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Eugene Skydivers

Average Rating: 4.50
4.50 out of 5 based on 14 user reviews

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Lat: 43.9320689
Lng: -123.0067483

Creswell Municipal Airport
Creswell, Oregon (near Eugene), Oregon 97426
United States

Toll free (866) 461-DIVE
(541) 895-4984 (fax)  (10487 Hits)

Last Updated: 2016-11-16
3 Cesna 182s + Turbo Caravan on weekends

Training: AFF, S/L, Tandem

AAD: Not Required

Hook Turns: Allowed

USPA Membership: Required

AFF: 225 USD
S/L: 110 USD
Tandem: 149 USD
Video: 60 USD
Jump Ticket: 17 USD to 12500 ft


Eugene Skydivers is not like many other drop zones, or perhaps we should say they aren't like us. We're friendly, approachable, outgoing, and we sincerely love the sport of skydiving. Lowest prices, most choices, and best attitude in the region. Flying 3 Cessna 182s and the Turbo Caravan in the spring, summer, and fall.


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Great 1st experience

Eugene Skydivers Rated 4 by: Wonka13 on 2015-09-09

Pros: Great location, great instructor
Cons: PNW weather in "off season"

Went for my 1st tandem in August...the owner/operator (Urban Moore) is a great guy who doesn't put up with BS. My instructor (James) was a heck of a nice guy who took the time to explain things to me. Had a great experience. Went for my 2nd tandem jump 2 weeks after my 1st...James again and another great experience. My 3rd jump will be in a week (yeah, I'm hooked) and after that the AFF course. You really can't go wrong with having Eugene Skydivers as your home DZ!!
(Review ID:8898)

BAD Business Eugene Skydivers

Eugene Skydivers Rated 1 by: pirate11 on 2011-05-31

Pros: none
Cons: Bad service and inflexible business

Hi all,

My experience with Eugene Skydivers was unprofessional, inflexible,and honestly a little shocking. Needless to say I am not recommending them. This fall (mid November 2010) I was thrilled to purchase my boyfriends first skydiving experience, which I purchased far in advance of Christmas. But the person who sold me the gift certificate didn't tell me that the gift certificate would expire in 6 months and that they had a strict policy and would not extend or refund my money if my boyfriend was unable to fly before the six months was up. If I had been informed of this policy I would have waited and paid for the dive at the time of. I didn't know this until I received the certificate in the mail. My bf was very excited, but he wanted to wait until it was a little warmer, and perhaps not pour with rain. In addition we are both professionals and don't have the flexibility to take time off during the week. It was raining all spring, we made the error of assuming they weren't diving. We call to schedule a dive the weekend before the gift certificate expires...the weather is bad so he is unable to jump on Saturday, and on Sunday the manager is unable to get an instructor in, the manager said he could jump on Tuesday, unfortunately he had district meetings all day and was unable to leave work. So that's it, I spent $199 on a gift, I got nothing, no refund, no dive. Eugene Skydiver's scammed me for $199. I didn't even get a decent explanation for this horrible policy. I wrote a letter to the owner, no reply. I get that we should have been more proactive on getting the dive in earlier..but really your going to take my money and give me nothing?

(Review ID:6441)

A great place to jump!

Eugene Skydivers Rated 5 by: 3hawk on 2006-07-26

Pros: Friendly, helpful, laid back, and fun!
Cons: None

I felt right at home here. Urban, the owner, was friendly and professional. I received some good info and training for my "A" license. I was able to get on a load right away, and made two jumps in about three hours (not bad for Oregon). It was worth the drive down from Portland!
(Review ID:3293)

Great Experience!

Eugene Skydivers Rated 5 by: Eagle12 on 2006-05-14

Pros: very friendly and laid back.
Cons: none

I am hooked! I had an awesome experience. Staff was very friendly and helpful. Laid back atmosphere, very calming. The video I received was incredible. I have watched it many times since. Special thanks to both Kim and Whitney. Highly recommend Eugene skydivers.
(Review ID:3064)

Nice stop if your in the area.

Eugene Skydivers Rated 4 by: toolbox on 2006-03-25

Pros: Nice poeple and good times.
Cons: Only 5 months of good weather.

This place has a nice group of experienced skydivers who like to have alot of fun.The landing area is good and a C-208 is not uncommon on weekends.Like all northwest skydivers,the food of choice is microbrew.Visit and make some new friends.
(Review ID:2940)

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