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Skydive Superior

Average Rating: 4.71
4.71 out of 5 based on 7 user reviews

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Richard I Bong Municipal Airport (KSUW)
Lat: 46.6897175
Lng: -92.094655

4804 Hammond Ave. #A-7
Superior, Wisconsin 54880
United States

+1 218-391-7936
715-399-2277 (fax)  (5806 Hits)

Last Updated: 2017-05-04
Cessna 185 Cessna 182

Training: AFF, Tandem

AAD: Not Required

Hook Turns: Allowed

USPA Membership: Required

AFF: 285 USD
Tandem: 210 USD
Video: 75 USD
Jump Ticket: 18 USD to 11500 ft


Best view under freefall in the area - Lake Superior!

Tandem skydiving allows you to experience freefall on your first skydive! Arrive 30 minutes prior to your class for orientation. Training begins at the scheduled class time. For 20-30 minutes, your instructor will explain the equipment and its safetly features (along with a detailed video). You will then physically walk-thru how to exit the airplane, learn the stabe freefall body position and how to fly the parachute back to earth. After ground training, you'll "gear up" and make your first skydive harnessed together with your instructor experiencing the exhilararion of freefall, the freedom of parachute descent, and a tip-toe landing with pin-point accuracy..

Tandem Jump Altitudes and Extras...

Basic tandem skydive is from 8,000-10,000 ft. altitude with a 30-45 second freefall.

The price for a basic tandem skydive is $225.00

Professional video of your skydive experiences is available.

Group rates: 4-6 students $215.00 7-9: $210.00
10+: $200.00

Tandem scheduling and availability...

Classes offered Wednesday (by appt) and Friday -Saturday.

Total time invested for a tandem skydiving is 2-3 hours.

Winds must be less than 15 mph, clouds above 8,000 feet. Call before comig to the drop zone to check on weather. if weather prevents skydiving we will reschedule yoru skydive at that time.

Minimum age is 18

Maximum weight is 200 lbs.

Students over the age of 65 must provide a written physician approval proir to their appointment.

Schedule early.. we fill quick!!


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7 Reviews Written

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You have got to skydive here!

Skydive Superior Rated 5 by: Redwrnglr on 2010-07-23

Pros: Great People and Views.
Cons: None

The staff at Skydive Superior is friendly and so very helpful. My husband and I fun-jumped here and the staff and everyone made us feel welcome and comfortable. We took our niece and nephew to do their first tandems and they had a fantastic time. My husband says he would highly recommend this DZ for anyone who wants to learn how to skydive. They have an excellent student program and spend lots of one-on-one time with students. We loved it and will definitely be jumping there anytime we are in the area!
(Review ID:5849)

Good home DZ on Lake Superior

Skydive Superior Rated 5 by: coretanima on 2008-01-18

Pros: beautiful spot, nice group that welcomes everybody
Cons: none

This place is a great place to learn how to skydive. The landing area is adequate and easy to spot.
Beautiful place to do a tandem.

(Review ID:4315)

Great place to learn and have Fun!

Skydive Superior Rated 5 by: SpeedyMach5 on 2007-05-28

Pros: Environment,Professionalism,People
Cons: None

I started skydiving here in fall 2005. I was drawn by the professionalism and attention to safety. If it were not for that I probably would not have started. The instructors made me feel safe and gave me excellent instruction. The experience level of my instructors was over 10,000 jumps, I later went with one of them to Z-Hills in the winter for skydive university. The drop Zone itself is beautiful. Comfortable, Very Friendly, and has a great atmosphere. The aircraft appear well maintained. I have seen many new people through there and they are always welcomed and included in activities. It'S like joining a family when you go there.

(Review ID:3885)

A definite must do!!

Skydive Superior Rated 5 by: GottaFly on 2005-04-21

Pros: Great people.
Cons: None

I couldn't of had a better first ever experience skydiving!! New location is wonderful- very accessible and roomy.
Definitely recommend them to anyone even just thinking about jumping!!

(Review ID:2222)

Beautiful place and Friendly people!

Skydive Superior Rated 4 by: kneal on 2005-04-19

Pros: Indoor packing, Highly qualified, experienced divers
Cons: Would like to see bigger plane...but who wouldn't?

WOW! What a difference this this place has made! A beautiful scenic view to jump over, but also, full facilities with a Hanger, indoor packing, new rental gear, experienced qualified instructors, coaches and packers available. The people, even the whuffo's, are friendly and make everyone feel at home. This group knows how to have a SAFE and FUN time. I am making it my HOME DZ!
(Review ID:2218)

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