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Texas Skydiving Center

Average Rating: 3.32
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Lexington Airfield (TE75)
Lat: 30.4125
Lng: -96.9666667

1055 PR 7022
Lexington, TX, Texas 78947
United States

1-800-UGO-JUMP or (979)773-9100
(979)773-9200 (fax)  (9111 Hits)

Last Updated: 2003-11-07

Training: AFF, S/L, Tandem

AAD: Not Required

Hook Turns: Allowed

USPA Membership: Required

AFF: 259.99 USD
S/L: 149.99 USD
Tandem: 149.99 USD
Video: 69.99 USD
Jump Ticket: 4.00 + $1/1000 USD to 10000-14000 ft



  • Gear Rentals
  • Gear Sales
  • Rigging Services
  • Covered Packing Area
  • Creeping Area
  • Video Rooms
  • Coaches
  • Accuracy Tuffet
  • Restaurant
  • RV Hookups
  • Showers

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The Worse Dropzone Ever

Texas Skydiving Center Rated 1 by: MAD1210 on 2015-04-28

Pros: Can't think of any
Cons: CINDY (the owner), terrible vibe, uninterested instructors, they only want your money, don't care about your safety.

Wow! Never seen a DZ with such terrible reviews! I so agree with every negative review I have read. I only take the time to write this review so that hopefully other people can learn from my mistake.

I booked my entire AFF through Texas Skydiving Center, upon arrival the owner (Cindy) requested "fuel fees" so that added "$12 per jump, I agreed to the fees since I wanted to get my AFF and continue on with my A-License.

First of all, their ground school is a joke, I think we spent at the most 2 hrs and most of it was watching videos. Good luck if you get any adequate training before a jump. The instructors are too busy smoking cigarettes and joking with each other. For my second AFF jump Cindy made me practice touching my cut away handle and silver handle, she instructed me to do that during free fall 3 times and pull, I did as instructed and passed. I had ZERO instruction for my 3rd AFF jump, I kept asking the instructors and they kept telling me to just relax and that we would discuss things on the plane! Again they were just minding their own business.... We walked to the plane close to sunset, the winds were about 13mph, we got on the Cessna and exited at 9,500 ft because it was getting dark. No pre-jump briefing, other than "relax, arch" We exit the plane right over our landing area, the winds were so strong that I kept getting pushed back in my huge student canopy, at this time I thought that I had lost my radio because nobody was talking to me. I kept flying away from the DZ, flew over roads, there were trees, ponds, as I got closer I saw a lot of power lines and started freaking out, luckily I was able to get out of there, and had spotted a small green area in between the trees I was planning to land on, that's when Cindy gets on the radio and tells me "I cannot longer see you, but watch out for power lines" It was already pretty dark, luckily I landed on that grassy area that I had mentioned. Then Cindy got on the radio again and said "Make sure you don't drag the canopy" She didn't even say I hope you landed safely, none of that, her main concern was her canopy - My two instructors came looking for me on a golf cart. When I arrived to the DZ my friend who is an experienced skydiver told me that it was already too dark to take a student, it was too windy, we exited in the wrong place, and Cindy was not talking to me on the radio because she never saw me exit the plane... She forgot that I was up there and was too busy chasing her donkeys back into the barn instead.

Went back the next day asking for an explanation, I gave her an opportunity to apologize, instead she gave me an excuse; she said "Skydiving is not an accurate sport"- I told her that I was not jumping at her DZ again, she immediately CHARGED me the fuel fee for the remaining jumps that I did not get to make PLUS cancellation fees for each jump that I did not make. I told her she could keep all my money, at that moment I didn't care, I just wanted to get away from that place.

That place is HORRIBLE!! Their aircraft was so ghetto, it had no lining inside, no seat belts, no need to be a skydiver to happily jump out of that plane!

The facility has lots of animals running around wherever, my daughter was 3 at the time and saw donkeys mating right in front of us, it was a bit disturbing...

They advertise this place to be conveniently close to Austin, it is still a 45-1 hr drive away, there are no hotels near by and no camping facilities. I think I am required to give this place 1 star, it should be shut down.

(Review ID:8762)

Worst Customer Service on the planet

Texas Skydiving Center Rated 1 by: jmcanally on 2014-08-05

Pros: Did not experience any
Cons: Owner

We wish we could give you a full review, but my daughter was not able to jump on the day scheduled. Their plane had an oil leak. Understandable- things happen.

But then the madness began: no refund for cancellations! What!! We didn't cancel! They weren't able to deliver, but still wanted to keep our entire $295 for the jump and the photo package. After several phone calls they agreed to "go against their policy" and refund the money. They only refunded $260. The "owner" said they kept out the portion for "training." If you've ever done a tandem jump, you know the training to which I refer: It's less than 10 minutes of "Put your feet here; lean like this; spread out your arms and feet; let's go!" And that's adequate, but it's not $35 worth of anything.

In any case, I wish she had the ability to learn how to run a customer-friendly business. It should have been something like this: "We are SO sorry to have wasted your time and money driving so far out here. Our equipment should have been ready. I appreciate your business so much I'll refund the total price and when you reschedule I'll credit the amount for the training and take $35 off."

But, nope, these people obviously don't get it. They have our $35, but that's all they'll get from me and I'll try to keep as many others from going there as possible.

(Review ID:8614)


Texas Skydiving Center Rated 1 by: MaxiF on 2013-08-05

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Everything

So apparently this facility is by far the WORST place to do business here in central Texas. I am just wanting to voice MY OPINION of this and Ms. Cindy you are one of the RUDEST people I have EVER met. Not only will I be writing a review on here but I will continue to do so and post it all over Twitter AND Facebook so the whole world knows how awful this business is.

I bought a Groupon back in March for my mothers Birthday so she could go sky diving and knock one of the items on her bucket list off. She has always wanted to do this and I've always been for it since I am an adventure seeker like she is.

So today was the last day to use is. Prior to today my mom tried calling several times but she'd be told that they weren't jumping that day or anytime soon due to weather or various other excuses like not enough people etc. So on the Groupon it says call to make a reservation by 08/05/2013 okay so I call for her so that I can make the reservation later this year in the fall when its cooler and she doesn't lose the Groupon.

As soon as the phone is answered and I tell Cindy what it is I have (A GROUPON) her tone of voice IMMEDIATELY changes. She become rude with me and starts to tell me to read her the fine print. I ask her why and she says it has to be used TODAY and they aren't doing jumps so I am going to lose my money. I am in awe at this point confused because that's not what it says and I paid quite a chunk of money for this gift. I tell her it doesn't say it has to be used by today that it says I must make a reservation by today. She begins to raise her voice and I tell her I will call her back once I read over the Groupon again and speak to the person who needs to make this Reservation.

I tell my mom whats wrong and she calls them. Same story only this time Cindy is claiming that they have been having problems with Groupon not putting on there the fine print and its not her fault. Then my mother tells her that we will be contacting Groupon about the matter to get a refund and she quickly changes her tone and says no she doesn't want to put words in there mouth that its not exactly what they have said but nonetheless my mother insists and then Cindy gets worse raising her voice (at a customer who was planning on bringing along others myself included and paying FULL PRICE for us me, my husband and sister to jump as well which we told her and she continued to NOT CARE!)

She also says that and I quote "We wouldn't want someone like you here ANYWAYS!" I'm sorry but that sounded a little racist considering my mother has a very thick Hispanic accent...

I was NOT happy. She continued saying Groupon has been refusing to put on their Groupons that it must be used and reserved by 08/05/2013 and it was too bad so sad we just lost $ for not using it correctly. I was furious and my mother decided that she was just going to hang up and let her know that we wouldn't be arguing with her about this matter.

Cindy is the manager of this facility supposedly and I think that this place should be closed down. FYI I will be reporting you to the Better Business Bureau and also writing to local media centers to follow up with an investigation on your facility!!! In the end I spoke with Groupon who were NOT AT FAULT and they went ahead an offered me 1 of 2 things to either A. Talk to them on my behalf and make the reservation or B. Refund my $ Needless to say I Chose B. WHY? well if this woman is this way can you imagine how she would react if there was an emergency or while jumping??? AND THANK GOD I CHOSE WHAT I DID read below and you will see this isn't' the FIRST TIME MS.Cindy royally messes up. Last note PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM I promise you all you will get is a headache from having to deal with this company!!! I RATE THEM NO STARS!!!

(Review ID:8087)

Salado was great. Will never return to TSC

Texas Skydiving Center Rated 2 by: Igisuma on 2013-03-08

Pros: Great scenery, nice, safe locale
Cons: Disinterested staff and friends, dodgy owner

I am a former military (branch withheld) skydiver who decided to jump at TSC after a brief web search for a place near Austin. I said nothing of my military experience to the people at TSC; and, in fact, was never asked about it because I am now an older man who does not look particularly military.

The ground training was brief, rather condescending, and I was basically treated like a preparatory load of luggage. The friendliness seemed to revolve around the individuals who worked there or knew others who were regulars. Much quiet discussion was about puerile matters like hot girls, the coolest new gear, things about the boss, etc.

Whenever I had what I considered a serious question I was looked at as though I was an interloper intruding on an elite group of operators preparing to do something special for their country. Although I felt equally as condescending to these young neophites who land on soft grass I held my tongue.

The owner was also an impolite and brusque individual who didn't seem to have "The Vibe." She did not pick up on various clues I threw her that this was hardly my first jump--try several hundred.

Having read a very old commentary on this website by an Army helicopter pilot and a friend's judgement that he defended it seems as though I am fortunate to have survived my jump. I am also not surprised re. the treatment of the jumper who had to cut. Perhaps a thorough FAA and USPA investigation are in order here.

I will just be happy that my aerial time in Texas turned out to be alright after all.

As for TSC, I would watch it. You're sloppy.

(Review ID:7820)

Small Drop Zone but Great Staff

Texas Skydiving Center Rated 4 by: MariaMom on 2013-02-11

Pros: Friendly, Individual Attention, Small Town Feel
Cons: Nothing I can think of!

I just wanted to thank the Texas Skydiving Center for all of your help in arranging what has been one of the BEST experiences of my life! Every second of it was amazing and I'm already looking into scheduling another jump!

I also wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with the staff! Everyone was so kind and professional. I am recommending your business to everyone I know and am looking forward to returning myself.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

(Review ID:7805)

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