town

Skydive Cape Town Rated 2 by: StraightEdge on 2012-09-16

Pros: Apparently great views from altitude
Cons: Tandem mill, wind

I have visited Cape Town on two occasions in the last two years. As a skydiver, I wanted to do a couple of jumps, as the views are supposedly iconic. However, it didn't happen, even after three trips to the DZ and numerous phone calls. Here's why ...

This is a small, bush drop zone, with very basic facilities. It is essentially a mom 'n pop, one-horse DZ run on a shoestring budget to capture the passing tourist tandem trade. There is no club scene for fun jumpers. One of my visits was on a Saturday with near-perfect jumping conditions. On this day, twelve loads, all tandems, had gone up - with NO fun jumpers present! No prizes for guessing why.

It baffles me that a city the size of Cape Town seemingly cannot sustain a skydiving scene, as South Africa has other, very busy, skydiving clubs. But there you are. If you are a visiting skydiver, you may get a jump, but if you do, it will be because the owner has decided to grant you a favor. You might have more luck if you turned up as a group of jumpers as that will make it financially more viable for the DZO.

One more thing: wind blowing off the Atlantic Ocean frequently suspends operations - be warned.

(Review ID:7618)

Fantastic views

Skydive Cape Town Rated 4 by: Hairy_Haggis on 2010-02-10

Pros: Location , Views, Staff
Cons: Weather

Jumped here a a few times during a trip to S.Africa.
Fun friendly staff with lots of advice and help. 3 Cessnas so even thought they are mainly a tandem DZ we got loads in as there was 4 of us and they put up a 182 just for us.
Weather gets a bit hairy in the afternoons but the landing area is big and sandy so we could still jump.
Good cafe for food & drinks but no bunkhouse / showers etc.

(Review ID:5576)

Skydive Cape Town

Skydive Cape Town Rated 4 by: SacrificialPawn on 2007-12-24

Pros: Best view ever, friendly staff and good vibe.
Cons: Aircraft and waiting time

I did a tandem here in October 2007, my first experience of skydiving.

The DZ had a very relaxed atmosphere which chilled me out no end.

Jerry was the primary TM, very professional bloke who made sure everything went well. Jean was my TM, caught a quick nap on the way up, slightly dis-concerting at the time but looking back it's pretty funny!

The jump was amazing, awesome views of the whole cape. Table mountain was just as spectacular as you'd expect.

My only gripe would be the aircraft that seemed a little old and couldn't do higher altitude drops. Think the main one was being serviced or to be replaced after their fire, not sure.

Best thing has to be the atmosphere, so relaxed and this is perfect for first time jumpers.

(Review ID:4277)

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