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Dropzone: Europe: Switzerland: Para Centro Locarno

Para Centro Locarno

Average Rating: 4.90
4.90 out of 5 based on 10 user reviews

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Aeroporto Cantonale
Gordola, CH-6596

+41 91 745 26 51
+41 91 745 38 24 (fax)  (7994 Hits)

Last Updated: 2016-10-25
2 Pilatus Porter

Training: AFF, Tandem

AAD: Not Required

Hook Turns: Allowed

USPA Membership: Not Required

AFF: 3450 CHF
Tandem: 385 CHF
Video: 150 CHF
Jump Ticket: 42 CHF to 13000 ft


Para Centro Locarno is a professional skydiving center in the south of Switzerland. We are open all year, daily from March to October, on the weekends November to February.


  • Gear Rentals
  • Gear Sales
  • Rigging Services
  • Creeping Area
  • Video Rooms
  • Coaches
  • Restaurant
  • Shop
  • Bar
  • RV Hookups
  • Showers

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Skydive 360 @ ParaCentro Locarno, Switzerland Skydive 360 @ ParaCentro Locarno, Switzerland

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family - style drop zone, well organized in one of the best places in the world

Para Centro Locarno Rated 5 by: brunner on 2016-04-26

Pros: Awesome scenery, nice people, great ambience
Cons: none

The DZ is open all year even during hard Swiss winter. Off season only on weekends but still impressive. They fly whenever there is jumpers and as they have porters they only need about 6 to go.
On a nice day you can make 8 jumps or more and even on a slow week day 6 jumps are possible if the weather allows it.
Very uncomplicated registration and manifesting. Great people in general. If you know how to behave, you can do anything.

One thing to mention is, they do not offer packing. As there are many army skydivers there, the rules are very clear: Every jumper packs his own rig.

To sumarize it: it is until today my favorite drop zone

(Review ID:9020)

Awesome Experience with First Tandem Jump!

Para Centro Locarno Rated 5 by: HatchedLake721 on 2014-08-29

Pros: Professionalism, vibe and location!
Cons: none

Just want to share a great experience of our both first tandem jump at Para Centro Locarno, Switzerland.

I had a birthday on 22nd of August and a friend of mine had her birthday on 23rd of August. It was a surprise birthday present for her, we were driving for an hour and she found out only looking at the parachute poster when we arrived that she'll be jumping in an hour :)

Big thanks to Carlos(Viva la Cuba!) and Marco for safely landing us, Phil for great footage and Willy for taking us 4,300 meters above the ground for ridiculous views of Switzerland.


And video that was edited by Phil and shipped on a DVD

(Review ID:8641)

Good, better, Paracentro

Para Centro Locarno Rated 5 by: Balu on 2009-05-21

Pros: Scenery, aircraft, manifest organization, facilities
Cons: none

On a short stop on a journey from Italy to Germany we visited Paracentro Locarno. After a friendly welcome we got the opportunity to do three of the most remarkable jumps in our skydiving careers so far. The scenery is simply stunning. If you don't believe it check it in Google Earth. The aircraft climb alongside high mountains, which are snow covered on the top. Freefall offers you a great view over the mountain world of the Swiss Alps and the beauty of Lago Maggiore between them. Make a solo first to get your time for watching this!

The excellent manifest organization, combined with two Porters, allows lots of jumps on a day. The dropzone is open six days a week and the planes don't need to be full. Eight jumpers are enough to take-off, and with students even very comfortable loads with seven on-board are done. The shop is nice and well-equipped, the outside facilities are very good and, most surprising after visiting so many dropzones, the toilets are also five-star.

(Review ID:5124)

Great DZ for experienced jumpers but it's a very busy airport. You better watch where you are flying

Para Centro Locarno Rated 5 by: Fab on 2008-08-24

Pros: Very nice DZ...awesome vibe
Cons: busy airport....not all instructors are all that friendly.

Visited this DZ when I was on vacation in Switzerland. It has the nicest scenery I ever saw from the sky. Mountains, lakes...just breathtaking. Cool people over there and nice jumping. It's a busy airport though. Landingarea is surrounded by air-strips, helikopterpads etc. You have to be very careful under canopy and watch where you are going.

Only thing I didn't like very much was an instructor which literally said: I'm an instructor, when I say you close your chinstrap of you helmet in the plane you do that (was wearing one but close it always before exit, putting on goggles etc). I'm not a student, nor do I need to be treated as one.

Aside from the annoying instructor this is a very cool DZ. Can recommend for experienced skydivers..

(Review ID:4729)

Major dropzone, awesome scenery

Para Centro Locarno Rated 5 by: virgin-burner on 2008-01-24

Pros: Scenery is breathtaking, nice area all around!
Cons: None I could think of

Cool place, good vibe, weather's almost always great!
(Review ID:4320)

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