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Skydive Tecumseh

Average Rating: 4.66
4.66 out of 5 based on 29 user reviews

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Al Myers Airport (3TE)
Lat: 42.0250714
Lng: -83.9391642

Napoleon Airport
Napoleon, Michigan 49261
United States

517-424-7721 (fax)  (14982 Hits)

Last Updated: 2016-01-06
Blackhawk 850 Grandcaravan, Cessna 182

Training: AFF, Tandem

AAD: Required

Hook Turns: Allowed

USPA Membership: Required

AFF: 370 USD
S/L: 235 USD
Tandem: 350 USD
Video: 125 USD
Jump Ticket: 26 USD to 14500 ft


Michigan's premier skydiving operation.
Stunning new facilities on private 100+acre airport for 2016.
New management since 2008. High emphasis on safety, separate landing areas for high performance canopies. New indoor packing facilities for sport jumpers and pro packing. New bathrooms and showers. Very friendly and welcoming to new jumpers.


  • Gear Rentals
  • Gear Sales
  • Rigging Services
  • Covered Packing Area
  • Creeping Area
  • Video Rooms
  • Coaches
  • Load Organizers
  • Restaurant
  • Shop
  • RV Hookups
  • Camping
  • Showers

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Bring your own toilet

Skydive Tecumseh Rated 2 by: clemenssam on 2017-06-16

Pros: Landing area is nice
Cons: Questionable professionalism

I gave it another shot, well a couple of shots. First, Skydive Tecumseh is not in Tecumseh, itís in Napoleon. Turns out the DZ moved and kept the old name. No problem, I can drive an extra half our after the last hour because I enjoy it. The caravan isnít the jump ship anymore, or the Pac, or even the Kodiac, itís a King Air. I dislike King airs because they canít slow down and they are terrible for maintenance issues. No problem, I couldnít jump it this visit because it was out for repair.

Determined to give the place another try, I headed out for another visit. I had to sign up for their ďBig BrotherĒ software to get on a load. Iím pretty sure I just opted to sell all my personal info to the KGB by using this crazy program but thatís ok because I want to skydive. I waited for the tandem work to slow, about an hour, to get on a load. I shared a few jumps with some nice, moderately experienced jumpers and enjoyed the well-kept landing area. They may have such plush lawn from recycling the poo from the overflowing porta-poty, really I almost yacked looking at this thing. After finding a semi private place to whiz near the hangar, I still wasnít scared off.
I was determined to continue enjoying the day until the owner made an announcementÖon a bullhorn! Apparently the sport jumpers werenít packing fast enough for his taste so he began chastising them with a portable mic and bullhorn. I packed my rig, put my gear in the car, paid for my jumps, deleted the big brother app and left. Good luck on all your future business endeavors.

(Review ID:9293)

Amazing Drop Zone

Skydive Tecumseh Rated 5 by: liloz on 2016-06-18


My fourth stop on a long trip and after my last DZ experience I needed something like this. From the second I pulled up to the minute we pulled out the place was truly amazing.
I brought a Veteran friend out for his first skydive and they did EVERYTHING to make sure that it happened and that he had a fantastic time. Very willing to hear what I had to say about my trip.
Tecumseh is a long way from were I live, but I visit a friend in Michigan every few years. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be back here to jump.
I had done something that a experienced local jumper did not care for. He very quietly took me to the side and explained what he had a problem with and provide me with a few tips for traveling to all of these drop zones. It was done in a very professional manner was greatly appreciated.
If you are thinking about going to Tecumseh stop thinking about it and just go you won't be disappointed. Thank you all!

(Review ID:9071)

Will come back any weekend I'm in Area!

Skydive Tecumseh Rated 5 by: neff71cm on 2014-04-26

Pros: Great landing area, Caravan (with benches), Crew, and Atmoshpere.
Cons: An hour from Detroit/Ann Arbor

I'm a cargo pilot and got stuck flying a bunch of cargo into Ypsilanti On Easter morning. Decided to bring my rig and hit up Tecumseh by myself after working.

I was the first to show up for the day and hung out with the staff and the Canadian (eh) fun jumpers until it was time to fire up. Everyone was super friendly and welcoming, not clique-y at all. I have around 60 jumps and jumped with several different groups. Didn't have to jump alone at all (which I still would have been cool with). It was even 70 degrees and sun!

The Caravan gets up to altitude pretty quickly (and even has benches!!!). There is a lot to look at from the air and a ton of references on the ground for organizing and planning multiple group dives on the load. The tandems looked like they had a great time hanging out and jumping too.

Bottom line: if I'm within a couple hour drive on a day off, I'll be here. Check it out!

(Review ID:8430)

Nice family and friendly place

Skydive Tecumseh Rated 5 by: Bestkiter on 2012-06-17

Pros: Everything but the toilet :-)
Cons: Weather, haha

This is a drop zone that is a fair, friendly and professional place to enjoy. Instructions, jump coordination, just everthing is nice. The landing zone is also an awesome setup and plenty of space.
Their plane goes up to 14,000 in which is not normal from what I have seen at 3 different drop zones....

Thanks guys (and gals)

(Review ID:7328)

Great place to learn

Skydive Tecumseh Rated 5 by: traumasquad on 2011-08-21

Pros: Fun atmosphere, great staff, very helpful
Cons: none

I started training for my A licence 3 weeks ago and have had a great experience every time I have gone out to jump. A little bit of a drive for me, 50 minutes, but the experience is worth it.
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