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Skydive Toronto Inc.

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Cookstown Airport (CCT2)
Lat: 44.2384966913579
Lng: -79.6410942077637

3065 4th Line, RR#1
Cookstown, Ontario L0L 1L0

1-800-668-5867/ 705-458-9339
705-458-0831 (fax)  (11141 Hits)

Last Updated: 2016-11-24
Cessna Caravan 208B & 4 - Widebody Cessna 182 with 260HP engines

Training: AFF, S/L, Tandem

AAD: Required

Hook Turns: Allowed

USPA Membership: Not Required

S/L: 288 CAD
Tandem: 298 CAD
Video: 108 CAD
Jump Ticket: 33 CAD to 12500 ft


Valid CSPA or USPA Membership required.

Ragtop Café - Seasonal Operation


  • Gear Rentals
  • Rigging Services
  • Covered Packing Area
  • Creeping Area
  • Coaches
  • Accuracy Tuffet
  • Restaurant
  • Camping
  • Showers

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Want to be treated like shit, wait all day, and pay a shit ton of money? This is the place to go.

Skydive Toronto Inc. Rated 1 by: Fogest on 2015-05-27

Pros: Bigger hanger, and larger aircraft
Cons: LONG wait times, Tandems are their priority. Long waits even to just pay. Expensive.

I am a student skydiver with 3 jumps (all at Skydive Toronto) and even I know this is a terrible place to go. Students are there lowest priority. All 3 times I jumped (3 separate days) I arrived in the morning at 9-10am and had giving them warning days in advance saying I'd be coming. Despite this I still did not get in the air until 2-3pm on every one of these days.

They are always packed with people doing tandems and they put ALL of their instructors on the tandems. The only time they use instructors for students is when there are no tandems to go. This is normally near the end of the day. Not only this but even doing a mere thing like waiting in line to buy a lift ticket took me almost an hour of waiting. Not even exgerating this. I arrived at a little before 10am and it was almost 11am before I even go to the counter to pay for a ticket. I was then told I had to come back in check with them in an hour and only at that point would they try to find an instructor.

Despite being told over the phone numerous times prior to visits to come in the morning and them even saying they left a note saying I was coming, they still did not care to serve me.

I understand waiting your turn to go up in the plane, but this is not the case here. They are just scheduling tandems all day and won't let students schedule. Students have to work around tandems.

This doesn't even get to the money part. You are going to be paying more here than a lot of places. While their site may not look like it is a lot, don't be fooled. You are very likely to be told that you have to redo a jump meaning you have to pay full price again for the jump. Their GFP program is very dumb. You have to do a lot of static line jumps to start with. Again, good luck with this. You'll be waiting most of the day. They usually only have one pilot and of course that pilot is flying the larger plane up to 12500 and does not do the 4500 static line jumps. You have to wait for the pilot to switch over to the smaller cessna plane. Again, you'll have to wait till the tandems die down for this.

I suggest going somewhere else. Most places cost about the same, if not cheaper and will likely care more about you than this place. Even when I talked to the owner I didn't get treated any better until I said I wanted a refund. Only after saying that would he try to help me out and find me an instructor. It is all about money there. Save your time and money and go to a better place. Somewhere that has a nice community and wants to actually see students get certified.

(Review ID:8780)

I wouldn't bother past a tandem..

Skydive Toronto Inc. Rated 2 by: bigjdropzone on 2013-10-27

Pros: great for sleeping and wasting time
Cons: not many pros

All my reviews are being filtered on other sites so I figured I'd post here. The reviews on this site are more accurate then Google or Yelp anyway.

I wouldn't bother past a tandem, as you'll be waiting forever for your jump (be a first time static line, courses, etc). They tend to forget you exist after you swipe your credit card, and any appointments are worthless. They seem to forget not everyone enjoys staring at the sun for 6 hours.

Joe posted in 2007 and the same complaints are still being made so that basically says everything. Scooter1812 summed it up with "tandem factory".

I've since moved on to a different drop zone and Skydive Toronto has lost thousands of dollars of my money.

Sypnopsis: focus on tandem students as they are the cash cow.

(Review ID:8260)

review for aug 25 tandeem jump

Skydive Toronto Inc. Rated 2 by: Dalibor on 2013-08-25

Pros: no pros
Cons: unorganized; unprofessional; no intrgrity

A total waste of a day, booked for 2pm but so were 20 other people... Waited the whole day without a guaranteed skydive and no refund. Cannot understand the point of booking an appointment when you have no guarantee for anything, once they take the money game changes. Better take your money and donate it...a total waste of time.
(Review ID:8142)

waisted potential

Skydive Toronto Inc. Rated 1 by: skydivehr on 2013-07-07

Pros: close to Toronto, big hangar
Cons: mostly west wind, landing behing obsticles&uphill, very muddy when raining

I went there for some fun jumps and brought some friends for tandem jumps. Here is my observation:

USPA Skydivers still NOT Welcome. That creates very tight/closed skydiving community full of Sky Goods. Not catered for experienced jumpers who are willing to work on their skills. Not fun jumpers friendly for sure. Low attitude toward new experienced skydivers. No sport attitude. Just business. You pay for everything.
Low attitude between team members and instructors. You can hear them talking bad about each other all the time. Bad attitude toward pilots. Pilots are very professional, quiet and nice. Many of them highly skilled.

Extremely long wait times for fun jumpers and tandems. Few hours. Tandem jumps- oriented. Cessna 182 DZ. Facility is very clean.
Management problems.
Camping&accommodation problems: No outdoor washrooms, hydro, water. No bunkhouse or trailer to rent.

Little restaurant on the sight. You can relay on it. No DZ safety officer.
Nice packing aria. Large packing team.

Mostly west winds. Hangar is on the west side so landings are in mechanic rotors and uphill.
Bad relationship to neighbors. There are important rules where NOT to land if off DZ.
Rental rigs new or in good condition.
Tandem students asked to check on their instructors! Did they hook you up?
Nice colors on the wall inside the hangar.

There are few other DZs close to Toronto I would rather recommend for fun and tandem jumps for sure.

(Review ID:8028)

great 1st tandem

Skydive Toronto Inc. Rated 4 by: garciaanna21 on 2013-01-22

Pros: Staff was very helpful and welcoming
Cons: long wait times

It was my first tandem jump, I had a great teacher and enjoyed his personality. Also, the facility is very clean and professional.
I look forward to them opening back up to jump again.

(Review ID:7783)

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